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4 Inspiring Ideas to Master Instagram #OOTD Photo Editing
Photo Editing

4 Inspiring Ideas to Master Instagram #OOTD Photo Editing

Apr 12, 2024 · 3 minutes read
4 Inspiring Ideas to Master Instagram #OOTD Photo Editing

Fashion lovers and novices alike are familiar with the popular #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Instagram hashtag trend. Many of us have at one point showcased our cute daily outfits or clothing styles to our social media followers. Whether it’s a “felt cute, might delete later” or it’s a true “#OOTD,” there are plenty of reasons why you might want to share your outfit with your followers, and in this article, we’ll highlight some editing tips to get better #OOTD photos with the YouCam Perfect app.

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Why is #OOTD Trendy on Instagram Hashtag?

Before we talk about how you can up your Instagram #OOTD posts, let’s talk about where this trend originated. #OOTD posts are a trend that was invented by Instagrammers, fashion bloggers, and influencers. In these posts, they showcase what they are wearing on a particular day, or for a particular occasion. It can be as simple as a day at the beach, or as formal as a black-tie event — the point is just that you’re sharing what you’re wearing. With over 350 million posts have #OOTD hashtag on Instagram, this trend is definitely here to stay! If you’ve wanted to share your outfit of the day, then you’re in the right place. Here’s how the YouCam Perfect app can help make your #OOTD photos stand out from the rest.

4 Instagram Outfit of the Day Photo Ideas

If you’re looking for some creative outfit ideas to level up your Instagram OOTD posts, you’ve landed in the right place. We’re sharing our top four ideas for customizing your photo using the best photo editing app, YouCam Perfect. No matter whether you’re looking to upgrade your everyday outfit or your glamour shot, there are options to take them all to the next level.

  1. Sparkle Like a Diamond
  2. Add Some Neon
  3. Fashion Collages
  4. Instagram OOTD Aesthetic Effects

OOTD Idea 1: Sparkle Like a Diamond

Glitter OOTD Instagram Ideas

Whether you’re styling a casual #OOTD or a more formal look, a touch of sparkle and glamour can make your outfit shine. Although it might seem complicated, you can add some sparkle and shine to your photos with the YouCam Perfect app.

  1. To do so, upload the image you want to give some bling.
  2. Then, tap “Effects” and navigate to the “Sparkle” effect.
  3. From there, you can shuffle between the multiple effect options.

No matter what your OOTD looks like, this effect will give them all a glittery, beautiful look. 

Make Your Clothes Glitter

Make Your Clothes Glitter

If you only want to accentuate your clothes and accessories, You can directly make your clothes glitter with YouCam Perfect app. First, choose the glitter image as the background, then add the #OOTD photo you like and use the Eraser tool to mark the parts of the photo you want to be covered with glitter, such as shoes or sunglasses. You can also add more sparkles using the Kira Kira Filter Effect. Voila, now you can shine bright like a diamond!

Glitter Aesthetic #OOTD Tutorial

OOTD Idea 2: Add Some Neon

OOTD Instagram Ideas

Another great way to make your photos stand out, even more, is to add some neon. If you want to make your #OOTD snaps look super cool, modern, and even futuristic, start by adding some neon strokes! To get this look, use the YouCam Perfect’s Brush tool to add neon outlines to your clothes.

  1. First, upload the photo you want to edit.
  2. Then, navigate to the “Brush” feature.
  3. Pick a bold color like yellow, orange, or pink, and draw around the edges of your clothing to make them stand out.
  4. You can adjust the size of the lines, choose a different style, or erase them and start over if you make a mistake. This strategy is great for making an edgy look even more impactful, or for adding some flair to an otherwise plain look. 

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OOTD Idea 3: Fashion Collages

OOTD Instagram Ideas

No one ever said that your #OOTD post had to be only one photo! With the YouCam Perfect app’s collage feature, you can create a stylish #OOTD photo collage with just a few taps. With a whopping 62 fashion collage options to choose from, every week can be a fashion week! Mix and match your #OOTD photos however you like until you get the perfect combination for your fashion portraits. 

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OOTD Idea 4: Aesthetic Outfit Effects

OOTD Instagram Ideas

A great way to instantly level up your #OOTD snap is with the YouCam Perfect app’s wide selection of photo effects. To start, upload the photo you want to adjust. Then, go ahead and experiment with the many effect packs available. You might decide to choose the “Fashion” effect pack for some one-of-a-kind #OOTD pictures, add a vintage feel with the “Bleached” effect pack, or give your image some urban aesthetic to show off your cute outfits with the “New York” effect pack.

Download YouCam Perfect: The Photo Editor App for Better #OOTD Pictures

Now that you know how to use these effects, it’s time to show the world your cute clothes! Download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android today to get started on your #OOTD creation.

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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