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Best App for Adding Glitch Effect to Your Photos

Apr 3, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Glitch Photo Editor App: How to Make Glitch Effect in Photos Without Photoshop

Most of us out there are looking for cool, unique ways to make our photos more visually appealing, and the glitch photo effect is a fun one to explore. Originally, the glitch effect was common for television or video games, and many of us who are old enough to remember it are well aware of what it looks like. This glitching effect was a result of a malfunction or a software bug that would usually leave your screen distorted. Nowadays, the glitch effect on your television or video game is uncommon, and instead, it refers to the effect where it imitates that glitch and adds a cool aesthetic to your images. In this article, you’ll learn how you can add an awesome “glitchy” effect on your photos with the YouCam Perfect app.

Download the Best Free Photo Editing App to Add Glitch Effect to Images

What Is a Glitch Effect?

The glitch effect imitates a distorted video or a bad signal, you can imagine that you’re watching TV and the signal is suddenly lost. Thankfully, most of us don’t experience this too often anymore. Nowadays, the glitch effect is a great way to add a cool, vintage aesthetic to your image. With a photo editing app like YouCam Perfect, there are several ways to achieve this look with just a few taps. You can take this effect as far as you’d like. 

A simple implementation might be a slight filter using simple colors, while a bold effect might have a shocking filter with bright colors. Whichever way you decide to use this effect, it’ll no doubt make your photos unique and breathtaking!

How to Make Glitch Effect in Photo Without Photoshop

  • Add Glitch Effect to Image
  • Make Glitch Effect on Text 
  • Use Similar Filter Like Glitch Effects

  • 1. Add Glitch Effect to Image

    One of the easiest ways to get a glitch effect on your image is with YouCam Perfect’s glitch effect pack. You can instantly make your photos cooler with the Glitch effect pack and the best part is that there is no need for advanced photo editing. The glitch effect pack has nine unique glitch effects to choose from, ranging from a minor glitch with soft colors to a major glitch with bold, loud colors. Once you’ve selected the filter you’d like to use, you can then adjust the horizontal, vertical, and opacity parameters of each to your desired levels.

    Add Glitch Effect to Images and Adjust It Horizontally

    Horizontal Glitch Effect

    Instantly add an illusion of a movement to your photo to achieve a cool action effect.

      Add Glitch Effect to Images and Adjust It Vertically

      Vertical Glitch Effect

      Enhance your photos and add mysterious, other-wordly vibes with a vertical glitch option.

        2. Make Glitch Effect to Your Text 

        Create Glitch Text With Glitch Effect in Your Photos

        Another fun way to add a vintage flair to your photo is with glitched text. To do so, upload your photo to the YouCam Perfect app. Then, tap “Text” at the bottom of your screen, and begin typing your message. From there, you can customize the color, size, and many other design factors. To add the glitchy effect, you’ll want to replicate your text three times, each using a different color to achieve the effect. Bold-colored text will be the best option for achieving this look on your photo. 

        3. Similar Filter Like Glitch Effects

        Use a Glitch-Like Filter and Apply the Effect to Images

        A third way to get that cool glitchy effect on your photos is by trying a filter that has a similar end look. With so many other options available in the YouCam Perfect app, try a few out on your photo to see if they achieve your desired look. A few we recommend are the Spotlight Colors effect pack, which will produce a groovy, stylish aesthetic. These filters add a bold color overlay to your photos while still capturing that vintage vibe. Another alternative to these options is the Disco effect pack. These filters will wildly liven up your shots and make them look extra cool with just a few taps. 

        How to Use Glitch Filter on Your Photo

        ▼ Watch our tutorial to learn how to use glitch effect to make your photos look super cool.

          Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Free Glitch Photo Editor App

          Now that you know what the glitch effect is and how you can achieve it with just a few taps, you’re ready to have fun with the Glitch effect. If you’re feeling bold, you can even combine some of the effects we previously mentioned to make a wildly unique image. Try a colorful photo filter combined with a glitchy text feature using similar colors to carry the style throughout your image. Or, first, use the cloning feature to make multiples of your photo’s subject, then use the glitch effect to magnify it many times. The possibilities are endless with your creativity and imagination, and the amazing functionality and features available with YouCam Perfect. Download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android now to get started!

          Free Download the Best Free Photo Editing App to Add Glitch Effect to Images

          *The Glitch Effect is currently available for iOS only.

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