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6 Best Instagram Profile Picture Ideas to WOW Followers

Mar 15, 2022 · 3 minutes read
6 Creative & Best Instagram Profile Picture Ideas with free photo editing app

Many of us have done the dreaded Instagram feed scroll — endlessly swiping and scrolling just to fill the time. But, have you ever thought about what makes you pause when you scroll? Your Instagram profile picture is a great way to stand out among millions of users, and it can share a lot about you just from a quick look, perhaps even being the decisive factor when someone is considering following your Instagram. Because of that reason and many more, it’s worth putting some effort into choosing your Instagram profile picture so you can leave a great first impression. In this article, we’ll share some ideas for cool Instagram profile pictures and teach you how to create or enhance one with the YouCam Perfect app.

Make best instagram profile picture with free editing app, YouCam Perfect

6 Awesome Instagram Profile Pictures Ideas to Learn

Now that you know the technical details of your Instagram profile picture, you can move onto the more fun aspect, taking your cool profile photo! There are endless ways you can showcase yourself and your account with an image, but we’re going to share our three favorite ways to have fun with that little circle.

  1. Change a Cool Background
  2. Play With Proportions
  3. Go for a Timeless Option
  4. Decorate with Emojis
  5. Add Glitch Effect to Profile Picture
  6. Get Your Perfect Golden Hour Selfie

    1. Change a Cool Background for Instagram Profile Picture

    As previously mentioned, you want your face to be the focus and shining star of your profile photo, so using a cool background could be just the way to put all the attention on you! Consider using a simple, neutral, yet eye-catching background that shows your personality. With the YouCam Perfect app, you can quickly and easily change your photo background, then draw on the background to accentuate yourself. Just follow the simple steps outlined below.

    • Change the Background: Choose the background you like from the wide range of choices.
    Change a Cool Background for Cool Instagram Profile Picture Idea

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      • Brush Tool / Magic Brush: Use the Brush Tool or the Magic Brush to draw on your selfie.

      Use Magic Brush to Create Good Instagram Profile Picture

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      2. Play With Proportions of Pictures

      Sometimes the simple smiling face picture just doesn’t do enough to showcase your personal brand! If this sounds like you, play around with the proportions of your image. Use a disproportionate head & body effect to put the focus on one part, making for a visually stimulating and truly unique profile picture.

      Play With Proportions for Cool Instagram Profile Picture Idea

      You can follow these steps to achieve the aforementioned effect.

      1. Download the app
      2. Add Photo. You can import the same photo you would like to use
      3. Use the Cut Out Tool to highlight any part of the photo you’d like to cut out and tap the button to confirm
      4. Adjust the size of the cut out part and position it to match the image
      5. Use the Eraser Tool to remove any unwanted parts
      6. DONE!

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      3. Go for a Timeless Option

      Be Aware of the Season of Your Instagram Profile Picture Idea

      A classic choice for your cool Instagram profile picture is to change up your image with the changing of times. We all know that pictures next to a Christmas tree look strange in the summer, just as Halloween-themed photos lose their appeal shortly after October 31st. With that in mind, change up your photo as the seasons or vibes change.

      You don’t have to update it every week or month, but by choosing something simple and timeless, you’ll have a visually appealing profile no matter what time of year your users visit your account.

      If you already installed the app, CLICK TO CHANGE BACKGROUND NOW.

      4. Decorate with Emoji Accessories

      Add Emoji for Cute Instagram Profile Picture Idea

      Since emoji-themed edits are quite popular these days, we recommend you to include emoji elements in your Instagram profile picture! It will certainly WOW your followers! For instance, you can wear emojis as accessories, such as a yellow flower 🌻 headband, high voltage sign ⚡ earrings, or sunglasses made of diamond 💎 emojis.

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      5. Add Glitch Effect to Profile Picture

      Add Glitch Effect for Cool Instagram Profile Picture Idea

      Pictures with glitch effects are also popular on social media. If you are looking for a cool and easy way to make your profile picture stand out, the glitch effect is the answer. It can create an illusion of movement and add mysterious vibes to your image. 

      The best part? With YouCam Perfect, no professional photo editing skills are required! All you need to do is download the app, navigate to the Effects feature, find the Glitch effect pack, and choose the filter you’d like to apply to your picture! 

      Download YouCam Perfect for the Best Instagram Profile Picture

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      6. Get Your Perfect Golden Hour Selfie

      Create Golden Hour Selfie for Best Instagram profile picture idea

      Lighting is everything. A golden hour selfie is another awesome profile picture idea you should consider! Try taking magic selfies during the golden hour if you can or simply use YouCam Perfect to imitate the golden hour effect! Generally, the golden hour happens around 5 pm. It gives your face that perfect warm glow when you’re taking a selfie. However, with the YouCam Perfect app, you don't need to worry about time. You can add glowy light to your profile picture anytime, anywhere.

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      Why Make a Catchy Instagram Profile Picture Is Important

      Although it might be small in its size, your Instagram profile picture can have a big impact on your Instagram account as a whole. It’s the first thing people notice on your profile, so, naturally, you want to leave a great first impression. A cool and personal profile picture keeps your followers interested and engaged with your Instagram profile, while also enticing new users to follow your Instagram account. Next, we’ll share some tips and ideas for how to nail that cute profile picture aesthetic for Instagram.

      Download the App to Create Best Instagram Profile PictureResize a Profile Picture for Instagram

      Of course, when it comes to social media, many of us are unsure about what size images are allowable. When it comes to your Instagram profile picture, the recommended minimum size is 200 x 200 pixels. If you can, don’t go smaller than 110 x 110 pixels, which will make for a lower-quality photo. Instagram requires your profile image to be cropped into a circle, so when you’re choosing your photo, make sure that nothing important gets cut off. The best way to do this is to crop your profile photo before uploading to ensure that the framing and centering are to your liking. 

      Show Your Face as Your Profile Picture

      This might seem like a no-brainer, but your profile picture should show the most important and beautiful thing of all — your face! Users will feel a more personal connection this way, especially compared with something abstract, ambiguous, or inanimate. Your face is your best calling card, so use this opportunity to show your personality and your personal brand.

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      Create the Coolest Instagram Profile Picture with YouCam Perfect

      The YouCam Perfect app is your ultimate go-to photo editing app, including plenty of tools for creating a cool profile picture. Need to quickly crop or resize your photo? It’s easier than ever with the YouCam Perfect app. Want a cool background without arranging a professional photoshoot on the other side of town? Simply browse through YouCam Perfect’s numerous background options and choose a cool pattern, graphic, or photo. You can also pick a color you like as your background to make yourself stand out! Does your cute selfie feel like something is missing? Try adding one of YouCam Perfect’s many effects for an instant glow-up. The Portrait Filters can add a special accent to your image, while City Vibes will have you looking your best cosmopolitan self. 

        Download YouCam Perfect: the Best Instagram Profile Picture Maker

        Ready to get started? Download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android and create your best Instagram profile picture yet!

        Download the App and Get Your Best Instagram Profile Picture

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