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How To Take A Flawless Selfie Video In 2022
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How To Take A Flawless Selfie Video In 2022

Nov 12, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How To Take A Flawless Selfie Video In 2022

The art of how to take a good selfie

No matter what anyone says, there is definitely an art to taking a good selfie. From lighting, to angles and background, there are a number of things to think about when snapping those selfies for Instagram. But everyone knows that the art isn’t just in snapping a great selfie, it’s also in the editing. Filters are definitely a staple for any selfie lover and a good filter can really make for a captivating selfie. However, what about creating the same effect on your TikToks, YouTube, or tumblr videos? Can’t we show the same love to our moving selfies as well as our still ones? Actually, now with the help of video editing apps like YouCam Video, you can achieve the same flawless look you are used to on your selfies.

How to Take a good selfie video

By now we’re all pretty much selfie pros, Instagram has been around for ages and we know exactly which filter we want to create the effect we want. However, with the rise of TikTok, people have moved on from simple selfies. The art of taking a selfie video is similar to that of taking a selfie, but there are some things you need to consider when creating your video:
  • The angle of the video
  • Your angles when you are moving in your video
  • Whether you will use a selfie stick, phone stand or something else
  • Your background (will it be plain, do you plan to record outside or inside? etc.)
  • The lighting for your video (i.e. do you have LED lights)

How To Take A Flawless Selfie Video

Once you have set up your space to record your video, the last thing you need to think about is your angles. Your movement in relation to the camera (your cell phone) is as important as the placement of the camera itself. Tips for getting angles right in your videos:
  • Practice your moves in front of the mirror first
  • Practice in different lighting to get used to the different effects
  • Get someone to help you record (if you can)
  • Record a practice run of your moves & review it yourself to see where you can improve.

How to get flawless selfie videos: YouCam Video

So, you’ve got your set up perfect, practiced your moves, learned your angles and have recorded your best TikTok ever. Now it’s time to perfect your TikTok with some easy effects using a video editing app like YouCam Video.
  1. Download the YouCam Video app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Upload your carefully crafted TikTok.
  3. Explore some ways to create flawless selfie videos.

How To Take A Flawless Selfie Video

How To Get Smooth Skin on Your TikToks

Skin smoother

We all know that Instagram influencers use filters, retouch photos and airbrush their selfies, so there’s no shame in tweaking your videos to amp up the effect. Some days your skin is just not playing ball, so maybe you need a little help. That’s where YouCam Video’s skin smoother tools come in.
  1. Simply, download YouCam Video (available for iPhone & Android)
  2. Upload the video you want to edit,
  3. Under the retouch tab there are two easy-to-use skin smoothing tools to play around with.

How To Take A Flawless Selfie Video


For those days when you only need a small touch-up or if you prefer a more natural effect, YouCam Video’s concealer tool is ideal. It targets only problem areas that you want to conceal and magically hides them for you with minimal retouching required. Upload your clip to YouCam Video and find the concealer tool under the retouch tab to get started!

How To Take A Flawless Selfie Video


Maybe your skin is usually pretty flawless (lucky!), in which case, you can enhance your natural glow using YouCam Video’s Brighten tool. This handy tool creates a natural glow on your face as intense or as light as you’d like making sure all the attention is where it should be. Find the brighten tool in the retouch tab to try it for yourself.

How To Take A Flawless Selfie Video

Makeup look

If you’re not really into the airbrushed look, and you’re feeling too lazy to do your makeup IRL, YouCam Video has you covered. There’s a full makeup kit for you to create your own makeup looks from scratch including eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyeliner, lipstick and more! Upload your video to the YouCam Video app now and tap on Makeup to try it out.

Flawless Selfies

Download YouCam Video now, your secret to flawless selfie videos, TikToks & more!

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Flawless Selfies

Frequently Asked Questions On Retouching Skin On Video:

Can you edit your skin in a video?

Yes! YouCam Video is an easy-to-use video editing app that lets you retouch your selfie videos naturally, so all your videos for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and more can really shine.

Is there a free app to smooth skin in video editing?

YouCam Video is free to download and has many free tools you can use to smooth your skin naturally on your videos in just a few taps!

How can we remove pimples naturally on video?

YouCam Video lets you easily remove a spot, pimple, blemish, acnes and more on your TikToks, YouTube videos and more in a few simple steps. Check out our article on blemish removal for more info!

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