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5 Best Aesthetic Filters to Level Up Photos with a Free App
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5 Best Aesthetic Filters to Level Up Photos with a Free App

Mar 1, 2022 · 3 minutes read
add best aesthetic filters to photos with free photo editing app for iPhone and Android

Aesthetic filters are a great way to instantly enhance your photos and achieve your desired aesthetic. These days, getting likes on social media (Instagram, Snapchat...) isn’t just about posting one great photo — it’s about creating a unique aesthetic that fits your image. This provides a more visually pleasing experience for your friends and fans and helps convey your personality, all with just a quick glance. In this article, you’ll find the five best aesthetic filters in YouCam Perfect that will turn your photos into works of art in mere seconds.

YouCam Perfect: The Best Aesthetic Filter App 

It’s easy to go from an ordinary, boring photo into a picture that will make you stand out on your feed with YouCam Perfect. YouCam Perfect is the ultimate aesthetic editing app because it gives you full control over your look. You can tweak the lighting, adjust the contrast, edit the background, and so much more.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing AppOne of the best features is the hundreds of filters and effects to choose from. This is great if you’re not a Photoshop wizard and want a one-click-and-done approach. Just find the filter you like, and then use the adjustable intensities for more personalization. If you’re still hungry for more photo editing knowledge, learn more about photo filters and how to properly utilize them.

5 Best Aesthetic Filters for Photos

Ready to give it a try? Here are the top five aesthetic filters in YouCam Perfect that you can play with. Just access them all by clicking on Effects and the filter of your choice in the Photo Edit screen.

  • 1. Aesthetic Rainbow Filter
  • 2. Aesthetic Floral Filter
  • 3. Aesthetic Sparkle Filter
  • 4. Aesthetic Glitch Filter
  • 5. Aesthetic Landscape Filter

  • 1. Aesthetic Rainbow Filter

    Add Aesthetic Rainbow Filter to PhotosDownload the App Now

    Sometimes we could all use a bit of color in our lives. Let your rainbow flag wave with the six fun rainbow options you have with this filter. Whether you’re looking to celebrate LGBTQ+ or just love being colorful, these rainbow filters will take your photos to the next level. 

    • Rainbow 01: A bit of lens flare creates a silky rainbow that softens your features.
    • Rainbow 02: Perfect for the Pride lovers!
    • Rainbow 03: This one looks like you’re on the inside of a crystal.
    • Rainbow 04: Glitter and rainbows combined, oh my!
    • Rainbow 05: Another cool effect that looks like you’re caught in a prism (while also supporting equality).
    • Rainbow 06: Let your light shine and refract into rainbow streams.

    Read More: How To Use Rainbow Filter Effects Like a Pro

    2. Aesthetic Floral Filter

    Add Aesthetic Floral Filter to PhotosDownload the App Now

    Flowers add a touch of femininity to every picture. They can also add a sense of romance and dreaminess. With these six cute floral filters, you’ll be able to be the flower child you were always meant to be. 

    • Floral Dreams 01: Cute pink daisies frame your face here.
    • Floral Dreams 02: Who said butterflies weren’t chic?
    • Floral Dreams 03: Bright red poppies make it look like you’re in a blooming field.
    • Floral Dreams 04: Channel your green goddess with these floating leaves.
    • Floral Dreams 05: Turn up the pink with bright pink flowers all around.
    • Floral Dreams 06: Hello, yellow! These little blooms give you a healthy glow.

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    3. Aesthetic Sparkle Filter

    Add Aesthetic Sparkle Filter to PhotosDownload the App Now

    Let your inner glow shine when you add a bit of sparkle to your selfie. It’s easy to add in glam and pizzazz with the seven dazzling sparkle filters. You’ll look and feel like you belong in a glamorous world of fashion and fun. 

    • Sparkle 01: Small points of light outline your face so you look like a movie star.
    • Sparkle 02: Small heart icons float around to make you look desirable.
    • Sparkle 03: Are you a star? This filter makes it look like you belong in the night sky
    • Sparkle 04: A more literal filter, this one has actual stars shimmering around you.
    • Sparkle 05: Turn up the contrast and let your shine glow with this filter.
    • Sparkle 06: Even more small shimmers frame your face.
    • Sparkle 07: Wash away bright colors to keep things monochromatic with this subtle filter.

    Check Out Our YouTube Channel for More Sparkle Editing Ideas

    4. Aesthetic Glitch Filter

    Aesthetic Glitch Filter to PhotosDownload the App Now

    If you want to travel back in time and give your photos a cool vintage feel, then the Glitch filter is for you. Originally, the glitch effect was found in television or video games and was a result of a tech issue that left the screen distorted. Now, you can recreate this stylish, groovy effect in just a few taps. 

    • Glitch 01: Glitch effect with colorful yellow outlines.
    • Glitch 02: Cool glitch effect with a touch of neon green and purple.
    • Glitch 03: Eye-catching effect with red and yellow accents.
    • Glitch 04: Moody glitch effect with red and neon blue outlines.
    • Glitch 05: This effect will make your photo stand out thanks to the pink and neon green combo.
    • Glitch 06: Super cool glitch effect with a wider, more dramatic distortion.
    • Glitch 07: Beat the blues with this awesome glitch effect with blue accents.
    • Glitch 08: This glitch effect truly doubles down on redness.
    • Glitch 09: Try this mesmerizing blue and purple glitch combo.

    Read More: How to Add Glitch Effect to Your Photos

    5. Aesthetic Landscape Filter

    Add Aesthetic Landscape Filter to PhotosDownload the App Now

    Return to the wild with the landscape filter. It’s perfect for all the nature lovers out there, as it lets you integrate yourself into natural settings. You’ll look just like the adventurer you are, even if you weren’t able to grab the perfect pic on your last foray in the forest. 

    • Landscape 01: The slight yellow tone of this photo almost mimics the sun during Golden Hour.
    • Landscape 02: Add some brightness and whiteness to your photo so you look like a snow angel.
    • Landscape 03: Cooler tones make this a fun filter for a Pacific Northwest-inspired look.
    • Landscape 04: Less saturation makes this filter good for wintry photos.
    • Landscape 05: The cool blue tone here is great for beach or water adventures.
    • Landscape 06: Balance out your dramatic mountain landscape with this filter.

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    Download YouCam Perfect: Best App to Add Aesthetic Filters to Photos

    Express your individuality with the YouCam Perfect app! Download now to try all of these aesthetic filters.

    Download YouCam Perfect to Add Aesthetic Filters to Photos

    Want to get more photo editing tips and tricks? Subscribe to the YouCam Perfect YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram for creative editing ideas and awesome selfie tips!

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