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How To Get Sparkling Eyes: Anime Eyes With Video Filters
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How To Get Sparkling Eyes: Anime Eyes With Video Filters

Mar 17, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How To Get Sparkling Eyes: Anime Eyes With Video Filters

Table of Contents

How To Get Sparkling Eyes

In some contexts sparkling eyes are inextricably linked to our health. Maintaining healthy habits for your body, will definitely lead to you feeling, looking better, and to sparkling eyes. However, what about those times when we want a bit more oomph to our eye sparkle, like in a photo or video of a special moment, capturing your creativity or something more. There are ways to accentuate your best features in an easy and fun way that we can explore below.Sparkling eyes

There might be a number of reasons you want to create a sparkle in your eyes in photos or in videos:
  • To create a certain effect
  • Make them more alluring
  • Make your eyes stand out
  • For anime costume styling

Sparkling Eyes Anime Style

Anime styles are often cute, bright and full of energy. Characters often express themselves through big soulful sparkling eyes, it’s one reason we are drawn to the style. Some of the most famous sparkling eyes in anime are:
  • Sailor Moon’s sparkling eyes GIFs
  • Jake the Dog sparkling eyes GIFs (Adventure Time)
  • Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

    Whether you’re into Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop, or more into Sailor Moon and Pokemon, cosplay is a fun part of enjoying your favorite anime show or favorite characters from pop culture. Cosplay or costume play is a way to honor your favorite characters by dressing up in a homemade costume. If you think cosplay is simple, think again, there is so much more than simply making the costume.

    To create a great cosplay, you need to think about quite a few things (but not limited to):
    • Cosplay costume (design & sewing)
    • Wig styling
    • Makeup
    • Prop design

    All of these things are fun to DIY at home, sewing your costume and creating any accessories or special things your costume needs (think horns for Zero Two from FranXX, or Mina from My Hero Academia). The final touches come down to makeup and wig styling, which are extremely important to get the right look for your character. This is where video editing apps like YouCam Video come in.

    Sparkling Eyes In Cosplay Photography

    Once you’ve perfected your costume styling, you need to capture all your hard work in a memorable way. Cosplay photography is a great way to memorialize your hard work and cosplay photographers can create stunning photos, but what about capturing your style on video.

    Cosplay Photography Pros:
    + Easier to edit photos
    + Easier to stage & style
    + More range in editing styles

    Cosplay Photography Cons:
    - Can’t properly show the movement of costume
    - Lengthy editing process

    Video Editing Pros:
    + Can create fun cosplay videos
    + Can show off all your hard work properly
    Can quickly add effects, makeup effects, adjust styling
    + Can use reshape tools & skin smoothing to perfect your style

    Video Editing Cons:
    - Can lose quality of staging
    - Can lose video quality

    Add Sparkling Eyes With A Video Editing App YouCam Video

    Video editing apps have come a long way and you can create amazing effects easily on videos. YouCam Video lets you add filters and effects, makeup, retouch facial features and much more. There’s a way to edit your cosplay selfie video or TikTok in whatever way you want. TikTok itself has some ways to edit your cosplay videos, but there are even better ways to edit your videos easily with a video editing app like YouCam Video.

    TikTok Anime Filter Vs. Video Editing Apps

    The TikTok anime filter is a cool way to try out a specific anime style look, but it’s pretty limited in drawing and art style. If you want to edit your style in a specific way to create the anime character style you want, there are other options for editing your videos. YouCam Video is a comprehensive video editing app that allows for all sorts of aesthetic adjustments on your selfie videos. Key components of YouCam Video can let you:
    • eye color & shape
    • edit your face shape
    • nose shape
    • smooth skin
    • full makeup looks

    Sparkling Eyes

    Sparkling Eyes: Anime Eyes Costume Makeup

    When it comes to cosplay makeup there is a lot to learn, from contouring and eye shaping to changing how your brows look. One other important aspect of your costume is eye color. There are a few ways you can change your eye color, for example:
    • Colored contacts
    • Post-editing
    • Careful lighting arrangements
    Some of these ways are easy, for example buying colored contact lenses online. But your eyes are precious, and you shouldn’t just go around putting anything in there. Incorrect or poorly maintained contacts can lead to dangerous infections which could damage your eyes and affect your eyesight. Also, it can be difficult to find good places with lighting that can create the effect you want. So, how can you avoid these kinds of dangers and save your time when you want to look just like your favorite anime character? Easy, get a video editing app like YouCam Video that allows you to change your eye color & shape. Plus, YouCam Video has some secrets that will help you add that extra bit of anime sparkle to your selfie videos.

    Sparkling Eyes

    Anime eyes: How to get sparkling eyes on selfie videos

    YouCam Video has a wide range of easy-to-use tools that will let you reshape your eyes, change eye color, change the shape of your iris, and even add that special anime sparkle to your selfie video.

    Discover how to edit your selfie videos with sparkling eyes with this easy step-by-step guide.
    1. Download YouCam Video (available for iOS and Android)
    2. Import the selfie video or TikTok you wish to edit.
    3. Go to the Makeup tab and scroll across to Eye Color.
    4. Choose from the wide range or eye colors and iris shapes to get the preferred look you want.
    5. For sparkling eyes (currently only available on iPhone):
      Go to the Retouch tab, tap Eye Sparkle to add those cute anime sparkling eyes to your videos.
    6. Save your settings and export your video

    Sparkling Eyes

    Try Unique Hair Color Video Filters With YouCam Video

    If you like this sparkling eyes tool, why not try colorful hair too. Anyone who is into cosplay or even dressing up at all, knows that wigs are a major component in a costume. The thing is, wig styling can be difficult and high quality wigs are expensive. YouCam Video’s hair color features mean you can simply cut out the costly wigs by styling your own hair, then adding the color at the end!

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    Sparkling Eyes

    How to get sparkling eyes: Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to add sparkle to eyes in Photoshop?

    Add sparkles to eyes in videos manually in Photoshop with a few different tools, sparkle brush tool, adding light to eyes, adjusting filters. Get sparkling eyes in videos in an even easier way with the YouCam Video app that instantly adds sparkle to eyes with just a few taps.

    2. Can you change your eye shape naturally?

    Yes you can! YouCam Video lets iPhone users change eye shape naturally on videos easily and quickly. Simply follow these steps: 

    1. Download YouCam Makeup.

    2. Upload your video & choose orientation.

    3. Tap Retouch.

    4. Tap Eye Sparkle, adjust intensity as you wish.

    5. Save & share!

    3. Can you change your eye color?

    If you don’t want to commit to colored contacts or you simply want to know if a certain eye color looks good on you, you can do this easily with a video editing app like YouCam Video. Discover how to change your eye color on video easily with a simple video editing app like YouCam Video.

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