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How to Create Minimalist Aesthetic Photos

Jul 30, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Create Minimalist Aesthetic Photos

Unless you’ve been hiding out from the world in recent years, you’re probably familiar with the minimalist aesthetic. What started as a trend for decorating your home in an essentials-only fashion has transferred over to many other parts of life. Nowadays, the popular expression “less is more” can be applied to many things, including photography. Images with only a few subjects in the frame can make a deep and abiding impression on the viewer, as minimalist photography can be quite powerful. This article will explore the notion of minimalist photography and its key elements, as well as provide some editing tips for creating your own striking minimalist images with the YouCam Perfect app.

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What Is Aesthetic Minimalist Photography?

When describing minimalist photography, the most important thing to remember is simplicity. The goal is that your image contains only the most important elements within a frame. Remember the “less is more” phrase? In minimalist photography, it means empty spaces, patterns, and contrasting colors, among other things. The minimalist approach can be used in various photos, whether they are landscape/nature, urban, fashion, or others. You can make your photos stand out on Instagram with a minimalist aesthetic, and we’re here to help you learn how.

Minimalist Aesthetic Photo Editing App

Creating a photo with a minimalist aesthetic is easier than you think with YouCam Perfect. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re going after minimalist photography on your own.

Tips on How To Create Minimalist Aesthetic Photos

You might strive to take the perfect minimalistic photos right from the start, but we know that all photos need at least a little bit of editing to make them shine. The YouCam Perfect app is your best free photo editing solution that will help you create minimalist photos in just a few taps. It contains several tools that can help you create amazing minimalist aesthetic photos — object removal, templates, add or change background, and filters.

1. Keep It Simple With Minimalistic Templates

Minimalist Aesthetic Photos

When it comes to minimalist photography, simple doesn’t equal boring. Your goal is to find a subject that will capture people’s attention and to make sure there are no elements or objects that take attention away from the subject. One strategy to help focus the viewer’s attention is using a frame on your image. To get that look on your photo, tap “Edit” and “Collages.” From there, you can scroll through the many college options available, although we suggest a simple black, white, or other monochromatic option to achieve the minimalist aesthetic.

2. Removal Tool: Clean Up Your Photo

Minimalist Aesthetic Photos

If your photo contains any unwanted and distracting objects or elements, you can easily remove them using the Object Removal tool. This will help you focus on the subject. To use this tool, upload the photo you want to edit. Then, tap “Removal” at the bottom of your screen, and either draw or use the Smart Brush feature to detect the item you want to remove. From there, tap the green checkmark in the lower right-hand corner to instantly see the item removed! 

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3. Use a Minimalist White Aesthetic Filter

Minimalist White Aesthetic Photos

Bright, clean photos are a common feature in minimalist photography. You can brighten your photos by adjusting the highlight, sharpness, and temperature, as well as HSL and other parameters to express your individuality. To do so, navigate to “Tools” and “Adjust.” Once there, you’ll see a variety of adjustments you can make to your photo by simply dragging the slider back and forth. If adjusting those parameters is a bit too advanced for you, you can also take advantage of YouCam Perfect’s filters. Tap “Effects,” “Filter,” and “White” to apply white filters to get bright photos in seconds. 

4. Add or Change Background: Use a Minimalist Plain Background

Minimalist Aesthetic Photos

Having a plain background in your photo helps to avoid any distracting objects or patterns and also gives you more control of the image. While any plain surface or self-made plain background like drapes or cloth would work, we don’t always have these available when we’re taking photos. Fear not! You can add a plain background to focus on your portrait in just a few minutes with the YouCam Perfect app. Just head over to “Photo Edit” and choose “Change Background.” Then, select the plain background that suits your mood and aesthetic. Once done, use the Eraser tool to “reveal” the part of the photo you’d like to show. 

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5. Make Your Photo Black and White With B&W and Mono Filter

Minimalist Aesthetic Photos

A black-and-white minimalist photo is one of the best since the color has been eliminated, allowing you to focus on the essential elements of the image. When getting this look, you want to make sure the composition and contrast don’t create any distractions. If you don’t take your photo in B&W to begin with, you can make it so in just a few taps in the YouCam Perfect app. Upload the photo you want to edit, tap “Edit,” “Tools,” “Adjust,” and “Saturation.” From there, you’ll want to drag the slider to the left, removing all the color saturation from your original image.

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Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Minimalist Photo Editing App

You’re now more than ready to dive into the fascinating world of minimalist photography. Download YouCam Perfect app now for either iOS or Android and start your aesthetic creating!

Minimalist Aesthetic Photo Editing App

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