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How to Add Emojis to Photos for Free on iPhone & Android
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How to Add Emojis to Photos for Free on iPhone & Android

Sep 15, 2023 · 3 minutes read
How to Add Emojis to Photos with best photo editor app for iPhone and Android

We use emojis for everything from expressing happiness to showing anger to making jokes. While they’re useful when texting, emojis can also work well as an additional decoration to photos. When you add an emoji to your photo, it automatically creates a fun vibe.

You can use them over your head to make it seem like you’re a walking smiley face, or add them to the background so it looks like you’re floating in a sea of silliness. Don’t know how to add emojis to your photos? Don’t worry; it’s easy with YouCam Perfect. YouCam Perfect lets you quickly and easily add emojis to photos on iPhone and Android!

YouCam Perfect: Best Free App to Add Emojis to Photos

YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editing app for all your photo editing and beautifying needs. What makes it so great? You’ll have access to endless photo editing possibilities, especially when it comes to an emoji photo. You can create emoji backgrounds, add emojis anywhere in your photo, or even just edit specific elements of an emoji to make yourself into an emoji meme.

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

How to Add Emojis to Photos in 4 Easy Steps

Before jumping right into the detailed tutorial of putting emojis on your pictures, let's get you prepared with the all-in-one photo editing app:

Step.1 Get the App to Add Emoji to Photos

Download the all-in-one photo editor app YouCam Perfect, it's available for both iOS and Android users with various photo-editing tools.

Step. 2 Upload a Photo to Add Emoji

Tap on "Photo Edit" on the home page, then select a picture you'd like to add emojis to. Make sure to avoid busy backgrounds to highlight the cute emojis you're about to add to the photo.

Step 3. Navigate to Text to Add Emoji to Photos

Add Heart Emoji to Photo to Make Heart Emoji Memes

Start using the Text tool in the app to add emojis to your photo background. You can also duplicate emojis without constant typing when editing your photo with emojis.

Step 4. Save Your Photo That Adds Emojis

After you're satisfied with your edit, save and share your result! Now you're surely on the way to editing with emoji, read through the 4 ideas below to unleash your creativity with emoji photo edits!

4 Creative Ideas to Add Emojis to Photos

When you’re ready to create popular emoji-themed photo edits, YouCam Perfect makes it fun and easy. All it takes is a few taps on the screen, and your images will be ready to share with the masses. Learn how to make some photos your followers will love below.

1. Add Emoji to Photo Background

Add Emoji to Photo Background with Best App

Add an emoji background to your photo filled with your favorite emojis to express your individuality. It will look like you’re living in an emoji-filled world where everything’s all smiles and happiness (or frowny faces if that’s how you roll).

You have three ways to transform your drab background into an emoji paradise using YouCam Perfect. In all three methods, you’ll want to start by opening your photo in the app:

  1. Erase method: Use the erase tool to get rid of everything but yourself in the photo. Then, combine your pic and your favorite emoji background.
  2. Change background method: Don’t feel like erasing everything by hand? Try out the change background feature, which intelligently selects the background behind you and switches it to the emoji background of your choice.
  3. Text method: Add in all your favorite emojis individually using the text tool. Then just drag them around wherever you want to create a background collage. 

2. Make Heart Emoji Memes

Add Heart Emoji to Photo to Make Heart Emoji Memes

Want to have a unique, personalized emoji experience? Why not use YouCam Perfect to create your own emoji sticker?

Start by adding one of the heart emojis using the text tool. Then, add additional emojis to your photo to create a fun new heart emoji meme.

Above, you can see some cool examples we’ve created using this method. You have probably already seen the popular Kermit the Frog heart emoji meme. Now, you can easily create your own heart emoji meme with YouCam Perfect! Or how about wrapping your portrait in a cozy cloud of heart emojis? The more heart emojis, the better! 

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3. Add Emoji to Group Photo

Add Emoji to Your Friend's Face

Did you know you can make a group emoji? This is an interesting way to have fun with your friends and express your personality in an amusing way. Find emojis that best fit your friends’ personalities and add them to your group shot. 

4. Add Emoji to Photos as Accessories

Add Emoji on Your Face to Make Aesthetic Decoration in Photo

Even if you don’t want to become an emoji, you can still wear emojis as accessories. Easily add a cute headband, earrings, purse, and other accessories made of emojis. The process is simple:

Use the text tool to scroll through the emojis, and select your favorite. Move it around the image to where it looks best. Continue adding emojis this way until your look is complete. 

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Download YouCam Perfect: The Best App to Add Emojis to Pictures

Download the free YouCam Perfect app now and have some fun with emojis! YouCam Perfect offers an extensive selection of photo editing and beautifying tools for unlimited picture-perfect opportunities. 

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Video Tutorial of Adding Emojis to Photos

▼ Watch Our Tutorial to Learn How to Create Emoji Backgrounds


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