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What Is Thai Makeup? Get to Know the Rising Makeup Trend

Sep 11, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Lately, it seems like Korean makeup and skincare are all the rage, but did you know that the makeup style from another Asian country is gaining popularity too? We’re here to tell you all about the newest rising makeup trend — Thai makeup.

Why You Should Know About Thai Makeup 

For starters, Thai makeup has secretly been a rising makeup trend in Asia, next to the very popular Korean makeup trend. The search volume on Google for Thai makeup in Japan has risen drastically since after April of 2021, when Thai cosmetic products were reported on TV.

Secondly, one of the members, Lisa, of the very popular girl group BLACKPINK hails from Thailand. With her immense yet still increasing popularity, the Thai makeup style have big potential to be the next big wave. 

Lastly, there has been a dramatic rise in Thai makeup Instagrammers lately who are bringing a great deal of attention to the country. Read on and get to know the Thai makeup style -- the next big makeup trend in Asia and around the world -- and how you can try this style virtually in the YouCam Makeup app.

What Is Thai Makeup: 5 Key Elements

Every makeup trend has certain characteristics that make it stand out from different trends. When it comes to Thai makeup, these characteristics are thick eyebrows, the utilization of matte foundations, the emphasis on highlighting and contouring, straight eyeliner, sun-kissed blush, and peach nude lips.

1. Thick Eyebrows


Image credit: Instagram @davikah

Most of us are familiar with the more natural eyebrows that make up the western Instagram baddie style, and as it turns out, Thai makeup falls in this same category. Compare with other Asian beauty styles, Thai makeup is iconic for thicker brows with natural textures, highlight a more pronounced facial feature.

Trying out a new eyebrow style can be intimidating and difficult, so use the YouCam Makeup app to know in just a few taps if this eyebrow style fits you. You can virtually try eyebrow style in 15 patterns and 23 color options, including different arches, thicknesses, and positions. 

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2. Matte Foundations


Image credit: Instagram @linnmashannoad

In contrast to the makeup trends from Japan and Korea, Thai makeup favors matte-textured foundations. They also have a great emphasis on highlighting and contouring, which can be beautiful when done correctly.

If you don’t know how to do this look in real life yet, use the YouCam Makeup app to see it in just a few taps! Simply upload your photo, tap Makeup and then Face. From there, use the Highlight and Contour features to add these effects to your photo.

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3. Straight Eyeliner


Image credit: Instagram @lalalalisa

Straight, thin eyeliner is another defining characteristic of any Thai makeup look. To get this look you’ll want to draw your eyeliner as thin and as defined as possible, making sure not to smudge it at all.

Before you try it out on your own face, test this eyeliner style in the YouCam Makeup app, with its 37 different eyeliner patterns and 31 different eyeliner colors. Just upload a photo of yourself or take one within the app. Then tap Makeup, Eyes, and Eyeliner. From there, you can experiment with the many options available in the app to see which you prefer most.

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4. Sun-Kissed Blush


Image credit: Instagram @davikah

Sun-kissed blush isn’t just for the California-cool look anymore — it’s a staple of Thai makeup! To get this look, you’ll want to use a peachy orange blush and apply it right where at the highest spot on your cheeks.

Finding the right blush color for your skin tone can be a challenge enough, but trying to get that look in real life can also be tough. Make it easier by uploading your photo and tapping Makeup, Face, and Blush in the YouCam Makeup app. You’ll be able to test 21 blush patterns and 33 colors in just a few taps. 

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5. Peach Nude Lips


Image credit: Instagram @linnmashannoad

Peach nude lips are the last, crucial feature of the Thai makeup look. This style is characterized by a soft peach lip color that outlines your lip’s natural shape.

With so many colors out there, you’ll be happy to hear that you can try multiple lip colors and seven different lip product textures in the YouCam Makeup app. Just tap Makeup, Face, and Lips after you upload your photo to see how it will look on you. Not sure what nude lip color is best for you? Check out our article to help you find the perfect one!

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YouCam Makeup: The Makeup App Every Beauty Lover Should Own

Now that you know what makes up the Thai makeup look, and how you can get it yourself, you’re ready to start experimenting with this trend and many more in the YouCam Makeup app!

With over 500 million global users and trusted by dozens of major beauty brands, YouCam Makeup app offers the most complete virtual makeup experience for you to test out the latest beauty trends and show of your creativity.

Moreover, YouCam Makeup also have an active beauty community where all makeup enthusiasts share their latest beauty obsession everyday.

Have fun with this safe and easy-to-use app for either iOS or Android for free right now!

More Makeup Ideas

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