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5 Ways to Create An Aesthetic Instagram Story Background
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5 Ways to Create An Aesthetic Instagram Story Background

Apr 1, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Aesthetic Instagram Story Background

Instagram stories are an easy, fun, and creative way to share what’s going on in your life with friends and followers. Making aesthetically pleasing stories is a great way to engage with friends, grow your following, and show off your personality with filters, effects, and more. If you’re looking for some new and unique ideas to add flair to your Instagram stories, we’ve got the tool for you. Try YouCam Video, the best video editing app for selfie videos!

In this article:

YouCam Video: Video Editor App for Aesthetic Instagram Stories

YouCam Video is the best video editing app to use for posting Instagram stories, TikTok, or if you just want to share your videos with friends and family. Edit your carefully recorded videos with various filters and effects, YouCam Video has everything you need for stunning selfie videos. Choose from effects like:
  • Makeup
  • Animation
  • Moving Backgrounds
  • Filters
YouCam Video seamlessly adds any features to your selfie videos with a single tap. Keep reading to learn the secret to making aesthetic Instagram stories that everyone will love!

Aesthetic Instagram Story Background

Aesthetic Instagram Story Background: How to Add Aesthetic Effects

You can add impressive effects to any video when you follow these four simple steps:
Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android from the app store.
  1. Choose the video you want to edit for your Instagram story.
  2. Select AI Effects in the YouCam Video app.
  3. Explore AI effects like the ones below to find the one that suits your video and your personality best!

1. Aesthetic Instagram Story Background: Y2K Aesthetic Butterflies

Some fashion trends from decades past reappear later with revamped flair, and those from the Y2K era are no exception. From high-waisted jeans to colorful neon accessories, people are jumping on these old trends with new flair. You can add a nod to Y2K in your Instagram stories without dressing in denim.

Instead, try YouCam Video’s butterfly filter! It captures the essence of Y2K with neon butterflies that add a cute, whimsical touch to your videos. Here’s how to get the aesthetic:

Y2K Aesthetic

  1. Select AI Effects.
  2. Choose Scene.
  3. Tap the butterfly effect to put it on your video.

2. Aesthetic Instagram Story Background: Skull Aesthetic

Do you celebrate Halloween all year long? So does YouCam Video! This skull effect brings you translucent skull outlines with a touch of color. These skulls float across your video along with ghostly glowing orbs that add a spooky effect to your story. To get it, go to Scene under AI Effects and choose the Skull Aesthetic. 

Skull Aesthetic

3. Aesthetic Instagram Story Background: ’80s Aesthetic

From pop culture to big hair and extreme fashion takes, the ’80s had plenty to love. That’s why YouCam Video brought the decade back with the ’80s filter! It adds a fun background aesthetic to your video with vibrant squiggles and shapes that bring any drab scene to life. Try it by going to AI Effects, selecting Scene, and scrolling to find the effect with neon circles and zigzags against a dark background.

80s Aesthetic

4. Aesthetic Instagram Story Background: Glitch Effect

For tech fans, YouCam Video has created a simple but stunning effect for you to explore. The glitch effect adds a pixelated border around your selfie video. The subtle outline is enough to make you look like you’ve walked right out of a video game. Find it when you follow these steps:
  1. Go to AI Effects.
  2. Select Border.
  3. Scroll to find the glitch effect and apply it to your video.
  4. Download the app!

Glitch Aesthetic

5. Aesthetic Instagram Story Background: Neon Blue Aesthetic

When you want a pop of color to make yourself stand out in your Instagram story, the neon blue aesthetic has what you need. It arches over you to create a partial glowing outline — just enough for a soft 3D effect in a cool royal blue. Get the effect when you choose Border under AI Effects and select the neon blue aesthetic.

Aesthetic Instagram Story Background: Try the Best Video Editing App to Add Aesthetic Filters

YouCam Video has tons of exciting filters and effects for your Instagram stories! Each one is easy to apply and share with your family, friends, and followers. Find your favorite or try them all when you download YouCam Video for iOS or Android!

Aesthetic Instagram Story Background

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Aesthetic Instagram Story Background Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to change the background color on Instagram Stories

You can easily change the background color on your Instagram stories by:

  1. In Instagram, select the marker icon at the top of your screen.
  2. Choose your background color.
  3. Press and hold anywhere in your story.

2. How do you make an aesthetic story on Instagram?

Edit your videos before you post them with a video editing app like YouCam Video. YouCam Video has options like:

  • Adding filters & effects
  • Add a makeup look
  • Add hair color
  • Make a video collage
  • Add text
  • Add music
  • Add animated effects

3. How can I decorate my Instagram stories?

10 ideas to create an aesthetic Instagram story with YouCam Video:

  1. Add a filter
  2. Add a mix of text styles
  3. Try adding a makeup look if you're in the video
  4. Try an animated filter
  5. Try smart spiral effects
  6. Add a hair color to your selfie video
  7. Try a video collage
  8. Add a Kirakira sparkle effect
  9. Give your selfie a  moving outline effect
  10. Create your own makeup look.

Aesthetic Instagram Story Background

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