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Remove Glare From Photos for Free: AI Glare Remover
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Remove Glare From Photos for Free: AI Glare Remover

May 2, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best Glare Remover App: How to Remove Glare from Photo for Free in 2024

Whether it was due to a shiny bottle, someone’s glasses, reflections, or a lens flare, a glare almost certainly ruins a photo. However, it can be fixed with the right object removal photo editor!

Remove Glare From Photos With AI Glare Remover App

▲ Remove Glare From Photos With AI

This article will introduce you to a quick and straightforward way for users to remove glare from photos — no advanced photo editing skills are required! With YouCam Perfect, removing glare from a photo has never been easier.

Keep reading to learn more about this free glare remover, and how it can help correct your otherwise fabulous photos.

How to Remove Glare from Photos on iPhone and Android

Remove Glare from Photos With AI Removal App▲ Remove Glasses and Glasses Glare From Photos With AI

YouCam Perfect is the best AI object removal photo editor app to remove glass glare, flash glare, light glare, and reflection from your daily shots in 2024.

With its popular and powerful  AI Removal tool, you can easily remove almost any element of your photo that you wish.

It’s easy, and it produces natural results, which cannot necessarily be said for other apps on the market. Follow the below Steps to get started!

Step 1. Download the Best Glare Remover App

To remove the glare from your photos, start by downloading the free YouCam Perfect app, which can be downloaded for either iOS or Android.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Object Remover App for Photos for iPhone and Android in 2023

Step 2. Upload a Photo with Glasses Glare

Upload a Photo to Remove Galre

Next up, we need to upload the photo with light glare. When you open the YouCam Perfect app, tap on Photo Edit and then select the image from your upload that you’d like to remove the glare from.

Step 3. Navigate to Glare Removal Tool

Navigate to Glare Removal Tool in the glare remover app

From there you’ll want to tap on Removal at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4. Remove Glare from Photo

Select Glare to Remove in the best glare remover app

Next, draw on the glare or reflection in the photo and click the Apply button, which will instantly remove the glare in your photo thanks to YouCam Perfect’s AI technology.

Step 5. Save Your Photo Without Glare

Remove glare from glasses

Once the glare has been sufficiently removed from your glasses, you have only one step left. Save your photo by simply tapping "Save" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Then, share the photo on whatever platform you’d like!

More Than Remove Glasses Glare: Other Use Cases

How to get rid of the glare in a photo

Aside from removing glasses and glasses glare, you can also use the AI Removal tool to fix below items in photos:

  • Remove light glare from the photo
  • Remove reflection from the photo
  • Remove sun glare from the photo
  • Remove the flash from the photo
  • Remove the shine from the photo

Top 3 Apps to Remove Light Glare from Photos for iPhone and Android in 2024

Aside from YouCam Perfect, there are a few other apps on the market that can also help with the issue of glare. Read on to hear a bit more about them.

1. YouCam Perfect: Best Free Glare Remover App

YouCam Perfect: Best Free Photo Editor App

Of course, you’re now familiar with YouCam Perfect, which is available for both iOS and Android and has great reviews on both platforms. As stated above, it takes only a few taps to remove the glare from your photo with its advanced tools.

2. PicWish: All-in-One Photo Editor

PicWish: app to remove light glare from photo

PicWish, which is available for both iOS and Android, with a decent rating on both platforms, can also be an option for removing glare. You’ll need to upload your image, select any of the removal tools, highlight the area to remove glare from the photo, and click Erase. Once done, click Download to save your file.

3. Fotor: Easy-to-Use Glare Remover

Fotor: app to remove light glare from photo

Fotor is a commonly known app for photo editing, and it can also help you remove glare from your images. Available for both iOS and Android, it has good reviews on both platforms. To use it to remove glare, upload your picture by clicking Open Image. Next, click Beauty and select the Clone tool. Drag the brush to remove the glare from your picture. When you’re finished just save your final image!

Start Removing Glasses Glare, Light Glare, Flash Glare, and Reflection from Photos for Free with AI

Taking photos is difficult enough until you realize you have an unsightly glare!

Luckily, the YouCam Perfect app is your one-stop shop for all sorts of photo editing, including getting rid of light glare in photos. Download the app for either iOS or Android today to make your photo edits come to life in seconds.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Object Remover App for Photos for iPhone and Android in 2023

More Photo Removal Tips:

Remove Glare from Photo FAQs

How Do You Remove Glare From iPhone Photos?

Using an app like YouCam Perfect, removing glares like light glare, flash glare, and reflection from a photo is simple. All you need to do is upload your photo and use the app’s "AI Removal" tool to make that unsightly glare go away while painting in the desired area!

How Do You Edit Out Glare?

In the YouCam Perfect app, you can edit out glare using the Removal tool, which takes advantage of the app’s advanced AI technology tools to detect and remove the aspect ruining your photo as it is.

How to Avoid Glare in Photos? (5 easy steps included)

You might be curious about how to avoid having glare in photos in the first place. We have come up with 5 tricks to remove glasses glare from photo:

  • Position yourself and your subject to minimize reflections on glasses.
  • Avoid harsh lighting and direct light sources that can cause glare.
  • Be mindful of reflective surfaces and shadows in the background.
  • Experiment with shooting positions to find the best angle that reduces glare.
  • Keep your camera lens and glasses clean to prevent additional reflections.

If you unfortunately have glares in photo, then you can always turn to a glare remover app to fix it.

How to Remove Glare From My Photo?

To easily remove glare from your photo, simply:

  • Get the best app to remove glare
  • Tap Photo Edit and upload a photo
  • Find the AI Removal tool to remove glare
  • Press Plus for smaller area removal
  • Press Pro for larger area removal
  • Save and share your photo
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