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How to Create Surreal Edits with the Magic Brush
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How to Create Surreal Edits with the Magic Brush

Aug 6, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Create Surreal Edits with the Magic Brush

Don’t you wish there was a way to magically enhance your photos with just the tap of a button? Luckily, there is with YouCam Perfect’s Magic Brush. It’s a user-friendly tool that will help you add a touch of magic and enchantment to your photos in just a few swipes.

You can ditch the complicated brush tool in Photoshop. YouCam Perfect’s Magic Brush is far easier to use and produces equally stunning results. Read on to discover what this useful feature has to offer.

YouCam Perfect: Your Best Free Photo Editing App

YouCam Perfect is your one-stop solution for creating beautiful photos. It lets you turn your ordinary snaps into picturesque imagery that stands out in a crowded social media feed. You’ll have all the tools you need to create amazing, one-of-a-kind photos. One of those tools is the Magic Brush. Let’s explore what you can do with the Magic Brush tool.

Best Magic Brush App without Photoshop

How to Add Magic With One Swipe

Draw Magic on Photos Without Photoshop Brush Tool

Begin your magical journey with just one swipe thanks to all the preset patterns to choose from. You can pick from among 18 unique and fun patterns.

    The Magic Brush tool is far easier to use than other tools and offers a degree of customization — you can make your photos look exactly the way you envisioned without any hassle. Just tweak the settings until you love the final result.

    How To Use the Magic Brush

    Draw Magic on Photos Without Photoshop Brush Tool

    Using the Magic Brush takes just six simple steps. 

    1. To start, open the photo you want to improve in the YouCam Perfect app.
    2. Go to Photo Edit, then click on Magic Brush.
    3. Select the pattern you’d like to add to your photo, or mix and match different patterns for a totally unique brush.
    4. Gently swipe with your fingers to add the pattern where you want it.
    5. Use the Eraser tool for more precise and clean editing around faces or other objects.

    Easily Decorate Photos with Magic Brush

    Draw Magic on Photos Without Photoshop Brush Tool

    So what exactly can you do with the Magic Brush? Pretty much anything you put your mind to. If you’d like to create a realistically dreamy photo, try adding in some elements that look lifelike. Some of our favorite edits include:

    • Adding bubbles to a photo of you by a sink or tub.
    • Making flowers rain from the sky when you’re holding an umbrella.
    • Adding leaves falling from trees if you’re walking in a forest.
    • Making it look like gemstones are falling from your palm.
    • Giving your kids a rocket launch stream of flowers as they peddle on a bike.
    These effects help you cross the border between mystery and realism, leaving your viewers filled with wonderment.  

      Draw Magic on Photos Without Photoshop Brush Tool

      Not going for an urban fantasy pic? Try decorating your photos instead. Adding in small embellishments can really take a boring photo to the next level. You might try some of the following to add a little pizzazz to your images in the following ways:

      • Adding accents around your full body shots, like flowers or swirls, to make it seem like you’re in a happy universe.
      • Embellishing your hair in portraits with cute butterflies to add a bit of youth and timeless beauty.
      • Using lens flare to make yourself look like a space traveler traveling to new worlds.
      • Placing shining stars in the sky so it looks like you’re a goddess sent from the heavens.
      • Throwing swirls around your body in a jump shot to make it look like you have magical powers.

      No matter what vibe you’re going for, there are truly endless possibilities for creative self-expression! Play around and see what fun images you can concoct. One thing’s for sure — your followers will love seeing all the fun combinations you keep posting. 

      Learn More Editing Tools in YouCam Perfect:

      Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Photo Editing App

      The Magic Brush tool lets you bend realism into fantasy with just a few clicks. Try the Magic Brush tool now and see what cool things you can create! Download the YouCam Perfect app on the App Store or Google Play to get started. Your photos will never be the same again!

      Best Magic Brush App without Photoshop

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