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5 Aesthetic YouTube Video Ideas With Video Filters
Video Editing

5 Aesthetic YouTube Video Ideas With Video Filters

Mar 25, 2022 · 5 minutes read
Aesthetic YouTube Video Ideas With Video Filters

Table of Contents

Aesthetic YouTubers

What comes to mind when you think of aesthetic YouTube videos? Rolling waves, sunset skies and sandy beaches--all through a special filtered lens that gives a soft pink or blue glow.  Then there are fashion YouTubers who share sickening aesthetic fashion style. These are the classic aesthetic YouTube styles, but you may be wondering how to create videos with this dreamy aesthetic atmosphere. Luckily, there is an easy way to recreate this style. Some of our favorite aesthetic YouTubers include:

  • Freddy My Love
  • Kelsey Simone
  • Emma Chamberlain
  • The NotoriousKIA

YouTube Video Ideas: Aesthetic Video Effects

Once you've got your outfit, accessories and style sorted, you've picked your location and shot a cute as video, the next step is to take your style aesthetic YouTube video to the next level. There are a few ways you can add that extra aesthetic style to your YouTube Videos:

  • Add aesthetic filters to your YouTube videos.
  • Add aesthetic animated filters to your YouTube videos.
  • Add aesthetic retouch to your YouTube videos
  • Add aesthetic makeup filters to your YouTube videos.

The YouCam Video app is a special video editing app that allows you to not only add aesthetic filters and effects to your videos, but also retouch and apply makeup looks to your selfie videos. Read on to discover five ways to create aesthetic YouTube videos with the YouCam Video app.

YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas #1: Aesthetic Filters

When you want to create an aesthetic YouTube video, filters are a great place to start. There are such a wide variety of filter options available in the YouCam Video app, and you can even design your own. YouCam Video has all the options available for you to create and stylize your perfect aesthetic video. If you’re looking for a true aesthetic video style, YouCam Video’s Spotlight Color filters are the perfect option.

YouTube Video Ideas

If you’re ready to try this aesthetic video style, simply download YouCam Video, upload your video clip and start editing!

YouTube Video Ideas #2: Aesthetic AI effects

If you want to go a step beyond using filters to create an aesthetic video, YouCam Video has a wide range of AI-powered smart effects for you to try. For example, the sparkle effect identifies the focus of your clip and adds just the right amount of sparkle to your video. This is a great tool to add a special touch to your YouTube masterpiece. To try these AI smart effects, download the YouCam Video app, upload your clip, then find all options under “AI Effects”.

YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas #3: Aesthetic Moving Effects

In addition to filters and AI effects, the YouCam Video app has various animated effects that can give your video an aesthetic vibe. From striking star-filled effects to stunning rainbow styles, there are so many options to choose from. Be sure to try the aurora or galaxy effects to add a super dreamy look to your video. Find these styles in the Effects section when you download the YouCam Video app.

YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas #4: Aesthetic Retouch

Need to retouch a blemish in your video? YouCam Video’s advanced retouch tools allow you to easily remove a blemish or adjust the shape of your face slightly to create the effect that you want. There are so many useful retouch tools available in the YouCam Video app to ensure that your video has the exact aesthetic you’d like. Retouch tools that are available in YouCam Video:

  • Nose reshaping
  • Face shape adjustment (including face size & jawline)
  • Lip plumper
  • Eye shaper
  • Blemish removal & more!

YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas #5: Aesthetic Virtual Makeup

When you want to add an aesthetic makeup look to your selfie video, all you have to do is upload your video to the YouCam Video app and browse the wide selection of virtual makeup styles and trends. There are a multitude of looks in every style and color that will surely fit your aesthetic:

  • Grunge aesthetic makeup looks.
  • 90s aesthetic makeup looks.
  • Dark academia makeup looks.
  • Soft girl  makeup looks.
  • E-girl makeup looks & more!

One of our favorite looks is the star freckles look. This virtual makeup look is the perfect choice for adding an aesthetic style to your YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Ideas

Discover More YouTube Video Ideas For Aesthetic Videos

If you want to get more aesthetic styles for your YouTube videos, there's even more video editing options to explore with YouCam Video. Finish off your aesthetic style with a bright hair color to take your video to the next level.

YouTube Video Ideas: Hair Color

YouTube Video Ideas

Hair color can be a fun way to add something extra to your YouTube video, and now you don't even have to commit to a permanent hair color change. YouCam Video has a wide range of different hair colors and styles for you to try, so if you're not sure which color is best for you, simply test out a few different looks to make your decision! Among the styles you can try there are:

  • Single color hair dye
  • Ombre hair dye
  • Two-toned hair dye
  • Multidimensional hair dye
  • Pigment hair color & more!

All these methods of hair coloring are available in any color that you can imagine, just let your creativity flow.

YouTube Video Ideas

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YouTube Video Ideas Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make a YouTube video look aesthetic?

Use a video editing app. Nowadays you can make an aesthetic YouTube video straight from your mobile with easy to use video editing apps. Some of the best video editing apps available right now are:

  1. YouCam Video
  2. InShot
  3. Picsart
  4. FilmoraGo
  5. Canva

2. What app makes aesthetic videos?

YouCam Video can make your YouTube videos aesthetic at tap of your phone screen. Add creative filters, effects and more straight on your mobile.

3. What are aesthetic videos?

Aesthetic videos are videos that show some kind of mood or relate to some kind of particular style (or aesthetic), such as indie aesthetic, grunge aesthetic, soft girl aesthetic, e-girl aesthetic or any other kind of aesthetic.

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