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How to Make a Photo Mosaic

Apr 8, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Make a Photo Mosaic

We all love selfies, landscapes, and tourist shots of our favorite destinations, but between the snapshots of everyday life, it’s fun to get a bit artistic with our images. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a daily content creator, finding new ways to present our photos — and art — a nice boost to the creative system. That’s where a photo mosaic comes in.

How to Make a Photo Mosaic

You’ve seen them on social media and in art galleries, and these tiled photo composites add mystery and a touch of glamour to any image. They easily turn your photos into beautiful works of art. Let’s get started creating them.

What Is a Photo Mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a large image composed of smaller tiles, or squares. When viewed from a distance, these small tiles help to make up the bigger final image and represent the original photo.

The beauty of photo mosaics are the creativity they bring. You can make the entire image into a mosaic, or only portions — make the background a mosaic while leaving the foreground (and people) in their original focus. The creative options are endless and easily customized to fit the exact artistic vision of the content creator.

Best Mosaic Photo Maker

Ready to make your own photo mosaic? The YouCam Perfect app has made it easy, with built-in technology features to help you achieve the exact look you want. Here’s how to do it.

How to Make a Photo Mosaic in YouCam Perfect

To begin, select the photo you would like to be the main, large, image of the photo mosaic. When choosing your photo, make sure there is an identifiable subject in the image — it could be you, a large landscape marker like a mountain, or even your pet — and a simple, separate background.

Once you’ve selected your photo, head to “Tools” and then “Mosaic”. Now you’re ready to make the magic happen.

#1. Choose the Size of the Photo Mosaic Tiles

How to Make a Photo Mosaic

The slider on the bottom of your photo will help you choose the size of the tiles you want to compose your mosaic. Do you want thousands of small squares to make up the photo mosaic? Or do you want larger, more visible tiles? Depending on the look you’re going for, choose the size of tiles you would like in your final image.

#2. Draw Your Photo Mosaic

Using your finger, begin to draw on your photo on the areas where you’d like to add the photo mosaic tiles. If you want the entire image to be a mosaic, simply draw over the entirety of the photo. If you’d like only select parts of the photo to be mosaic-ed and the rest remain in their original state, carefully draw the pattern throughout the photo. Made a mistake? No worries! The YouCam Perfect app comes with an eraser tool to easily help you remove any areas you didn’t mean to pixelate.

#3. Auto-Detect Any People in Your Photo Mosaic

How to Make a Photo Mosaic

YouCam Perfect’s advanced technology means it can also automatically detect any people in your photos, then create a photo mosaic of anything around them. Simply click the person icon, and the app will intuitively detect people in your photo and will create a mosaic of the background, leaving the human subjects untouched.

If you want to see what the mosaic looks in reverse — people in mosaic form, background in original form — click the “inverse” button (circle inside square) and see how the app automatically flips the mosaic effect.

How to Make a Photo Mosaic

Feel free to get creative here. In photos of an outdoor panorama, you can mosaic everything but the mountain, or in a wintry landscape, create a mosaic of everything but the fir trees. Or, flip it. Your options are endless, and by mixing up your mosaic features — the size of the pixels and the affected areas — you can create true original works of art.

YouCam Perfect: Your Go-to Photo Mosaic App

Ready to get started creating your own photo mosaic art pieces? Download YouCam Perfect now to get started, and take advantage of all of the app’s included features.

Best Mosaic Photo Maker

From background removal and animation effects to blending options and collage templates, there are countless ways for you to customize and beautify your photos.

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