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How to Add Vignette Effect in Photos With the Vignette App

How to Add Vignette Effect in Photos With the Vignette App

Aug 9, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Best Photo Editing App to add vignette effect to photos for free without Photoshop

When you want to create a dramatic focal point in your photos, a vignette effect is one of the best ways to do it. Vignette isn’t new, though it’s found its way into modern photos, from selfies to landscapes.

vignette effect
▲ Vignette Effect focuses on the subject of the photo

vignette effectToday, you don’t need to have any advanced photo editing skills or elaborate techniques to create the vignette effect on your photos. Keep reading to learn how you can apply beautiful vignette effects to your snaps with YouCam Perfect!

Vignette Effect:

What Is The Vignette Effect in Photography?

vignette effectvignette effectA vignette effect brings your attention to the center of a photo by darkening or brightening the edges of a picture at the corners to create a focal point at the center. It’s an artistic effect that’s been around since before photography itself.

In photography, you can use a specific lens and optics to create the effect or add it during the editing process. that’s what YouCam Perfect lets you do, and you don’t need technical knowledge for it. The app makes it easy for you to add it yourself in seconds!

How to Add Vignette Effect to Your Photos Without Photoshop

Adding a vignette effect has never been simpler than it is with YouCam Perfect. Use these steps to create a vignette effect on your photos!

1. Download YouCam Perfect App

YouCam Perfect is available for iOS and Android, so you can edit your photos on any mobile platform. The app is free to download and has lots of free editing options to make your photos pop in just a few taps!

2. Choose The Photo To Add the Vignette Effect

vignette effectvignette effectFind the Tools option under Photo Edit and choose the photo you want to work with. Scroll through the options in Photo Edit and select Vignette.

3. Have Fun Vignetting!

vignette effectvignette effectUse the Shade and Feather options to adjust the look of your vignette. 

  • Shade adjusts how dark or light the vignette is, from black to white.
  • The Feather slider adjusts the blur of the vignette and how wide or narrow it is in your photo. You can make it stretch to the center of your photo or keep it at the outer edges with a more solid look. It all depends on what you want the viewer to notice!

Types of Vignette Effect

Vignettes enhance the focal point of your photo, but that’s not all they do. They’re a trendy way to add a vintage touch to any photo, and they look great in both black and white and color photos. You can experiment to find the perfect amount of vignettes to make your image stand out and create a different aesthetic with a black or white vignette.

vignette effect

▲ Adjust 'shade' to add a black or white vignette effect

vignette effect

Black Vignette

black vignette

▲ To add a black vignette, simply slide the shade towards the beginning.
vignette effectThe black vignette makes it especially easy to emphasize a focal point by drawing attention away from the edges of the image and toward the brighter part of the photo in the center. Black vignettes also work well with black-and-white photos or photos with a darker theme. 

White Vignette

white vignette

▲ To add a white vignette, adjust the shade towards the end of the slide

vignette effectThe white vignette works better for photos that already have a bright subject and simple background. It creates more openness in the photo and brings the focal point outward to expand it.

Both types of vignettes have their advantages, and you can try them both with YouCam Perfect to see which one enhances your photo best!

When Is Best to Add the Vignette Effect?

The vignette effect is a popular technique used in photography and image editing to draw attention to the subject of a photo by darkening or fading the edges. It creates a subtle, yet impactful framing effect that can enhance the overall composition. So when is the best time to add the vignette effect? Here are a few tips:

Use Vignette Effect When Emphasizing the Subject

The vignette effect is particularly useful when you want to emphasize the main subject or focal point of your photo. By darkening the edges, you draw the viewer's eye toward the center, making the subject stand out.

Use Vignette Effect for Balancing Composition

If your photo has a lot of empty or distracting space around the edges, adding a vignette can help balance the composition. By darkening the edges, you bring more focus to the central elements, creating a more visually pleasing and harmonious image.

Use Vignette Effect When Creating a Mood

The vignette effect can also be used to enhance the mood or atmosphere of a photo. By adding a subtle darkening around the edges, you can create a sense of nostalgia, drama, or intimacy, depending on the desired effect.

