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I Tested Hairstyles Using AI: My Favorite Looks & Mistakes to Avoid
AI/AR Hair

I Tested Hairstyles Using AI: My Favorite Looks & Mistakes to Avoid

May 10, 2024 · 3 minutes read
My AI hairstyle try on experience

AI can help us with nearly everything, even choosing a new hairstyle through virtual hairstyle try-on!

I've already seen some amazing AI-generated hairstyles on social media and now I'm curious what I would look like with different AI hairstyles. Maybe I will even realize that my current hairstyle is not the most flattering for me?

Join me to find out!

I tried hairstyles on my photo with an ai hairstyle app

How To Try On AI Hairstyles

AI Hairstyle app interface

It's fairly simple. To try AI hairstyles with your photo you need to download an app that offers an AI hairstyle feature (e.g. FaceApp, YouCam Makeup, BeautyPlus). I used the app YouCam Makeup. Then, tap the AI Hairstyle feature, upload your photo, and try the hairstyles available.

AI Hairstyles: Which Hairstyle Suits Me Best?

Now let's dive in! The app offers 40+ hairstyles for women and men, I won't go through all of the hairstyles, but some of my most and least favorite ones.

I tried a long wavy AI hairstyle on my photo using an ai hairstyle app

Long Wavy: 7/10

The first hairstyle I tried is this Long Wavy hairstyle. It's quite similar to my current hair, just with more volume and really nice layers. It's a classic hairstyle, but let's see if there are some more interesting ones.

I tried a long straight AI hairstyle on my photo using an ai hairstyle app

Long Straight: 9/10

This hairstyle I absolutely love. I think it suits me pretty well, but considering my hair is naturally wavy, I'd have to straighten my hair and the trouble is just not worth it, or is it? If I naturally had straight hair, I'd totally go for this look. And by the way, the hair color is amazing too.

I tried a pixie cut on my photo using an ai hairstyle app

Pixie: 4/10

The app also offers the classic pixie cut. I'm a bit torn about this one, but I think a pixie cut is not for me.

I tried a bob cut on my photo using an ai hairstyle app

Bobcut Wavy: 9/10

This wavy bobcut style is so cute! I really love this style, it's easily one of my favorite AI hairstyles.

I tried a buzz cut on my photo using an ai hairstyle app

Buzzcut: 4/10

I personally would not consider a buzzcut, no matter how good this picture was, but it's fun to see nevertheless.

I tried a curly AI hairstyle on my photo using an ai hairstyle app

Mid-Length Curls: 8/10

This curly hairstyle looks amazing, I'm not sure if it's the most suitable hairstyle for my face shape, but I love these voluminous curls anyway. Realistically speaking, I just don't have the hair structure for this style, I wish I did though after seeing my photo with this hairstyle!

AI Hairstyle Try-On: 3 Tips

That was fun! AI can really do an amazing job at simulating hairstyles, but let me share some tips and tricks to get the best results.

  • 1. Choose a photo with your eyebrows clearly visible. If your eyebrows are fully or partly hidden, the AI will generate new eyebrows for you, that might not look like your real eyebrows and therefore alter your overall look too much.

AI Hairstyle try on fail

  • 2. Make sure that your face is close enough to the camera when taking a picture. I've noticed that especially with the long, wavy hairstyles in this app it's important that your face is big enough. Otherwise, the hairstyle will look disproportionately big on your head.

AI Hairstyle Try On

  • 3. Give it a few tries. The generated hairstyles will not always be perfect, sometimes the AI gives you a funny head shape or the overall look is just not that great. Simply re-tap the style and let the AI generate the hairstyle again!

Conclusion: Should I Get a Bob Cut?

I hope you've enjoyed this little excursion into virtual hairstyle try-on, and maybe you want to try it yourself now. Can AI give you a 100% accurate preview of what a hairstyle will look like on you? Probably not. But it's super fun and you can get a pretty good understanding of how a new hairstyle would affect your overall look.

As for me, as much as I love my long hair, it might be time for a bobcut!

If you want to try AI hairstyles on your photo, you can use the YouCam Makeup app or choose one of the 8 best AI hairstyle apps in 2024.

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