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Video Editing

Find Your TikTok Aesthetic With The Best Video Makeover App

Sep 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Find Your TikTok Aesthetic With The Best Video Makeover App

Since its arrival on the scene, TikTok has had a massive influence on current trends and looks. And it’s not just for those of us who are plugged in to the internet, but also for those in  fashion and beauty outside the online sphere as well. Soft girl, e-girl, skater: there’s a TikTok aesthetic for everyone. These styles are constantly in a state of flux as people pick, choose, and develop their own personal style. As long as TikTok is producing new aesthetics, there are also creators making fun TikToks to help us find our way through the ever-growing world of aesthetic TikTok videos. For this reason, aesthetic editing apps for TikTok are a great way to level up your video editing game.

“Find my aesthetic” is a specific type of aesthetic TikTok video that goes something like this: 
  1. There are five to ten of the top aesthetic styles on the opening scene.
  2. The TikToker points out the one they want to try.
  3. Then they dress up in that style to experiment.
Creating this kind of TikTok can be really fun and doesn’t take too much effort, especially when it comes to the makeup on your video clips. Aesthetic video editing apps for TikTok like YouCam Video can help add the finishing touch to your aesthetic TikTok videos. YouCam Video lets you easily add a makeup look to your selfie videos using a wide variety of makeup tools and filters. Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn how to recreate aesthetic TikTok videos using YouCam Video.

aesthetic tiktok

E-girl aesthetic TikTok Videos

The rise of TikTok and other online video and streaming platforms brought along the advent of e-girls. While they often have a very different persona and image that is online-specific, e-girls are heavily influenced by online and gaming culture. The e-girl style is typically marked by darker shades of clothing, channelling gothic, emo, grunge and other styles of the past.

TikTok e-girl makeup is identified by:

  • Bold hair color, black, dark blue, green, red primarily.
  • Heavy eyeliner. 
  • Heavy blush. 
  • Dark eyeshadow.
  • Bold lipstick. 

As with any online aesthetic, there are a wide range of variations on this style as people make this style their own. If you are worried about dying your hair a dark color before you know whether or not it suits you, YouCam Video can help. Simply choose from the wide variety of hair color filters and add your new color to your video clip to see if the e-girl-inspired hair suits you best.

aesthetic tiktok

Easily create your own TikTok e-girl makeup style by creating your video. Style your clothes, then apply TikTok e-girl makeup: virtual eyeliner, eyeshadow, hair color, and any other makeup style you want using YouCam Video.

Baddie aesthetic TikTok videos

Baddie style is defined by a boss personality, combined with streetwear and seriously  slick makeup. In short, the baddie aesthetic is elevated street style, with a ton of attitude. Fierce and put together, the baddie beauty look is highlighted by:

  • Perfect hair, whether it be sleek and straight, or up in a smooth bun.
  • Nude eyeshadows (that can be matte or shimmery). 
  • Nude lipstick. 
  • A glowy highlight.
  • Luscious lashes. 
  • Dramatic eyebrows.
  • Winged eyeliner.
The key to true baddie makeup style, however, is perfect brows. Strong defined eyebrows can change the style of a makeup look in an instant and show everyone who’s boss. YouCam Video has a wide variety of eyebrow styles to choose from, plus you can easily change the color, intensity, and shape to create the exact style you want.

aesthetic tiktok

The baddie aesthetic makeup look is easy to recreate with YouCam Video. You can choose from the wide variety of eyelashes, eyeliner and eyebrow styles to create a stunning TikTok aesthetic.

Euphoria aesthetic TikTok videos

Since it first aired, Euphoria has had a massive influence on makeup styles and trends, and now it has its very own aesthetic. From Kat’s daring eye makeup to Rue’s glitter tears, the styles have been dramatic, creative, and exciting. Daring and bold, it’s easy to see why people love Euphoria makeup looks, and it comes as no surprise that we all want to recreate some Euphoria makeup looks for ourselves.

Euphoria makeup looks are defined by:

  • Glittery, colorful aesthetics. 
  • Bold makeup styles.
  • Colorful hair styles
  • Face paint and face art.
The  Euphoria makeup style is perfect for those of us who love to have fun with our makeup look and try new trends. To create a Euphoria style makeup look, the key is the bolder, the better. Face paint and glitter are the cornerstone and you can choose from a wide variety of face paint makeup filters with YouCam Video.

aesthetic tiktok

Simply style your outfit on your video clip, then choose a face paint makeup filter from YouCam Video to suit your mood and add to your video to create your Euphoria TikTok aesthetic.

VSCO girl aesthetic TikTok videos

The rise of the VSCO girl is a phenomenon of the mobile era. What marks out a VSCO girl?

  • Hydro Flasks.
  • Scrunchies.
  • Glowy makeup.
  • A love for the environment.
Natural and glowing, VSCO girls are cool girls with minimal effort and have a love of filters for their images. Now it’s time to take the VSCO girl style to the next level with selfie videos. Aesthetic editing apps for TikTok can really level up your VSCO style, by taking your sweet edits and making them into aesthetic TikTok videos.

aesthetic tiktok

To create VSCO aesthetic TikTok videos with YouCam Video, record your outfit, then upload your video. Choose from the wide range of glowy makeup looks, then add any filter effects you want to create your VSCO girl TikTok aesthetic.

'90s aesthetic TikTok videos

Thin brows, red lips, single color shadows, crimped hair — these are the hallmarks of '90s makeup style. Clothing included strappy tops, slip dresses, and flared denim. The updated version is a heady mix of all of these things and a good dose of color. To really nail the 90's aesthetic, think old school cartoon vibes.

  • Bold red lip.
  • Single color shadows in bright shades.
  • Kitsch looks.
  • Cute accessories like tiny sunglasses.
Choose your '90s aesthetic by creating fun aesthetic TikTok videos with YouCam Video.

aesthetic tiktok

Experience (or relive) the '90s by importing your '90s fashion video to YouCam Video, then add the quintessential '90s makeup, single color eyeshadow, light eyelashes, a red lip. Finish your aesthetic TikTok videos with the perfect filter to add that true '90s vibe to your selfie videos.

From e-girls to VSCO, there is a huge variety of aesthetic TikTok videos to be inspired by, and to choose from. Ultimately, it’s all about you and your personal style, and experimenting with aesthetic TikToks are a super fun way to do this. To take your videos to the next level, aesthetic editing apps for TikTok can help create eye-catching videos.

aesthetic tiktok

Inspired to create your own aesthetic TikTok style videos? Download the free YouCam Video app to explore your style.

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