The Vignette Effect Is Perfect for Portraits and Close-Ups

Vignettes are commonly used in portrait photography to highlight the subject's face and create a more intimate feel. They can add a touch of elegance and draw attention to the person's expression or features. Similarly, for close-up shots of objects or details, a vignette can help bring focus and add a sense of depth.

Remember, the decision to use a vignette effect ultimately depends on your creative vision and the specific requirements of the photo. 

If you think the 'Vignette Effect' might not be for your photo due to its dark frame, but you still want to focus on the main subject, you can try the 'Blur' tool, which only adds a 'Bokeh Effect' or faded effect to your background or the specific place you want to put it on:

👉 Find out more here: How to Easily Blur a Photo

Download YouCam Perfect: Best Vignette Effect App in 2023

Make your photos stand out with the YouCam Perfect app, the best vignette effect app in 2023. Easily add a cool vintage vibe to your pictures using the 'Vignette' effect.

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Download YouCam Perfect, The Best AI Photo Editor App for iPhone & Android in 2023

Whether you want a soft and romantic look or a bold and dramatic feel, YouCam Perfect has got you covered. Get the app now free on iOS or Android and give your photos a stylish twist that captures the essence of the year's top vignette effects.  

The Best Alternative to Vignette Photoshop

YouCam Perfect stands out as the ultimate photo editing app, perfect for refining your photos and applying the vignette effect. This effect empowers you to choose the focal point of your image as well as the color of the vignette, whether it's black or white. Additionally, the 'feather' tool allows you to gently soften the sharp edges of objects within your picture.

YouCam Perfect lets you apply changes in just a few taps to give you a selfie you want to share using:

Apply animation and stickers to add some excitement to dull photos or add other effects and play with the quality of your photo with YouCam Perfect. It’s also the best app for adding a quick vignette effect, and you can adjust the saturation and depth of your photo, so you draw the viewer’s eye exactly where you want it to go.

Add Vignette Filter to Photos With YouCam Perfect

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Download YouCam Perfect, The Best AI Photo Editor App for iPhone & Android in 2023

YouCam Perfect lets you create the vignette effect you want for your photo without Photoshop, whether you want to hop on a new photo trend or capture a vintage vibe. It’s easy to adjust the vignette effect to your preference and experiment with different photos. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android to add unique vignette effects to photos!

Vignette Effect - FAQ

How Do I Make an Image a Vignette Effect?

You can do it through an app like YouCam Perfect or software like Photoshop. Simply:

  1. Download YouCam Perfect
  2. Find ‘Photo Edit’ > choose the photo you want to add the ‘Vignette Effect’ to
  3. Find ‘Tool’ > ‘Vignette’
  4. Choose the shade and feather intensity
  5. Enjoy vignetting!

What Is Vignette Overlay? 

A vignette overlay refers to a graphic or image overlay that is applied on top of a photograph or design to create a vignette effect. It is a visual element that helps darken or fade the edges of the image, drawing attention to the center or focal point.

How Do I Add a Vignette to a Photo?

Once you have chosen the photo:

  1. Select the ‘Tools’ tab
  2. Choose ‘Vignette’
  3. Adjust the intensity of shade and feather

How Do You Make a Vignette Effect?

On the app:

  1. Select the photo you want to apply the vignette effect
  2. Choose ‘Tools’ and select ‘Vignette’
  3. Done

How Does Vignette Effect the Audience? 

The vignette effect can have a significant impact on the audience's perception and experience of an image. By subtly darkening or fading the edges of a photo, the vignette effect directs the viewer's attention towards the center, drawing them into the focal point or subject of the image. This intentional framing technique creates a sense of focus and guides the audience's gaze, ensuring that they notice and engage with the intended elements of the composition. The vignette effect can also evoke emotions and set the mood of the photo.

Depending on its application, it can add a touch of intimacy, nostalgia, or even drama, influencing how the audience perceives and interprets the overall visual narrative. 

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