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Best Video Editing App for Instagram In 2022
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Best Video Editing App for Instagram In 2022

Mar 12, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Video Editing App for Instagram In 2022

We all love to create the perfect selfies for our Insta feeds, and we can spend hours on choosing the right filter, position, and lighting. Since the rise of TikTok and YouTube there’s also the video side we have to nail as well. Creating aesthetically pleasing videos is as satisfying as capturing that perfect golden hour selfie, but how do your favorite Insta models create those polished videos? Easy, they use a video editing app.

In this article:

Best Video editing apps for Instagram

There are many different types of video editing apps. For instance, InShot is the classic video editing app used by your favorite Instagram models. Here are some of the best video editing apps available right now.

1.YouCam Video

+ Made for social media
+ Extensive quality editing options
+ Lots of filters and effects
+ Easy and quick to use
+ Makeup and hair editing features

- No backgrounds or frames
- Can’t use brushes and some other customization features
Best Video Editing App For Instagram

2. InShot

+ Extensive sound editing features
+ Easy trimming and merging tools
+ Video speed adjustments
+ Many filters and sound effects

- Few stickers and animated effects
- Few collage options

3. Picsart

+ Many options for video styles
+ Dimensions specific to IG
+ Trendy filters and effects
+ Video collages
+ Video trimming and merging
+ Extensive music library

- No speed editing features

4. Canva

+ Features specific to social media sharing
+ Share directly from Canva to IG
+ Trimming, cutting, and splicing tools
+ Easy to add transitions and effects

- Many features and effects require the premium version
- Can’t combine photos and videos

5. Filmora

+ Has backgrounds and layering
+ Many animated text and sticker features
+ Share videos to IG straight from the app
+ Take video with the app

- No video collage options
- No custom brushes

Discover An Easy Way To Edit Your Instagram Videos

But what about being able to add some extra finesse to your Instagram videos, Instagram reels, Instagram story, selfie videos, and more with minimal effort? YouCam Video is a fun and easy-to-use app that lets you edit your selfie videos in unique ways.

With YouCam Video you can edit your Instagram videos in following ways:

  • Makeup, including eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, contour and more.
  • Full makeup looks, including artistic makeup looks, natural looks, glam makeup looks and more.
  • Retouch your selfie, refine your nose, jawline, chin, get chiseled cheekbones and more.
  • Remove blemishes from your selfie videos with virtual concealer and skin smoother.
  • Hair color filters, with rainbow and mermaid hair colors, as well as natural single color and ombre styles.
  • Filters & effects that will help you polish your selfie video with a full range of professional filters and animated effects for that perfect finish.

Best Video Editing App For Instagram

YouCam Video has tons of features for you to try on your Instagram stories, so we’ve gathered some ideas together to give you some editing inspiration.

Instagram Video Idea #1: Add Makeup

Getting a polished makeup look on your Instagram video is never easy and can take hours to perfect. But what if you could have perfect makeup instantly without all the effort? YouCam Video has a full range of makeup tools for you to create your own unique makeup look by yourself without any mess! Simply choose from the wide range of features to get started creating your own look.

Best Video Editing App For Instagram

YouCam Videos makeup tools include:

  • Eyebrows: Shape your eyebrows however you want. Choose from a range of natural shapes, then choose the color you want. Plus, you can adjust the shape, distance and thickness as well.
  • Eyeshadow: Choose from triple eyeshadow, duo eyeshadow, or single color shadows, along with matte or sparkling styles.
  • Eyeliner: There is a wide range of eyeliner styles from simple cat eye to double lined and graphic styles.
  • Lipstick: Get that perfect pout with all the colors of the rainbow, as well as a wide variety of textures from classic matte and gloss, to creative metallic and even holographic finishes too!
  • Foundation: Make sure the base to all your looks is perfect with virtual foundation in a range of natural shades.
  • Contour & highlight: Create your ideal shape with professional styling of highlight and contour including a wide range of shades to get the finished look you want.
Best Video Editing App For Instagram

    Instagram Video Idea #2: Full makeup looks

    In a hurry to post your video? No problem. Simply upload your clip to YouCam Video and choose a full makeup look that’s ready to go! From natural everyday styles to glam night time looks and creative festival or party styles, there’s a makeup style to suit your mood and your video. Two of our favorite styles are this special Valentine’s Day look “Cute Cupid” and this cute K-pop inspired style “Tag Me”.

