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How To Create The Disney Snapchat Filter On iPhone & Android
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How To Create The Disney Snapchat Filter On iPhone & Android

Jan 20, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How To Create The Disney Snapchat Filter On iPhone & Android

Disney Princess Filter App

Whether you identify as more a fan of Disney princesses or Disney villains, there is definitely something fun about finding your own Disney style. The Disney princess filter on TikTok is a fun way to live out all your princess dreams and create a fun TikTok as well. Recreating your own princess happily ever after is something every little girl dreams of, and now you can live it for yourself!

Disney Princess Filter

Disney Filter App For iPhone & Android!

The Disney princess filter takes your own style and turns it into a cartoon, but what if you could recreate that look in real life? Enter YouCam Video, a makeup and retouch app that lets you refine your selfie videos for TikTok, Youtube, or whatever video platform you want. YouCam Video lets you add professional looking makeup, hair colorretouch & reshape your face (without surgery) and more to your TikToks and selfie videos! 

Face reshaping to look like your favorite Disney character or simply transforming yourself into your own version of a Disney princess has never been easier. Simply follow this step-by-step guide on how to create a Snapchat filter on your TikTok videos and get ready to wow your friends!

Disney Princess Filter Step-by-Step

Disney princesses have a distinct style to their look, with round features, small noses, thin lips, but a wide mouth. Recreating this style is super easy when you have professional reshaping tools to hand in a simple to use app like YouCam Video.

Step 1: Face Reshaping

The Disney princess face shape is signified by smooth jaws and a more round face. This is then shaped by varying the length and width of the chin shape. Since they’re cartoons, princesses also tend to have perfect skin that looks airbrushed.

Disney Princess Filter

To recreate this style simply open your selfie video with YouCam Video, then fine tune your look with the retouch tools. Under Retouch find Face Shape, here you can adjust your face shape to create a smooth round face, adjusting face width as necessary. Then, adjust chin shape and length to create the desired effect. Using the Touch-up tools, you can smooth your skin and add concealer as you wish to create a perfect airbrushed princess effect.

Step 2: Eyebrow Shaping Guide

Eyebrow shapes for Disney princesses tend to be tidy looks, whether they are thin like Elsa’s or thicker like Moana’s they all have a distinctive "Disney" style.

Disney Princess Filter

Using YouCam Video's retouch tools, you can adjust your brow shape by thickness, height, arch and distance, to recreate the Disney Princess style you prefer. Find these under the Retouch tab. Plus, in the Makeup tab, you can adjust the type and color of your eyebrows easily.

Step 3: Eye Shape

Disney princesses have a variety of eye shapes, but the defining trait is that they are big, wide and expressive. To recreate your favorite princess eye shape, all you have to do is find eye shape tab in YouCam Video's Retouch tools. Using the eye shape tool, you can easily adjust eye size (bigger or smaller), eye height, eye width, eye distance and angle.
Disney Princess Filter

Step 4: Nose Shape

Disney princess noses are generally on the smaller side, with some variation on how narrow they are on bridge depth and other features. YouCam Video’s Retouch has a nose reshaping tool that can help you recreate the exact style of Disney princess nose you’d like. You can adjust nose size, bridge depth, change the position of your nose, adjust the tip, and also adjust the wing size.
Disney Princess Filter

Step 5: Lip Shapes

All the princesses have their own unique style, but one thing that links them is they generally have a bigger mouth shape. Recreating your favorite Disney princesses lip shape is easy, using the retouch tools in YouCam Video, you can change the size, width, height, and lip peak to suit your princess style.
Disney Princess Filter

Create your perfect Disney princess filter on your TikToks and selfie videos

And that’s it! Once you have created your look, you can easily add makeup to your Princess style with YouCam Video. There are full makeup looks to try, or you can create your own makeup look from scratch with a full virtual video makeup kit including, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelashes, lipstick, blush and more!

Disney Princess Filter

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