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Photo Editing

How to Create the 80s Vintage Glow Portrait Filter in Your Photos

Sep 4, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Whether you were a child of the ’80s or you simply love the look, many of us have tried to recreate it. We’ve bought the clothes, styled our hair, and done up our faces, but we still aren’t truly capturing the vintage glam look as well as we could. Contrary to what many of us believe, the coveted ’80s glow effect that is characteristic in portraits is quite easy to achieve! And no, it doesn’t require a professional photographer, a fancy scene, or even an expensive and complicated photo editing software like you may think. It doesn’t even require a time machine! All you need is the YouCam Perfect app and some creative zeal. Read on to find out how to create awesome vintage glam portraits with just a few taps in the YouCam Perfect app.

80s Filter for Portraits80s Camera Filter

Get the Vintage ’80s Glam Portrait Effect With YouCam Perfect

Before we talk about getting that amazing ’80s glam glow effect, you’ll need to know a few things about the app that’s going to make it happen. YouCam Perfect is an advanced yet easy-to-use photo editing app, capable of making almost any image adjustment you can dream of. This app has the functionality to do everything you need to create your next masterpiece, whether that be simple tools like crop and rotate or more advanced ones like object removal and animation.

Get 80s Filter with YouCam Perfect

Even better, it doesn’t require a costly subscription or intense training to understand how to use it — most users can figure it out in just a few minutes! Did you also know you can create trendy ’80s vintage glow portraits with YouCam Perfect? Simply follow the steps below to get this 80s soft glam look for your photos.

How to Make Your Picture Look Like the 80s?

1. Apply 80s Vintage Filter

80s Vintage Photo Filter80s Vintage Camera Filter

The first way you can get the glow effect on your image is by applying either the Vintage Feel or Retro filter. There are six unique options for each, and users can choose which vintage filter is closer to the mood and aesthetic they want to create in their photos. Shake it like a polaroid picture with these vintage-style effects, or give your photos the big-screen feeling with a set of color presets.

To get this look, start by uploading the image you want to edit. Then, tap Edit and Effects at the bottom of your screen. Scroll until you see the filter you’d like to try out, and with just a few more taps, you’ll see the effect take shape before your eyes.  >> Click to Download FREE App & Edit Your 80s Portrait!

For more ideas about accenting your photo, have a look at our blog post, Best Vintage Photo Filters: How to Get the Retro Look.

2. Apply 80s Sparkle & KiraKira Filter

80s Filter for Portraits80s Sparkle Filter

Another easy way to get the ’80s-inspired soft glam look on your photos is by applying one of two filters: Sparkle or KiraKira. It’s an easy way to achieve the soft glam look with shiny filters and to make your snaps stand out with an amazing sparkle effect. To try out one of these effects, begin by uploading the photo you’d like to edit. Then, navigate to Edit and Effects at the bottom of your screen. Then, tap the effect you’d like to experiment with and adjust its intensity until you have the perfect look. 

Best App for 80s Filter Portraits

>> Click to Download FREE App & Edit Your 80s Portrait!

For more sparkly inspo, have a look at our blog post, 4 Creative Ideas to Master Instagram #OOTD Photo Editing.

3. Adjust Photo Parameters

80s Filter for PortraitsAdjust to 80s Filter

The last way you can get the ’80s vintage glow portrait effect is by adjusting your photo’s parameters. You can also adjust certain photo parameters to achieve the ’80s glow effect, including the brightness and saturation. You might also try adding a vignette to make your portraits look like they are straight from the ’80s. To adjust these parameters, upload your image and tap Tools and Adjust. From there, you can drag the slider to get your preferred look. >> Click to Download FREE App & Edit Your 80s Portrait!

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Travel Through the 80s With YouCam Perfect

Who knew you could travel back in time with just a few taps? Now you know all about how to create trendy ’80s-inspired vintage glow portraits with the YouCam Perfect app. The only limit is your creativity, so download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android right now to get started on your ’80s vintage glow portrait.

Best App for 80s Filter Portraits

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