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6 Best Photo Animation Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023
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6 Best Photo Animation Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

Sep 22, 2023 · 3 minutes read

If you want to liven up your photos, animate a picture can give it that special touch you want. Whether you want a beautiful shimmering background effect or something more detailed, a photo animation app can help you create the ideal image. We’ve compiled the six best photo animation apps for iPhone and Android, so you can easily pick the right one to animate your pictures.

6 Best Free Photo Animation Apps for iPhone & Android in 2023

Here are the best photo animation apps for iPhone and Android and choose the one that best fits your needs and turn your picture into an animation.

Best Photo Animation App 1. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best photo animation app to animate pictures

Rating: 4.8 / 4.4

Available: iOS / Android

Best for: YouCam Perfect is the best free photo animation app for anyone who wants to animate a photo and create a stunning selfie. You can animate your photos to add a stunning sparkle, falling leaves, flowers blowing in the spring breeze, or even wings. 

Types of Animation:

  • Animated Effects
  • Animated Stickers
  • Animated Wraparounds


YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editing app that uses AI technology to help you create your ideal image. You can change backgrounds, add stickers and effects, and more to give your photo an atmospheric look that you can enjoy sharing with family, friends, or on social media.

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Add Animations to Face

Add Animations to Face▲ Add animations to your selfie

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Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

Now you can give yourself a face full of fun and cuteness with animated face stickers! They are super easy to use - just install the app, find the stickers that matches your mood or style, and then apply them to your selfie. With these animations, everyday life just got a little more animated.

Fall Photo Animations

Fall Season Photo Animation App▲ Add fall animations to photos

Add fall vibes to your photos like falling leaves overlay or a FALL VIBES message.

Love & Sparkle Photo Animations

Add shimmering sparkle animated effects and cute pink heart stickers to a picture.

Animate Photo With Love & Sparkle Animated Effects from The Best Photo Animation App

Lifestyle Photo Animations

Decorate your daily photos with plenty of animated effects and stickers.

Download the photo animation app for free today!

Download YouCam Perfect on the App StoreGet YouCam Perfect on Google Play

👉 Learn how to animate a picture with YouCam Perfect

Read More About Photo Animations:

Best Photo Animation App 2. Motionleap by Lightricks

Adjust the Speed of Photo Animations in Motionleap by Lightricks

Rating: 4.8 / 4.3

Available: iOS / Android

Best for: Motionleap is best for editing 3D photos. It lets you fine-tune as you shoot to get the perfect edits every time. The real-time editor even lets you make edits as you’re taking your photo!


With Motionleap by Lightricks, you can animate your photos using an intuitive user interface to add filters and animation for photos, including overlays and sparkles. It’s great for timelapse sky effects and lets you fine-tune 3D photos using arrows to add movement. You can choose how fast the animation moves and change the background to show any scene you want.

Best Photo Animation App 3. ImgPlay

Use ImgPlay Photo Animation App to Animate Pictures

Rating: 4.8 / 3.9

Available: iOS / Android

Best for: ImgPlay is best for creating cool GIFs using photos and videos. This super easy-to-use app is a must-have for anyone who loves making funny GIFs.


With ImgPlay, making animated GIFs is easier than ever. Try one of the tons of filters available to edit your photos a little bit. Merge photos and videos to turn them into the most amazing GIFs ever. You can also import existing GIFs from other sources. Or, you can use the in-app camera to shoot videos.

Best Photo Animation App 4. Movepic

Draw The Path to Add Animated Effects to Pictures In Movepic

Rating: 4.7 / 4.6

Available: iOS / Android

Best for: Movepic is best for animating people or objects that are already in your photos. It’s the best app for adding motion to existing parts of your photos, rather than adding new effects.


All you have to do to animate with Movepic is draw the path you want the motion to follow in the app. You can adjust speed and add loops, as well as animate different parts of your photo. This app doesn’t limit you to adding additional animated effects, like stickers. You can create dispersion effects with custom speed, direction, and motion. Movepic has plenty of stickers, overlays, and backgrounds, and you can even add music to your image!

Best Photo Animation App 5. Vimage

Use Vimage Photo Animation App to Animate Pictures

Rating: 4.7 / 4.6

Available: iOS / Android

Best for: Vimage is best for creating realistic 3D illusions straight from your phone. With features like animations and stickers, your photos are about to shock everyone!


Vimage lets you animate your photos by adding hundreds of moving photo effects, filters, and overlays to turn them from static images into animated artistic compositions. Make your photos move and get creative. Whether you add movement to your hair, the sky, or a waterfall, your friends will never believe what they see. One feature that makes it unique is the ability to add filters and effects while editing your animation.

Best Photo Animation App 6. Lumyer

Use Lumyer Magic Photo Animation App to Animate Pictures

Rating: 4.6 / 3.8

Available: iOS / Android

Best for: Lumyer is best for realistic photo animation, so no one will know you added an effect.


Lumyer has plenty of animation options no matter how you want to use your photos. With over 200 high-resolution filters and a continually updated library, you can save your animated images as GIFs or use them to promote your business, as well as impress your family and friends on social media. The Magic Photo Animator is a simple tool that sets images in motion so you can fully express your creativity.

How to Animate a Picture on iPhone & Android

Step 1. Download the Photo Animation App

Download the YouCam Perfect app, available in the App Store and on Google Play, for iOS and Android to turn a picture into an animation.

Step 2. Choose a Photo to Add Animations

Before you start editing, select the photo you want to add animation. Once you’ve selected and uploaded your photo, click on the “Animation” editing tool to get started. 

Step 3. Animate Your Photos

In the “Animation" section, you can select from dozens of aesthetic effects to add to your photo. Within each effect, you can also change the speed of the movement — increasing or decreasing to create the desired effect — and even use the eraser tool to mark sections of the photo where the animation effect is lighter.

To learn how to animate your pictures check out our article How to Bring Pictures to Life.

Step 4. Save Your Animated Picture!

Once you’ve added all the animation you want to your photo, save it to your phone!

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Photo Animation App to Animate Pictures 

YouCam Perfect has all the animation tools you need to bring your photos to life. Use the many features to add extra visual effects to your images for more exciting selfies, impressive family photos, and more. Explore the vest free photo animation app and experiment to see which animation effects look best on your photos. Free download YouCam Perfect to animate your pictures today!

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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Photo Animation App FAQs

Which app is the best photo animation app for iPhone and Android?

These are the six best free photo animation apps for iPhone and Android users that we recommend to try!

  1. YouCam Perfect
  2. Motionleap by Lightricks
  3. ImgPlay
  4. Movepic
  5. Vimage
  6. Lumyer

YouCam Perfect is easy to use and boasts lots of different animation features. It has animated stickers, as well as seasonal animations, and others that look great all year. It works well for putting animated photos on TikTok, Instagram, and any social platform where you want to share your creations.

How to add animated effects to pictures?

You can add animated effects to pictures following the below steps:

  • Download YouCam Perfect
  • Open the app and go to Photo Edit
  • Select the Animation tool and scroll to find the animation effect you want.
  • Simply select it and watch your photo come to life!

Read more in our Beginners Guide to Add Animation to Your Photo.

How to make animation to an existing photo?

Use the YouCam Perfect app to add animation to an existing photo in seconds. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the app
  • Choose your photo from your gallery and select the animation tool.
  • Scroll to find the animation effect you want and select it to apply to your photo.

Animate Pictures With Best Photo Animation App

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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