    Neon pink makeup looks: Cute Cupid

    This bright style is named due to its cute neon heart eyeshadow highlighted with rhinestones. Even though this is a Valentine’s look, we actually think it’s super cute for any time, especially if you’re into kawaii or soft girl aesthetic styles.

    Best Video Editing App For Instagram

    Discover more aesthetics: Find Your TikTok Aesthetic With The Best Video Makeover App

    K-Pop Inspired Makeup Look: Tag Me

    K-pop stans and K-beauty lovers alike will love this sweet makeup style inspired by K-pop sensation Chungha. Soft smoldering peach eyeshadow, combined with a subtle glitter on the lower lashline to brighten the eyes and a subtle liner, creates the classic “cute eye bags” look favored by our beloved K-pop stars.

    Best Video Editing App For Instagram

    Read more about the hottest looks: 5 Hottest Summer Makeup Looks For Your TikToks

    Instagram Video Idea #3: Retouch features

    Retouching doesn’t have to mean airbrushed perfection (unless you want it to of course!). There are so many more tools available to us now that can give your selfie that polished style without editing your pics too much. YouCam Video offers a wide range of professional retouch tools that are easy to use, and you can make as many or as little adjustments as you want.

    Best Video Editing App For Instagram

    YouCam Video’s tools include:
    • Touch-up: skin smoother, concealer, teeth whitening, lip plumper and lip wrinkle remover.
    • Face shaper: fine tune your face shape, chin shape, chin length & width, cheekbones, and jawline.
    • Nose shaper: refine your nose size, bridge depth, nose lift, tip lift and wing size.
    • Lip shaper: adjust the size, width, height, and peak of your lips.
    • Brow shaper: change the thickness, height, arch and distance of your brows.
    • Eye shaper: make your eyes bigger or smaller, change the height, width, distance, and angle.
    Discover more about retouch features: How to Whiten Your Teeth Instantly On Selfie Video

    Instagram Video Idea #4: Hair color filter

    Play a prank on your friends and family, or just try out a new hair color because you’re bored. YouCam Video’s hair color filters are perfect for trying a new hair color at home if you aren’t ready to commit, or you can just add it to your selfie videos for fun. From single color natural shades, to two-toned, and ombré multicolored styles, there’s a color for everyone to try out.

    Best Video Editing App For Instagram

    Read more about hair color filter: Test At Home Hair Color with These Video Filters

    Instagram Video Idea #5: Filters & animated effects

    For that finishing touch there’s a whole range of filters and effects for you to add to your videos. Filters come in the classic style of adjusting contrast, brightness and colors on your videos to create a unique style. For something extra special, you can try AI effects such as sparkles, glitter, hearts, stars, and more effects that will create a truly eye-catching style for your Insta feed. You can also try a different style of animated effect that adds some fun rainbows, bubbles, butterflies and more to your videos for some cute style on your feed.

    Best Video Editing App For Instagram

    Read more about filters for your videos: 5 Selfie Filters You Can Use On Your Videos

    Frequently Asked Questions: Video Editing For Instagram

    Best free video editing app for editing Instagram Reels?

    YouCam Video is an easy-to-use free video editing app. Create captivating videos for your Instagram Reels, add filters, text, makeup, retouch your look & more in just a few taps.

    How to edit videos for Instagram or Instagram Reels?

    A free video editing app like YouCam Video can help you edit your videos for your Instagram posts, Instagram Reels, or even Instagram Stories. Retouch your selfie video, add makeup, hair color and more.

    Which app is best for video editing for Instagram Reels?

    YouCam Video is a free app that lets you edit your selfie videos for Instagram in unique ways including adding makeup, hair color, smart effects & more.

    Best Video Editing App For Instagram

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