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AI Spiral Effects: Turn Your Photos into Colorful Artworks
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AI Spiral Effects: Turn Your Photos into Colorful Artworks

Dec 1, 2022 · 3 minutes read
AI Spiral Effects: Turn Your Photos into Colorful Artworks

Do you often feel like there’s a light inside of you? Wouldn’t it be amazing to capture your literal glow with a photo effect? Now, you can! Meet YouCam Perfect’s AI art effect — animated wraparound effects! Make your photos stand out in social media feeds by adding colorful spiral effects that instantly add mystique and power to any capture. Read on to learn more about the effects and try it out for yourself.

YouCam Perfect: Create Spiral Effects With AI

What’s YouCam Perfect, you might ask? It’s the best AI photo effect app for transforming your images into swoon-worthy artwork. It includes everything you need to create amazing, eye-catching photos that will have your audience hungry for more. Popular features include background editing, AI object removal, and more. The AI wraparound effect gives you the ability to add glowing spirals to make yourself look like a superhero or make it look like you’re getting a hug from a fuzzy monster. Learn more about how to use this effect so you can let your imagination run wild.

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AI Art Effects: Choose Your Spiral Style

Glowing Spiral EffectsGlowing Spiral Effects

Take a ride to spiral town with YouCam Perfect’s AI art effects. The best part? It works automatically, meaning you don’t have to meticulously crop out your subject or draw in where you want the effect to go. The app will use AI to detect the subject and the background so it can apply the effect naturally every time. 

4 Type of AI Art Effects

There are many unique options to choose from, including things like:

  • Holiday — best for this Holiday season
  • Neon — for a big and bold statement
  • Glitch — so you can show your phone who’s the boss
  • Cartoonish cute — for those times you want a fun, girly pic!

Overall, the wraparound tool is a cool and easy way to make your photos stand out on social media. Your photos (and by definition, you) will instantly look more attractive.

1. Holiday AI Art Effects

Holiday AI Art Effects

Let the gingerbread man gives you a big hug with the AI effect to add joyful holiday vibes to photos! Or explore tons of fun Holiday animated effects and stickers in the YouCam Perfect!

2. Spiral Glow Neon Effects

AI Spiral Glow Neon EffectsNeon Glowing Spiral Effects

You no longer need to use a neon brush tool to get this effect. Now, you can achieve it with one simple click. These bright and bold spirals are perfect for creating an ’80s dance club vibe in your photos. Look and feel like you just emerged from a prior decade where synth and neon were first rate. Choose from three options:

  1. A shining sparkle that can encircle your body and make you look like an unearthly creature.
  2. Blue and pink spinning triangles that look so groovy.
  3. Rainbow diagonal lines that are perfect for a pride celebration.

3. Glitch Spiral Effect

AI Glitch Spiral EffectGlitch Wraparound Effect

Don’t you feel like we’re all in the Matrix sometimes? This effect channels that with computer error programming running across your photo. It will look like you’re an anomaly in the system, breaking free of your digital chains to slay the big baddies. 

Explore More: How to Add Glitch Effect to Your Photos

4. Cute Spiral Effects

AI Cute Spiral EffectsCute Spiral Effects

You don’t need to look tough in every photo. Why not play up your fun side with these two cute spiral effects? They’re both great for showing a bit of silliness to your followers: The blue and pink fuzzy monster may look menacing at first glance until you realize he’s just a cuddle bug. The cute rainbows with smiling clouds mean you’re the pot of gold. 

How to Add AI Wraparound Effects to Photos?

If you’re not a Photoshop whiz, you don’t have to worry. These spiral effects can be applied in a single click — no advanced photo editing skills required. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Open your photo in the app — portrait photos work best.
  2. Click on Animation, then click the Wraparounds option.
  3. Browse the 13 different options to see what you like!
  4. Don’t quite like how it looks? Use the Erase feature to separate background and foreground for more definition.
  5. That’s it! Click the checkmark to export your photo.

When you export, you’ll get an MP4 or GIF. This makes wraparound photos the best effects for using on your Insta stories — way better than cheesy Instagram filters you see everyone else using.

Download YouCam Perfect: Best AI Effect App to Turn a Photo into AI Swirl Art

With so many cool AI spiral photo effects to choose from, it’s time to get started now. Download the app now to try these new effects.

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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