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Photo Editing

4 Best Object Removal Apps to Erase Unwanted Objects in Photos

Dec 17, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Best Object Removal Apps For iPhone and Android Free Download 2022

Sometimes, when you take a photo, unwanted objects find their way in. Whether it’s birds in front of your beautiful sunset photo or background items in your bathroom selfie, you need an object removal tool. An object removal app can help you out when you only discover an issue with your photo when you go to post it and take your photo to the next level. Keep reading to discover the four best object removal apps for iPhone and Android!

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Discover 4 Best Object Removal Apps For iPhone and Android 2022

You don’t need expensive photo editing tools to remove objects from your photos. Check out these five apps that do the job in just a few taps!

1. YouCam Perfect - Best Object Remover App

Use Object Removal Tool to Remove Unwanted Objects in Photo

Best for: YouCam Perfect gives you the most natural edits, and it’s ideal for making complete photo edits beyond cutting out unwanted objects.

Rating: 4.8

Available for: iOS and Android

YouCam Perfect has everything from photo editing tools to skin smoothing to hiding and removing unwanted objects. You can erase any object with a single tap. Just cut out what you want to remove. It creates a seamless edit that looks natural and keeps your photos looking professional. Once you’ve removed what you don’t want, you can use YouCam Perfect’s other features to add fun backgrounds, stickers, animation, and more.

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY OBJECT REMOVAL NOW.

Get the app!

2. TouchRetouch - Quick & Easy Object Removal

Use Object Removal Tool Provided By TouchRetouch App To Erase Unwanted Objects

Best for: TouchRetouch has the widest selection of tools to remove objects and is ideal for removing multiple objects with minimal effort.

Rating: 4.8

Available for: iOS and Android

TouchRetouch has more advanced object removal tools than most other apps. Its high-quality features help you seamlessly remove objects, and the app has tutorials to help you make the most of its features. Unfortunately, it’s not free, it costs $2 per month to use.

With multiple object removal tools, TouchRetouch is made specifically for that purpose. It has one-touch removal for many edits, plus lots of adjustable features. With it, you can remove photobombers, blemishes, and background objects like trash cans, power lines, and streetlights.

3. Snapseed - Free Healing Feature

Use Snapseed Healing Feature To Erase Unwanted Objects In Photos

Best for: Snapseed works best if you want to add filters and change features like contrast and saturation along with cutting objects out of your photos.

Rating: 4.4

Available for: iOS and Android

Snapseed is free and has lots of photo editing tools that help you adjust your photo quality and remove objects. However, it’s not updated often and may not work as well with newer devices.

The app’s healing feature let you remove any unpleasant surprises in your photos. The feature isn’t as advanced as other object removal tools, but if you need a simple, quick fix, Snapseed has it. It works best when you want to adjust other details, like exposure and color.

4. Adobe Photoshop Fix - Easily Retouch Photos

Easily Use Photoshop To Remove Object

Best for: Photoshop Fix works best if you want to edit close-up facial details and fix minor imperfections in your photos.

Rating: 3.4

Available for: Android Only

Photoshop Fix makes it easy to remove objects and blend your photo to create natural edits. It’s great for retouching and it’s free, though it doesn’t have as many editing features as other apps.

The Heal and Patch tools let you pinpoint and remove objects to create a natural image you can share. Other features, like paint, color, liquify, and smooth, help you fix your background after you remove an object. The adjust and defocus tools hide or emphasize different parts of your photo, and it works best if you don’t need to do any fancy edits.

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Get Best Free App To Remove Objects From Photos

Download Best Free Object Removal App To Get Rid Of Unwanted Objects In Photos

YouCam Perfect has the most comprehensive photo editing tools to retouch your images after you remove objects. It gives you realistic, natural edits that show only what you want in your selfies. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android to explore all it has to offer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What app can remove objects?

YouCam Perfect is a great app for removing unwanted objects from photos. YouCam Perfect’s Cutout and Object Remover tools allow you to select, outline, and erase people or objects from your photos with one tap.

2. Can you erase something from a picture on iPhone or Android?

YouCam Perfect is available for both iOS and Android, so you can use the app to remove objects on any mobile device. Download the app now to give it a try!

3. How can you edit something out of a picture?

YouCam Perfect's Object Remover uses an intelligent object remover to instantly select and remove the object you want to edit out in just one tap.

Get The Right Object Removal App For You Today

Download The Best Remove Object From Photo App For Free 2022

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