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Best Lunar New Year Photo Editor to Send Greetings In 2022

Jan 1, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Lunar New Year Photo Editor App to Create New Year Greetings In 2022

The Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year in the West, is the biggest holiday of the year in many East Asian countries. This year, February 1, 2022, kicks off the Year of the Tiger. Millions of people will ring in the Lunar New Year 2022 with their loved ones with traditional festivities. Keep reading to learn more about Lunar New Year celebrations and how to create your own festive snaps to share with YouCam Perfect!

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Celebrate Lunar New Year With YouCam Perfect

Get best lunar new year photo editor app to create photos and send greetings to your friends

YouCam Perfect has tons of effects to get you in the Lunar New Year spirit. Get creative with features and tools like:

  1. Animated Effects
  2. Backgrounds
  3. Greetings
  4. Frames
  5. Collage templates

    Read on to learn how to use them all to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them this Lunar New Year!

    How to Create Celebratory Lunar New Year Photos

    YouCam Perfect has plenty of Lunar New Year-themed edits just waiting for you to use on your photos. Whether you send personalized greeting cards or post for thousands of followers, here are some fun ways to create your own photos for Lunar New Year 2022.

    1. Get the Lunar New Year Effects

    Add Lunar New Year Effects to your photos

    Lunar New Year animation can liven up your celebration! Choose from a lucky red background with lanterns overhead and gold confetti or a more romantic scene with pink blossoms and petals falling around you.

    Animated stickers let you add exciting accessories to your selfies, like a blessing bag full of oranges, red lanterns, chimes, and even a man wearing bells to ring in the new year.

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    2. Change Lunar New Year Backgrounds

    Change Photo Background to Lunar New Year Backgrounds

    With three different Lunar New Year themes to choose from, you can make any selfie brighter. Explore your options with big gold and red flowers, a textured red background with golden confetti, and a smokey effect with gold flowers and red lanterns. Find them when you follow these steps:

    1. Go to Add Background.
    2. Select the Holidays category.
    3. Choose New Year and tap the background you like most.

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    3. Send Your Lunar New Year Greetings

    YouCam Perfect has eight classic greetings to add to your cards, the phrases are written in Chinese characters surrounded by beautiful borders and designs. If you don’t want to use the default greetings, you can select Text Bubble and write a personal and thoughtful message.

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    4. Try Lunar New Year Photo Frames

    Apply Lunar New Year Photo Frames and Add Text Bubble to Edit New Year Greetings

    YouCam Perfect has 10+ frames made just for Lunar New Year to add a professional, celebratory touch to your photos. The frames come in lots of colors, from red to yellow to pink. Add the one that brings out the rest of your photo with details like bright flowers, Chinese characters, and other New Year’s symbols. Explore them using these steps:

    1. Go to Frame.
    2. Choose the Holidays category.
    3. Select Chinese New Year.

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    5. Apply Festive Collage Templates

    YouCam Perfect comes with four eye-catching templates to customize, along with many collages to help you create the perfect Lunar New Year photo combination. You can create a postcard with a selfie to spread the love or use multiple photos to include your whole family or friend group. Each Lunar New Year-themed template has the classic red and gold in the form of stunning backgrounds, flowers, and Chinese characters. Get them when you go to Collage, and select Holiday to explore what YouCam Perfect has to offer.

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    Welcome the Year of the Tiger With Best Lunar New Year Photo Editor, YouCam Perfect

    Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Lunar New Year Photo Editor App

    YouCam Perfect has all the tools you need to create a celebratory Lunar New Year photo. Explore all the app’s features to welcome the Year of the Tiger with festive photos. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android and wish your friends and followers good luck with Lunar New Year greetings!

    Lunar New Year FAQ

    What Is Lunar New Year About?

    East Asian cultures have celebrated Lunar New Year for thousands of years. It’s the most significant holiday of the year for those who celebrate, and many people travel home to their families for it.

    The Lunar New Year doesn’t fall on January 1st like the Gregorian new year. Instead, it follows the lunar calendar and takes place on the second new moon after the winter solstice. That’s why it falls on a different day every year. Each year corresponds to one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac and one of five elements. This year is the year of the Water Tiger, which symbolizes calm and ambition.

    On Lunar New Year, children receive red envelopes with money inside, and people gather to watch the lion and dragon dances. These dances are meant to bring good luck for the coming year. One thing Lunar New Year does have in common with Western New Year celebrations is fireworks. However, in this case, they’re used to scare away a mythical monster called Nian, who legend says would come down from the mountains to cause misfortune. Just like Western New Year’s traditions, Lunar New Year is a time to spend with loved ones and start the new year with a blank slate.

    Download The Best Free Lunar New Year Photo Editor App, YouCam Perfect

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