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8 Best Makeup Video Editor Apps for iPhone and Android

Jan 19, 2023 · 3 minutes read

Create a makeup video for TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram with our picks for the best video editing apps to add makeup to your videos for you to try right now.

Maybe sometimes you want to add that little something extra to your videos for TikTok, IG, YouTube, but you aren't sure how. Video editing apps have come a long way and now you can create your own makeup videos with minimal effort. Read on to discover our top picks!

8 Best Makeup Video Editor Apps in 2023

Best Makeup Video Editor Apps:

#1 YouCam Video: Best Makeup Video Editor App for iPhone & Android

YouCam Video is powered by AI tech for accurate makeup application.

Best for longer makeup videos
Score: 4.9

Available for: iOS and Android

AI makeup is true to life & highlt accurate on video
Easy to use makeup tools, create your own makeup look easily
100+ full makeup looks
Natural, glam & costume makeup

Some color ways for makeup are limited
Eyeshadow could have more options

YouCam Video has:

  • No limit on video length for premium subscribers
  • Stunning effects
  • Reshape tools for facial features
  • Realistic hair color filters
  • Virtual makeup in every shade
  • Video quality adjustments

YouCam Video's versatile tools help you show the world the clearest, brightest version of you as you apply your makeup. You can edit your videos in just a few taps with full makeup looks, individual makeup tools, and more to enhance the look of your video.

How to Film a Makeup Video on iPhone or Android 2023

Instead of learning complex video editing techniques, a video editing app can help you make the perfect makeup video without the hassle. With an app, you can:

  • Improve your video quality
  • Add creative effects
  • Make your video stand out

Step 1. Download a Free Video Editing App With Makeup

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Download YouCam Video Now

First, download your chosen video editing app from the app store. The one you choose will depend on what features and tools you want to use for editing your makeup video.

YouCam Video tools:

  • Free to download and use
  • Makeup filters to help you create the perfect look
  • Acess filters, effects, and retouch tools

Step 2. Upload Your Video

Best Makeup Video Editing App

After you download your app:

  • Tap the + at the bottom of the screen to get started
  • Choose the video to edit from your gallery
  • Or tap the camera in the top right corner to shoot your own video

Step 3. Create Your Makeup Video

Best Video Editing App Makeup Videos

Each app has different features for beautifying your video. With so many different effects, you can explore tons of ideas to create a stunning video. You can edit your video with:

  • Creative filters
  • Cute stickers, animation, and effects
  • Retouch and reshape features
  • Face paint
  • Full makeup looks and individual makeup tools

For editing made easy, YouCam Video has editing features that you can use to adjust your makeup as well as your video quality. That way, you know your look is always on point.

Step 4. Save & Share!

When you’re done editing your video, make sure you save it to your gallery so you can upload it to social media. Upload your masterpiece to:

  • TikTok
  • IG
  • Any other socials you like

With YouCam Video, all you have to do to save your video is tap the green check to make all your changes permanent.

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Download YouCam Video, best free video editing app for video filters, adding music to videos, and video beauty filters.

Best Makeup Video Editor App #2: Facetune

Best for retouch
Score: 4.8

Available for: iOS and Android

Accurate makeup application
Easy to edit videos

Not as many makeup looks as other apps
A lot of the better looks are premium

Facetune offers tons of retouch options for you to get rid of any blemishes, wrinkles, and more. You can reshape your face, whiten your smile, and smooth your skin to create the look you want before you show your video to the world. FaceTune lets you transform your videos with subtle retouches that come together to make a big difference in the quality of your makeup videos.

Best Makeup Video Editor App #3: YouCam Makeup

Best for creative makeup
Score: 4.8

Available for: iOS and Android

Lots of creative makeup looks to try
Can make fun makeup mashup videos

Can only edit short videos
Minimal video editing funcitonality

When you’re looking for creative makeup ideas, YouCam Makeup has you covered. The app has tons of full makeup looks to get you started, plus individual makeup tools to help you create your own unique look. Its seamless edits make you look like you applied your makeup off-camera, and you can use the app’s features to compare your real-life makeup to your inspiration. Plus, it lets you apply cute stickers and face paint for an artsy touch!

