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10 Cute Aesthetic Animated Stickers For Eye-Catching Instagram
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10 Cute Aesthetic Animated Stickers For Eye-Catching Instagram

Sep 22, 2021 · 4 minutes read
10 Cute Aesthetic Animated Stickers For Eye-Catching Instagram

Adding cute aesthetic stickers to your already fabulous Instagram photo can make it truly stand out among the rest. Whether you’re accenting a fun selfie or an elegant landscape, animated stickers can add moving elements or fun touches to any photo, and with the YouCam Perfect app, the options are almost limitless.

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Read on to hear more about adding makeup accents to your selfie, cute greetings for the photoshoot with your furry friend, birthday celebrations for your bestie, festive yuletides on family portraits, and more with just a quick tap.

How to Add Animated Stickers to Photos

The first step to adding aesthetic animated stickers to your photo is to download the YouCam Perfect app. YouCam Perfect is one of the best free photo editing apps and the premier destination for animated stickers for your Instagram images, along with photo edits, photo frames, and much more.

Aesthetic Animated Photo Sticker Editor

Once you’ve downloaded the app and added your image, scroll over to “Animation” and then tap on “Stickers.” When you’re there, you’ll find YouCam Perfect’s extensive library of stickers. While there are several fun free options, you can also upgrade to premium for even more variety and designs.

When you’ve selected your animated sticker of choice, you can easily adjust almost every aspect of it to perfectly pair with your Instagram photograph of choice. With the YouCam Perfect app, you’re able to adjust the speed of the animation, resize the animated sticker in all directions, flip its orientation, rotate it, and, of course, move it to the perfect place on your image.

Cute Aesthetic Sticker for Instagram Photo

You don’t have to stop at just one animated sticker either! Take your photo and Instagram feed to the next level by pairing a few different stickers together to really pack a punch. What goes better than an aesthetic butterfly and cute flowers to support your springtime showcase?

If you make a mistake and want to start over, it’s no problem! Simply tap the “X” in the upper left-hand corner of the animated sticker to remove it and begin again from scratch with a new one.

10 Cute Aesthetic Stickers for Instagram Ideas

The YouCam Perfect app has many awesome animated stickers to choose from, but we wanted to highlight our top 10 favorites. If none of these suit your fancy, have no fear. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect one to accent your eye-catching Instagram picture.

#1. Aesthetic Butterfly Animated Stickers

Cute Aesthetic Sticker for Instagram Photo

To capture that ethereal vibe, add a fluttering butterfly. Choose between blue or yellow to perfectly match your photo’s vibe.

#2. Aesthetic Floral Animated Stickers

Cute Aesthetic Sticker for Instagram Photo

Get ready to celebrate spring with an animated floral sticker. Whether your photo is of beautiful scenery or you’re simply dreaming of warmer days to come, a delicate rose or bouquet is the perfect finishing touch.

#3. 'My Baby' Animated Stickers

Sharing a photo of your little bundle of joy? Love on your love with the “My Baby” animated sticker!

#4. Shooting Star Animated Stickers

Witness a gorgeous celestial event right within the YouCam Perfect app by accenting your photo with the shooting star animated sticker.

Cute Aesthetic Sticker for Instagram Photo

#5. Flame Animated Stickers

Your photo will be truly on fire when you add the animated flame sticker. It’s perfect for adding a little extra sizzle to your Instagram feed.

#6. 'Perfect' Animated Stickers

Sharing a positively perfect image? Make sure your sentiment is shared by accenting it with the bold “Perfect” sticker.

#7. Crown Animated Photo Sticker

Cute Aesthetic Sticker for Instagram Photo

For those who truly feel like royalty, we won’t judge. Just make sure to stay regal and go for royal with the animated crown sticker.

#8. Makeup Brush Animated Photo Sticker

Your gorgeous selfie deserves an equally gorgeous sticker to go alongside it. Add some glam to your photo with the animated makeup brush sticker.

#9. 'WOW' Animated Photo Sticker

Showcase a wow-worthy photo with your followers by adding a cute animated “WOW” sticker.

#10. 'Love', 'Summer', 'Hello!' Animated Photo Sticker

Finally, add in a fun “Love,” “Summer,” or “Hello!” animated text sticker to truly get your message across.

Learn more about Animations:

Download YouCam Perfect: Your Aesthetic Animated Photo Sticker Editor

Looking for even more cute aesthetic animated stickers? You can get these 10 aesthetic free, animated stickers and many more premium stickers right now.

Aesthetic Animated Photo Sticker Editor

Along with these fun and unique animated stickers, you can also add special effects, accent your photo with an ornamental frame, turn multiple photos into a collage, and much more. Just download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android today to get started!

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