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How to Add Virtual Tattoos In Pictures With Best Tattoo App

Dec 28, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Best Tattoo App to Add Tattoo To Pictures Free Download

Tattoos are a great form of self-expression and a way for many to celebrate and commemorate important people and life events. However, as cool and meaningful as tattoos are, they are a major commitment that many people are not ready for. Also, add fear of needles to the list! Luckily, there’s YouCam Perfect and its latest feature — virtual tattoos, which you can easily add to your face or body in pictures. Without the lifelong commitment! In this article, we’ll introduce the new feature and show you how to add cool virtual tattoos to pictures in just a few clicks.

Express Yourself With Add-On Tattoos

Express Yourself With Add-On Tattoos On Your Body

You may think you need to be a photo editing whiz to add something like a virtual tattoo to your photo, but now you can without the hassle thanks to the YouCam Perfect app. Meet the newest feature: hyper-realistic virtual tattoos that you can add to your pictures in just a few taps. Whether you want to add a flower or a butterfly tattoo, the possibilities are endless. Here are some tips and tricks to master your virtual tattoo selfies.

How to Add Cool Virtual Tattoos to Body In Pictures

Download YouCam Perfect To Add Tattoo To Picture

It’s as easy as that! You don’t need to download a special separate tattoo app when the YouCam Perfect app does all of that and more. Let’s talk about five of the most popular tattoo types on the app.

5 Cool Tattoo Filter Types

If you’ve been looking to add a tattoo to your picture, there are so many options in the YouCam Perfect app to choose from.

  • Flower
  • Butterfly
  • Love
  • Animal
  • Simple

Few things are as timeless as a beautiful floral tattoo, like the bold red rose. If you want to show you’re a free spirit, go for one of the butterfly tattoos. Wear your heart on your sleeve with a love tattoo. Show how much you like animals with a cuddly fox or flying bird tattoo. For a trendy tattoo, minimalist designs are the best choice. Let’s learn more about each of these five cool tattoo types.

1. Flower

Check out the different types of flower tattoos you can put on your body, including the ever-popular rose. Go for a bold red rose on your back or try a simple black and white rose on your inner wrist.

2. Butterfly

The butterfly tattoo is a fan favorite. Try the group of blue butterflies trailing down your thigh. Go for the spirited yellow butterfly on your foot.

Add Butterfly and Love Tattoos To Body In Pictures With Best Tattoo Filter App

3. Love

If you're a hopeless romantic, the love tattoos are for you. Put a small black and white heart on your index or ring finger or use the love and infinity design on your chest.

4. Animal

Calling all animal lovers: There are so many cute animals to choose from to decorate your body using virtual ink. Have the sweet floating otter look playful on your belly. Add the roaring dragon and watch it soar on your bicep or inner arm. That bee is sure to make a buzz on your face without the sting of any needles.

Add Butterfly and Simple Tattoos To Body In Pictures With Best Tattoo Filter Appp

5. Simple

One of the trendiest tattoo designs nowadays is minimalist tattoos. Try putting the paper airplane on your pointer finger. The single-line tattoo of a woman’s face will make you look whimsical and creative when it’s sitting nicely on your hip.

Make Your Tattoos More Natural

Make Your Tattoos More Natural With Obacity Tool

Pro tip:

You can easily adjust your tattoo size using these points to make tattoos look more natural on your body:

  • Flip the tattoo in reverse by using the rotating tool to turn it 180 degrees.
  • Use the Opacity and Brightness tool to make look more realistic on your body.
  • Stretch it to make it bigger or smaller to your liking.
  • If the tattoo happens to be larger than your body or body part, you can also use the Eraser tool to remove any extra parts.

By playing with all of these tools, the tattoo filter won’t look like a filter after all.

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Easily Add Awesome Tattoos to Photos With YouCam Perfect

If you’re ready for the fun look of a tattoo without the pain or long-term commitment, you can create unique, aesthetic tattoo selfies with YouCam Perfect! Download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android today to start getting creative with your virtual ink.

Download The Best Free Tattoo Filter App, YouCam Perfect

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