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Eternals Edit: How to Recreate Angelina Jolie’s Thena Look
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Eternals Edit: How to Recreate Angelina Jolie’s Thena Look

Nov 26, 2021 · 4 minutes read
Eternals Edit: How to Recreate Angelina Jolie’s Thena Look

Have you ever wanted to look like a superhero without sacrificing glamour? Now you can! We’re about to show you how you can recreate Thena, Angelina Jolie’s character in the 2021 Marvel movie 'Eternals'. We might not be able to give you Thena’s super speed, strength, stamina, or her ability to create cosmic energy with her hands, but we can show you how to get the big-name actress’s popular character image on your own.

With the YouCam Makeup app, user can transform their selfies to Angelina Jolie's character, Thena, in Marvel's Eternal, by changing hair color, plumped lips, add lip color and sparkly animated effects.

Read on to discover how to transform your ordinary selfies to Thena’s goddess-inspired look, with her blonde hair, light blue colored eyes, gorgeous lips, and sparkly special animated effects, all with the best free selfie app: YouCam Makeup.

How to Recreate Angelina Jolie’s Eternals Look With the Best Selfie App

YouCam Makeup is the best free makeup selfie app to try costume makeup without styling, trial, and error, or expensive cosmetic appointments. Here’s how you can get Angelina Jolie’s look for yourself!

1. Download the YouCam Makeup App and Pick a Photo

You can find the YouCam Makeup app in the app store for iOS or Android. Download and open the app then, choose the photo you want to work with. If you’re going for a truly theatrical look, choose a selfie where you’ll really be able to see the look shine! >>Download FREE YouCam Makeup App & Try!

2. Apply Blonde Hair Color

Under Makeup, select the Hair option. You can change the color and style here. One of Thena’s most standout features is her blonde hair color, so you want a shade that matches hers. YouCam Makeup is the best hair color-changing app that offers up to 130 hair dye options, pairing with four major color styles: Ombre, two-tone, multicolor, and one color. 

Once you’ve chosen your shade, adjust the Shine to 100% to create a similar effect. You can also use the Retouch tool to erase any areas that look out of place.

3. Change Eye Color

In the Marvel comic, goddess-like Thena in 'Eternals' has light blue eyes, matching her fierce blonde hair. To achieve this iconic trait, you can change eye color easily with the YouCam Makeup. Go under the Makeup tab, and find the Eye Color option right next to Hair. Scroll to find Eye Color in light blue to change the color of your iris. You can also choose different iris patterns to create an even more aesthetic look.

4. Plump Your Lips

Angelina Jolie is famous for her sexy, signature pout, and this facial trait also makes her portrayal as Thena even more classic and goddess-like. To plump your lips easily and naturally, scroll under the Retouch tab to find the Lip Plumper tool, Next, use the sliding bar at the bottom to create a pouty lip. Angelina Jolie has a specific look, and plumping your lips makes all the difference in achieving her attractive pout.

5. Add Golden Lip Art

Under Makeup, choose Lip to explore YouCam Makeup’s collection of lip colors. You want to choose a golden lip art style with a little shine to pull together the look of mythological royalty.

6. Add Shimmery Nude/Gold Eye Shadow

Under Makeup, select Eye and then Eye Shadow to explore color palettes for gold or nude eye shadow. Choose the one that complements your skin tone best. Gold works better for warm tones, but if you have a cool or neutral undertone, try nude eye shadow instead. Adding colorful eyeshadow with shimmer makes your eyes pop and gives you a more fantastical look, which is essential for creating that superhuman image!

7. Add Gold Animated Effect to Look Like a Movie Poster

To go the extra mile, go back to the feature room and select Edit, and Animation. Under Effect's Sparkle theme, you will find the first one with golden shimmer that perfectly matches the design of the Eternal's poster. This gives your photo an extra gold shimmer that matches the movie poster where we see Thena’s look up close. You can become a star without expensive Photoshop or professional editing skills!

Create Your Eternals Look in the YouCam Makeup App Now!

YouCam Makeup is the best free selfie app to get hyper-realistic makeup, hair color, face shaping, and animated effects that help you recreate Angelina Jolie’s look from Eternals. Aside from using the features, you can also try hundreds of default costume looks in the YouCam Makeup app, including transforming into mermaids, Disney characters, Halloween movie icons, and more.

Moreover, you can also try other fun selfie editing tools, like the best age progression feature to change your face either young or old, and make a cute meme that matches Eternal's movie theme.

Start editing and show your superhero look with the best free selfie app now!

YouCam Makeup is the best selfie editing app for face shape editing, blemish removal, apply makeup filters and glam your daily selfies.

Want to know more about the latest beauty trends? Subscribe to the YouCam Makeup YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram for the hottest beauty, makeup, and skincare trends.

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