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AR Virtual Makeup for Snapchat

Seamlessly Integrate Brand Partners’ AR Makeup SKUs into Snapchat and Bring Virtual Try-On to All Snapchatters

AR Try-On Shopping Experience on Snapchat

Existing Perfect Corp. brand partners can effortlessly bring their virtual SKUs to Snapchat's newest Dynamic Shopping Lens. New partners can easily create shoppable AR SKUs using Perfect's brand console.
Red Velvet
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One Set Up for AR Everywhere

All of your AR makeup effects created with YouCam are now available to Snapchatters. Perfect's Brand Console allows beauty brands to create virtual SKUs once, then activate the AR "try & shop" interactive product experience on Snapchat, as well as on 10 other channels and platforms.

Beauty's Best AR Shoppable Lens for Snapchat

YouCam Makeup's virtual AR try-on technology is now natively integrated into Snapchat, bringing the same level of AR realism for product shades, textures, and makeup patterns to Snapchat's Dynamic Shopping Lens.

The complete try & buy shopping experience features pricing, availability, and purchasing methods.

Reach the Next Gen of Beauty Buyers

Make your beauty products discoverable by millions of Snapchatters with the AR Dynamic Shopping Lens through Brand Profiles, Lens Explorer, and Snapcodes.

Invite Snapchat beauty lovers to play and experiment with new makeup looks without ever applying a physical product.

Products available for AR Virtual Makeup for Snapchat

Let us help you extend product exposures with AR virtual try-on through Snapchat’s shoppable lens