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How to Edit Photos on iPhone | Best Free iPhone Photo Editor

Oct 1, 2022 · 4 minutes read

If you have an iPhone, you know how easy it is to get a great photo. Still, even with the best iPhone camera, your snaps might still need a few edits, whether it’s a few tweaks or a big, dramatic finish. With YouCam Perfect, you can edit your photos on the same iPhone you used to take your picture, no matter what changes you want to make. Keep reading to learn how you can edit your photos and level them up in just a few taps!

YouCam Perfect: Best iPhone Photo Editor

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

YouCam Perfect is the best photo editing app for iPhone with tons of photo editing and beautifying tools to make your snaps stand out. Its animated effects, stickers, and fun filters have themed looks that enhance any aesthetic. You can change your background, remove unwanted objects, and create stunning collages from YouCam Perfect templates for any occasion using smart tools that do the hard work for you.

How to Edit Photos on iPhone

Let’s take a closer look at how to edit photos on iPhone with YouCam Perfect!

  1. Animated Photo Effects
  2. Aesthetic Photo Filters
  3. Edit Background in Seconds
  4. Remove Unwanted Objects
  5. Beautify Selfies in One Click
  6. Photo Collage
  7. Create Your Own Template
  8. Create Your Own Memes and Stickers

1. Animated Photo Effects

Edit Photos With Animated Photo Effects

YouCam Perfect has lots of animated effects to choose from, whether you’re looking for a night sky full of shooting stars, a crisp autumn vibe with leaves falling all around you, or a bright, neon accent. Choose from full animated effects, stickers, or wraparounds to enhance your photos. Here’s how to apply them:

  1. Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone.
  2. Tap Photo Edit and choose a photo from your gallery to edit.
  3. Go to Animation and select which type of effect you want.
  4. Scroll to find your effect and tap to apply it to your photo.
  5. Tap the green check to save your edits!

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2. Aesthetic Photo Filters

Edit Photos With Aesthetic Photo Filters

When you want a quick but powerful photo edit, YouCam Perfect’s filters can capture any mood. You’ll find seasonal and trendy filters, and you can give yourself a unique glow-up without high-tech photo editing equipment. Follow these steps to add your favorite filters:

  1. Go to Effects and choose Filter.
  2. Tap the filter you want to apply.
  3. Save and share!

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3. Edit Background in Seconds

Edit Photos With Background Editing Tool

YouCam Perfect’s Background feature auto detects your background, so you don’t have to do any manual editing and can still get a seamless look. If you don’t want to change your entire background, YouCam Perfect’s Sky Replacement feature automatically detects the sky behind you and only changes that while leaving the rest of your background in place. Here’s how to change your background:

  1. Go to Background.
  2. Select Change Background and scroll to find the new scene you want to add.
  3. To change the sky alone, choose Sky from the main options and select the sky you want to add.
  4. Save your edits!

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4. Remove Unwanted Objects

Edit Photos With Object Removal Tool

Sometimes, when you snap a photo, you find an unwanted photobomber or clutter in the background. YouCam Perfect makes that an easy fix with its object removal tool. Simply choose the person or object you want to edit out and YouCam Perfect’s AI technology does the job for you. It even fills in the background so you get a natural look. Follow these steps to try it:

  1. Go to Removal in the Photo Edit.
  2. Use the slider to make your brush larger or smaller.
  3. Drag your finger over the object you want to remove and tap Apply.
  4. Save your edits!

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5. Beautify Selfies in One Click

YouCam Perfect’s Beautify feature lets you edit your face and body without warping your background. Clear your skin with its smoothing tool, adjust your face shape, or change the look of your body. You can make minor adjustments by whitening your teeth or removing eye bags or enhancing your breasts and hips while slimming your waist. Here’s how to elevate your snaps with Beautify:

  1. Tap Beautify at the bottom of the app screen.
  2. Choose the editing tool you want to use.
  3. Select the area you want to edit and use the slider to adjust your face or body.
  4. Save your edits!

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6. Photo Collage

Edit Photos With Photo Collage

YouCam Perfect’s Collage feature let you make your own collages in minutes. YouCam Perfect’s designs elevate your photos by adding an artistic touch and letting you add multiple photos to collages. Here’s how to create your own photo collage with YouCam Perfect:

  1. On the main app screen, select Collage.
  2. Choose up to six photos to add.
  3. Select the collection you want to explore and tap to apply it to your collage.
  4. Tap the green check to save.

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7. Create Your Own Template

YouCam Perfect’s templates make it easy to create a custom edit with up to six photos. The different themes add an artsy background and decorations to your template. Templates let you adjust your decorations, add stickers, and create additional effects so that you can make it truly your own.

  1. Go to Template.
  2. Tap the shop icon to open more options, and choose the category you want to explore.
  3. Select the template you want to use and select the photos you want to put in your template.
  4. Drag your template decorations to customize the template and make any other edits you want with the tools at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Tap the green check to save.

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8. Create Your Own Memes and Stickers

Edit Photos With Meme Templates

YouCam Perfect has lots of fun meme templates and regularly adds new ones so that you can get creative, add text, and share your favorite jokes. You can even make personalized stickers to add to any photo! Follow these steps to try it:

  1. Upload your meme photo or browse YouCam Perfect’s stock photos.
  2. Find Meme category in the Template's store page.
  3. Add stickers, text, a new background, and change colors in the image.
  4. To make stickers, go to Stickers and tap the cutout button to create your own sticker.
  5. Save your meme!

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Download YouCam Perfect Now: Best Free iPhone Photo Editor in 2022

YouCam Perfect has so many ways to create the best photo edits with the iPhone. Download the app for iOS today to start exploring YouCam Perfect’s filters and effects, collages, memes, and more!

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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