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4 Trendy Aesthetic Profile Pictures for Instagram, Tiktok

Oct 30, 2021 · 4 minutes read
4 Trendy Aesthetic Profile Pictures for Instagram, Tiktok

In previous articles on our blog, we’ve shared some tips for creating cool Instagram profile pictures. But there’s even more to share! We all want to know how to create awesome aesthetic profile pictures for Instagram and TikTok. A profile picture is the first thing someone sees, so it’s got to make a big impact. You can express your personality and impress your social media followers with beautiful and dreamy profile pictures that will make it difficult to scroll past your profile!

What Is Aesthetic in Photography?

Before we get started talking about how to create aesthetic profile pictures, let’s discuss what aesthetic actually is. Aesthetic in photography means that your image appeals to the eye and evokes certain emotions. Of course, editing and creativity play an important role in aesthetic photography. It’s not often that we take a photo and it naturally has the aesthetic we’re going for, so we look to a photo editing app to help us out. Lucky for you, you can easily create aesthetic images of all types with the YouCam Perfect app, and you can even create aesthetic profile pictures for Instagram and TikTok. Read on to see some ideas for how you can do it yourself in just a few taps.

How to Make an Aesthetic Profile Picture?

Curious about how to make your own aesthetic profile picture? You’re in the right place! There are four aesthetic styles on social media channels that are the most popular — cloud, moon and stars, butterfly, and angel. Now let’s learn how to create those styles with the YouCam Perfect app!

1. Cloud Aesthetic

Cloud Aesthetic Profile Picture

First up is the cloud aesthetic. This look allows you to create a dreamy, ethereal profile picture. There are a few ways to get this style, but they all begin with you uploading the photo you’d like to edit.

  • For a cloud filter, tap Effects after you’ve uploaded your photo.
  • From there, tap the Clouds effect. You’ll be offered a handful of filters that will add the dreamy cloud effect to your photo instantly!.
  • Once you tap it, you’ll see the cloud aesthetic come to life!

Download YouCam Perfect to Create Amazing Profile Pictures

The last way you can get the Cloud Aesthetic in your photo is by blending your photo.

  • Tap Blending at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose a clouded stock image to blend with your photo.

This will give you a very unique and striking profile picture that will stun all your followers. No matter which strategy you go with, the sky’s the limit for what you can create! 

Check Out Our Tutorial to Learn How to Make This Cloud Aesthetic Photo!

2. Moon & Stars Aesthetic

Create Moon and Star Aesthetic Profile Picture For Instagram and Tiktok

Next up is the Moon & Stars aesthetic, which gives you an otherworldly (literally!) profile picture! There are a few different ways you can make this look come to life for your profile picture, so we’ll share a variety of tactics.

  • First, you could use the Stickers in the app to add fun planet stickers around your photo.
  • Next, try applying the Galaxy effect to add a touch of stardust to your photos.
  • You could also consider blending moon images with your selfie, create your own moon aesthetic style.

Watch your photo take flight with this aesthetic! 

Check Out Our YouTube Channel for More Galaxy Aesthetic Editing Ideas

3. Butterfly Aesthetic

Create Butterfly Aesthetic Profile Picture For Instagram and Tiktok

Another extremely popular aesthetic is the Butterfly look, giving you a beautiful, dreamlike idea for a profile picture.

  • To get this look on your image, look to YouCam Perfect’s Butterfly animated stickers and effects.
  • Alternatively, you case use the Magic Brush tool to draw a 100% unique butterfly pattern in the specific places you want it on your image.

We’re often told to not get carried away, but with this aesthetic, we encourage you to!

4. Angel Aesthetic

Create Angel Aesthetic Profile Picture For Instagram and Tiktok

The last aesthetic we’re going to cover is Angel, giving you a profile picture straight from a fairytale. Again, there are multiple ways to get this look with the YouCam Perfect app, so you can choose which one best suits your photo. Try adding the Angel animated effect, animated stickers, or simple wing stickers for that elegant and ethereal aesthetic. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Create Your Aesthetic! 

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Create the Best Aesthetic Profile Picture for Instagram, Tiktok

After reading this article, you’re ready to make your Instagram account stand out with a beautiful aesthetic profile picture! Use one of these four must-try styles and create your photo easily with the YouCam Perfect app. Download it for either iOS or Android today!

Download YouCam Perfect to Create Your Profile Picture

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