Best Makeup Video Editor App #4: BeautyPlus

Best for cute effects
Score: 4.7

Available for: iOS and Android

Tons of cute makeup looks
Large variety of filters

 Number of filters can be overwhelming

BeautyPlus comes with over 200 themed filters and effects to stylize your videos. Its collection of stickers adds an exciting and unique element to your makeup videos, and its templates help you keep up with any TikTok trend! With AR effects like flower crowns and rabbit ears, you have the cutest effects for any makeup look.

Best Makeup Video Editor App #5: Meitu

Best for video editing tools
Score: 4.6

Available for: iOS and Android

Accurate makeup application on videos
Lots of makeup options

UI can be messy
Hard to find looks you want

Meitu’s AI technology makes it one of the best when it comes to advanced video editing tools. It automatically detects your facial features so that you can add stickers, effects, retouch, and more in seconds. It also lets you compare your edited work to the original so you can see the difference your edits make. It has over 200 filters to bring life to your videos, plus an impressive collection of artistic effects for you to customize your makeup videos!

Best Makeup Video Editor App #6: B612

Best for fun filters
Score: 4.5

Available for: iOS and Android

Lots of funny premade filters
Wide variety of filter styles

 A lot of filters and no search function

B612’s filters give you more freedom than any other app. It has premade filters and effects in a variety of styles to bring out the exact vibe you want. For something more uniquely you, the app lets you create your own filter for your videos and share it! B612 makes it easy to add your special filters with an easy-to-use platform and edits you can make in just a few quick taps.

Best Makeup Video Editor App #7: VSCO

Best for aesthetic filters
Score: 4.4

Available for: iOS and Android

Can design your own filters
Edit skintone

Doesn't have many makeup features

VSCO is all about creating the perfect look using filters that make you stand out. Its advanced photo editing tools include over 200 presets so that you can recreate any look you want. Whether you’re going for a natural, edgy, or soft makeup video, VSCO has the right filter to make your look pop.

Best Makeup Video Editor App #8: Snapchat

Best for short videos
Score: 4.3

Available for: iOS and Android

Cute filters
Create videos instantly

Can't edit videos afterwards

When you want a quick, easy makeup video edit, Snapchat has you covered. You can take live short makeup videos with the app and get creative with lenses, filters, and other fun effects. With short Snaps, you can show off makeup highlights and do mini-tutorials in seconds. Then, submit them to be featured on Snapchat’s Spotlight as well as your own Stories.

Download YouCam Video: Best Makeup Video Editor App for iPhone & Android

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Download YouCam Video Now

YouCam Video has a huge collection of features and effects to explore for your makeup videos. With no video length limit, it gives you the most freedom of any video editing app, so your viewers get the full experience. Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android to get inspired and give your makeup videos the boost they deserve!

Other Video Editing Ideas

Best Makeup Video Editor App for Makeup Videos: FAQ

1. Which app is best for editing makeup videos?

YouCam Video is the easiest app for enhancing your makeup videos. It has tons of filters, effects, and other video editing tools to make sure your videos always look their best. Plus, the app has no video editing limit!

2. How can I beautify my face in a video?

With YouCam Video’s makeup and retouch tools, you can select any area of your face to touch up. Whether you want a full look or to add your own effects one at a time, the app has what you need to do it!

3. Is there a beauty filter for video?

YouCam Video has lots of beauty filters to choose from, including seasonal and themed effects. You can choose from complete makeup looks, aesthetic filters, and more to create the perfect vibe for your video.

4. Can I edit makeup in a video?

Yes! YouCam Video is the quickest way to add or edit makeup in your videos. Easily apply any kind of makeup you like, try preset makeup filters or create your own makeup filters with the wide range of makeup tools including, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner & more! 

5. Is there a beauty app for videos?

YouCam Video has  easy to use retouch and makeup filters that let you beautify your videos in just a few taps. Choose from a wide range of skin filters including, skin smoothing, wrinkle removal, dark circle removal and more for your videos. Plus, there are tons of preset makeup filters for you to try to add that extra touch of somthing to your selfie videos.

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