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3 Gorgeous Butterfly Eye Makeup Ideas You Can Try in a Tap

Aug 27, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Butterfly eye makeup looks are simply stunning. Usually created with winged eyeliner and colorful eyeshadow, this makeup look aims to recreate the look of a butterfly. It combines the natural grace and colorful palette of this winged creature to accentuate your facial features. While there are many different ways to approach this look based on your imagination, we’ve selected our top three easy butterfly eye makeup ideas. The best part? You can try them on in seconds!

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YouCam Makeup: the Best Beauty App

How can you try on butterfly eye makeup without dragging out your eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner, and brushes? It’s easy with the help of YouCam Makeup.

YouCam Makeup is your one-stop shop for all things makeup-related. Rather than waste time tediously applying these looks in real life, you can just add them virtually for the perfect selfie. Your followers won’t have any idea your look isn’t real. All looks are applied using artificial intelligence to automatically identify the contours and features of your face. The result is lifelike and pristine — just like the butterfly you want to be.

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Tips to Create Perfect Butterfly Eye Makeup

The key to creating a good butterfly eye makeup look is to get the winged eyeliner down. You’ll need to use a liquid one to create a thick line that juts out from the corner of your eye. Underneath this should be a bright and bold color of your choice, but colors like blue, pink, purple, and green are common.

Once you’ve got your butterfly base established, you can have fun with it. Throw on some glitter to give yourself some glam, or consider some false eyelashes that might end up looking like antennae. When you close your eyes, viewers should be briefly fooled into thinking your creases have transformed into this winged creature. 

3 Stunning Butterfly Eye Makeup LooksTo Try

Of course, that’s a lot to do on your own. Why not try out the look with YouCam Makeup first? Here are three gorgeous butterfly eye makeup ideas you can try with YouCam Makeup.

Butterfly Eye Makeup #1: Lilac Dream


Keep things simple and sweet with Lilac Dream. It provides you with a cutesy orange and black butterfly pattern at the bottom and upper corner of each eye for an offset look. Along your upper and lower creases is a hint of highlight, accentuating your youthful and natural beauty.

The rest of the eye is kept relatively clean, with a bit of liner on the lower lid and a coat of mascara. This lets the butterflies take full flight as the central attraction. >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Butterfly Eye Makeup #2: Dreamy Wings


Rather than go literal butterfly, Dreamy Wings takes a different interpretation. You’ll notice bold eyeliner wings at the outside corner of the eye, along with fainter eyeliner tracings along the rest of the lid. These traced designs mimic the patterns you’ll see on a butterfly wing. Beneath that is a pastel combo of blue and pink, which keeps things soft and feminine. There’s just a bit of mascara used on the upper lashes — the lower ones are left bare.

What’s a butterfly without a little sparkle? Small glittering stars adorn the outer edge of the eye here, helping you look even more like the butterfly princess you are inside. >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Butterfly Eye Makeup #3: Oh So Fly


Ready to take your butterfly love to the next level? Oh So Fly goes beyond a typical day look into something bordering on a costume or special event makeup. The left half of your face will be adorned with a large butterfly wing etched in eyeliner. It starts at the corner of your eye and expands as the butterfly flaps away.

Around your eyes, themselves is a small smattering of blue and yellow shadow, expertly mixed for just the lightest touch. The eyes are heavily lined with eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids, and there are even some freckles beneath the eyes — perhaps to reflect the dotted patterns some butterflies have.  >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Find Your Favorite Butterfly Eye Makeup Look With YouCam Makeup

It’s time to spread your wings and fly! Download the app now in the App Store and Google Play.

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