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Best Free Birthday Video Maker App in 2024 [iPhone, Android]
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Best Free Birthday Video Maker App in 2024 [iPhone, Android]

Mar 6, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Birthday Video Maker App in 2024 [iPhone, Android]

Looking for a free birthday video maker with music and effects?

Look no further as we present the best birthday video maker app available for 2024, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Whether you want to surprise a loved one or add a festive touch to your social media posts, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of making a happy birthday video that will bring joy and excitement to any celebration.

Table of Contents

Best Birthday Video Maker: Create Birthday Video Free

Download Birthday Video Maker App with Song

Available: iOS/ Android

YouCam Video is a comprehensive all-in-one video editing app that offers a wide range of features including filters, effects, music, and more.

YouCam Video empowers users to effortlessly enhance and customize their videos, making it the ultimate solution for all your video editing needs.

YouCam Video is also a birthday video maker app with song that helps you transform your typical “HBD” into a message to remember.

With easy ways to add a birthday greeting, music, and other creative touches, the app doesn’t require any advanced editing skills to get an impressive birthday video.

Keep reading to learn how to make yours and brighten any birthday!

How to Make a Birthday Video With the Best Birthday Video App

Get ready to create an amazing birthday video with the help of the best birthday video app!

Let's dive in and make a memorable video that will bring joy and smiles to the special celebration.

Step 1. Download the Best Birthday Video Maker App

YouCam Video is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Discover advanced video editing tools to create birthday video messages in minutes!

With a birthday video app like YouCam Video, you can bring your birthday ideas to life and document them from the planning stages all the way to the big surprise.

Step 2. Upload Birthday Video for Editing

Upload Your Birthday Video for Editing

Open the app, and on the launch screen, tap the blue “+” symbol. Then, select your birthday message video to upload it to YouCam Video.

Step 3. Add Festive Music

YouCam Video has over 700 royalty-free music options that you can add to your video with one tap.

If you have your own birthday tunes you want to add, upload them to the app and select them by going to the Music feature.

You can even adjust how long the music plays and where it starts and ends in your video!

Step 4. Try With Filters and Effects

Enhance your birthday video editing experience by utilizing the wide range of filters and effects available in YouCam Video.

With these creative tools at your disposal, you can effortlessly add a touch of magic and excitement to your special moments.

Step 5. Add Makeup Looks/Change Hair Colors

Give yourself a whole new look with YouCam Video’s makeup and hair color features.

The app has complete makeup designs, as well as individual makeup tools that you can explore to customize your look.

Choose a design that matches the birthday theme from the Party collection or discover YouCam Video’s lip colors, eye shadow palettes, and contour and highlight patterns.

Step 6. Add Birthday Greeting or Message

Go to the Text option in the toolbar to explore YouCam Video’s fonts, styles, and colors.

With hundreds of combinations, you can customize your birthday greeting and match it to your video aesthetic, use your friend’s favorite color, and write a heartfelt message that stands out.

Just like with the music, you can decide where and when your text appears in your video.

Step 7. Save Your Birthday Video!

YouCam Video lets you save your video in up to 4K so your birthday wishes come through loud and clear in every shot.

You can also choose the bitrate and frame rate to make the quality even better.

Share your birthday video straight from the app by tapping the Instagram button, and make your bestie’s birthday a great one!

5 Video Ideas to Make Your Birthday Video Creative

  1. Time-Lapse Video
  2. Movie Trailer Parody
  3. Surprise Messages
  4. Childhood Videos
  5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Let your creativity soar as you embark on a journey of discovering fun and exciting birthday video ideas that will make the celebration extra special.

Birthday Video Idea 1. Time-Lapse Video

A lot goes into making a spectacular birthday celebration happen. Show every step of the birthday preparations with a time-lapse video.

That way, everyone can see your decorating process, cake baking, gift wrapping, and all the excitement leading up to the party!

Birthday Video Idea 2. Movie Trailer Parody

Make the birthday person the main character of their own movie trailer parody!

Film your own or use clips from movies they already love to put it together. Use YouCam Video’s Music feature to add your voiceover audio, 700+ music options, and even extract audio from your video. Then, set up and break out the popcorn for a birthday screening!

Birthday Video Idea 3. Surprise Messages

You’re not the only one who has a birthday message to share!

Film short video messages from the birthday person’s loved ones and put them together in a heartfelt video montage.

You can use YouCam Video to edit them all together, and then surprise the person on their birthday.

Birthday Video Idea 4. Childhood Videos

Your birthday person has grown a lot over the years, and what better way to show that than with childhood videos?

It’s an especially meaningful gesture if your relationship has stood the test of time, and it shows the birthday person’s growth both physically and personally.

Birthday Video Idea 5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Make even more memories on your loved one’s birthday with a virtual scavenger hunt, where you create challenges and have them find hidden clues.

While they’re trying to solve the puzzle, create a video of their journey, complete with fun surprises and their reactions in the moment.

YouCam Video even has stickers to add to the mood once the birthday scavenger hunt is done!

Download YouCam Video: The Best Birthday Video Maker in 2024

Download Birthday Video Maker App with Song

YouCam Video is the best birthday video maker app for putting together a creative and heartwarming video for your loved one. It makes editing easy, so you can do professional-level tricks even if you’ve never edited a video before.

Download YouCam Video free for iOS or Android to celebrate the next birthday in your life in style and make your friends and family feel loved on their special day!

More Video Editing Ideas

Birthday Video Maker FAQ

How can I make a free birthday video?

To create a free birthday video, you can use YouCam Video, a free video editing app available on iOS and Android.

Simply download the app, import your birthday photos or videos, add personalized text, effects, and music, and export the final video for sharing and celebration.

What is the best free birthday video maker?

One of the best free birthday video makers is YouCam Video.

It offers a user-friendly interface, various editing tools, effects, and music options, allowing you to create personalized and engaging birthday videos effortlessly.

How to make a creative birthday video?

To make a creative birthday video, gather memorable photos and videos, add cheerful music, and use video editing software to create a montage with personalized messages and animations.

Experiment with different transitions, effects, and storytelling techniques to make it engaging and heartfelt for the birthday person.

Can I add voiceovers or narration to the birthday video using the app?

Yes, you can add voiceovers or narration to the birthday video using certain apps.

For example, in YouCam Video, you can record a voiceover directly on your device and import it into the app to synchronize with the video footage, adding a personal touch to the birthday message.

Download Birthday Video Maker App with Song

Download Birthday Video Maker App with Song

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