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How to Make Blurry Aesthetic Pictures for Free

How to Make Blurry Aesthetic Pictures for Free

Mar 22, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Make Blurry Aesthetic Pictures With a Free Blur Effect App

A blurry aesthetic adds even more artistry to your snaps to create an original look in seconds. Even better, you can get it without advanced photo editing skills when you use a photo editing app that has the right tools.

▲ Create blurred aesthetic pictures with ease

Keep reading to find out how you can make your own blurry aesthetic pictures with the YouCam Perfect app!

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

Table of Contents

4 Ideas to Make Blurry Aesthetic Pictures

There are a lot of ways to get creative with your blur effect. Try these ideas to get inspired, and then try them out with YouCam Perfect!

  1. Aesthetic Blurry Face
  2. Blurry Aesthetic Mirror Selfie
  3. Blurry Aesthetic PFP
  4. Blurry Aesthetic Night Photos

1. Aesthetic Blurry Face

Aesthetic Blurry Face▲ Blur your face

Blurring your face in a photo adds a moody style to your snaps with a sense of faux anonymity. It adds a layer of complexity to an otherwise simple photo, and you can blur your whole face or a smaller area to get the aesthetic you want. Simply drag the blur brush over your photo to do it!

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

2. Blurry Aesthetic Mirror Selfie

Blurry Aesthetic Mirror Selfie▲ Blur the background of your mirror selfie

Transform a basic mirror selfie with a soft blur! This adds texture and is an easy way to create a whole new vibe across your entire photo at once with one quick adjustment. With YouCam Perfect’s brush tool, you can use the slider to blur your entire image instantly and change the intensity of the effect so that people can still see your selfie details.

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3. Aesthetic Blurry PFP

Blurry Aesthetic PFP▲ Trending PFP style (before/after)

Blurring your profile pic gives your social media an air of mystery. It helps if you want to keep your face out of the public eye, but even if you have an open social presence, a blurry PFP gives you a fun style. YouCam Perfect has ratio settings for all your favorite social platforms, and you can adjust any of them to become your new blurry aesthetic profile picture.

How to Create Blurry Aesthetic PFP?

Step 1. Add a glitch effect to your picture.

Add Glitch EffectStep 2. Adjust the Saturation.

Blur Your Profile PictureStep 3. Add blur aesthetic style to the picture.

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4. Blurry Aesthetic Night Photos

Blurry Aesthetic Night Photos▲ Add bokeh effects to your photo

Night photos don’t always come out the way you want, but the blur tools can enhance the aesthetic and make your snaps more interesting to boost the quality. Plus, when you combine them with one of YouCam Perfect’s filters, you can create a beautiful evening glow in your pictures.

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

How to Make Blurry Aesthetic Pictures

The app’s blur tool lets you easily create your own blurry aesthetic photos to express yourself and add even more personality to your photos. Keep reading to learn how!

Step 1. Download YouCam Perfect - The Photo Blurry App

YouCam Perfect works for both iOS and Android, and you can find it in the Apple Store and on Google Play. It’s free to download, and you can blur your snaps for free, too!

Step 2. Add Blur Aesthetic to Your Pic

Add Blur Aesthetic to Picture

Open the app and pick the photo you want to edit from your gallery. Then, go to Photo Edit and tap the Tools option. Choose the Blur tool, and position it to blur the areas you want on your photo.

Step 3. Customize Your Blurry Aesthetic Style

YouCam Perfect has lots of different blur shapes and customization features for a unique look. You can choose from blur shapes, including:

  • Circle
  • Star
  • Heart
  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse

Once you position the blur, use the slider to adjust the intensity of the blur. You can go with a subtle look or blur the background more intensely for a focused effect. If you only want to blur certain areas of your photo, the Brush option lets you adjust the size, opacity, and hardness of your blur. Then, choose your blur shape and drag the brush over the area you want to blur.

How to Take Blurry Pictures: 3 Simple Ways

Even though you can blur your snaps with a photo editing app, sometimes it’s fun to see what you can do with the camera first. Here are a few ways to get blurry pictures:

1. Use Portrait Mode

With portrait mode, you leave more space in the background. That way, you can adjust your lens and have more area to blur when you edit your snaps.

2. Change Your Light Source

Light makes all the difference in your photo quality. You can try shooting your photos with a distant background, like city lights, or put up decorative lights behind you for a bokeh effect.

3. Try a Fast Shutter Speed

The faster your shutter speed, the more likely you are to get a good blur effect. You can take multiple photos in a row to increase the look of your background blur and capture your subject more clearly.

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Blur Aesthetic Photo Editing App

YouCam Perfect’s blur tool lets you get creative with your snaps and draw attention to your favorite parts of your photos. Download YouCam Perfect free for iOS or Android to play with different aesthetics and add your own blurry aesthetic!

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Blur Photo Editing App for iPhone & Android in 2023

More Than an App to Create Blur Aesthetic Effects

With YouCam Perfect, you have all the editing tools you need at your fingertips. You can edit your snaps in minutes with everything from its collage maker to aesthetic filters that totally transform your pictures. Add stickers and animation to liven up your photos or use the app’s more in-depth editing features to put your own spin on your photo.

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Blur Aesthetic Picture FAQs

What Is the Blurry Aesthetic Called?

You might have heard the blurry aesthetic called “bokeh.” This Japanese word refers to the way the camera lens moves out of focus to create a blurry look. Many people like to use the bokeh effect in the photo background to draw attention to the subject.

Why Are Blurry Photos a Trend?

Blur adds a fun aesthetic to photos, and people like the way you can customize it for a stylish, focused look. They can also have a candid effect, so it looks like you’re capturing parts of your real life instead of a staged photo.

What Do You Caption a Blurry Picture?

There are lots of ways to caption a blurry pic, and here are a few ideas:

  • It’s all about focus.
  • Blurry pic, crystal-clear memories.
  • Last night was a blur.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Blur Photo Editing App for iPhone & Android in 2023

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