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Free Photo Eraser App for iPhone: Remove Items From Photos
Photo Editing

Free Photo Eraser App for iPhone: Remove Items From Photos

Jun 12, 2024 · 3 minutes read
AI Photo Eraser: Erase Objects from Photos ion iPhone

Removing unwanted objects, watermarks, and text is commonly seen in demand when editing photos.

With a photo object eraser, you can easily achieve a clean erasement outcome without losing the quality of your original image with minimal effort.

Read on to discover how to erase objects and items from photos naturally with AI, all on your iPhone.

Does the Apple iPhone Have a Built-in Photo Eraser?

The first question to be answered is, does the iPhone itself have built-in photo eraser? The answer is no. With the current iPhone "Photos" app, there are not yet tools for users to erase unwanted items in photos. 

To erase objects from photos on iPhone for free, you will need a separate object remover app.

The Best AI Photo Eraser for iPhone

With a powerful object eraser module, the free YouCam Perfect app stands out as a game-changer, allowing users to effortlessly remove unwanted elements from photos at the tap of a screen.

Remove object from photo iPhone free

▲ YouCam Perfect "AI Removal" Before and After

With its "AI Removal" feature, the YouCam Perfect can produce a natural before and after result for erasing items out of photos. 

No matter having pictures with a lot of tourists in the background, messy desks with tissues and bottles, or reflections on glasses, the photo eraser tool can easily remove the selected areas accurately and flawlessly.

How To Edit Out Something in a Photo on iPhone in 3 Steps

Now, let's walk through how YouCam Perfect achieves seamless object erasing, seamlessly and easily.

Step 1. Upload Your Photo

Upon opening YouCam Perfect, start by importing the image you want to edit. Tap “Photo Edit”, and choose the photo from your gallery to get started.

Step 2. Select the Object You Want Gone

Upload the Photo to Erase Object in the Best Photo Eraser

Let’s say, we want to remove the green bottle in the bottom right of the image.

Locate “AI Removal” and paint on the bottle erase with the slider to adjust the brush size of the photo eraser. For larger area erasing, we suggest using the "Pro" feature as it will auto-detect and erase unnecessary objects on your images.

Step 3. Save Your Photo

Save Your Photo Eraser Result

After successfully erasing the object from your photo, it's time to save and share the edited result. Or, start erasing another one!

Remove Objects from Pictures: Best Use Cases

Erase Glasses Glare from Photos

With YouCam Perfect's AI Removal, you can remove glasses or glasses glare in photos easily. Powered by AI, the YouCam Perfect app will generatively fill the parts being removed, even human faces.

Erase Text or Watermarks

Erase watermark using a photo eraser

Whether removing watermarks for privacy concerns, cleaner presentations, or repurposing an image, the photo eraser powered by AI can easily take unwanted materials out of your pictures in seconds.

Erase People from Photos

You can of course remove tourists, photobombers, or any people in your photo background with the AI object eraser app. The result will be so natural that no one will notice your photo has been photoshopped!


In conclusion, the YouCam Perfect app is the best object eraser app for iPhone, with its exceptional AI-powered removal effect. Get the app for free today to try it out yourself!

Erase Object from Photo FAQs

Can I Erase an Object From a Photo?

Yes, with the help of a photo eraser using generative AI like YouCam Perfect, you can easily erase unwanted objects such as text, glare, and shadow from your photos. The AI will analyze and use generative fill to complete the removed area and achieve flawless photo-erasing results within seconds, all on your photo.

How Do I Erase a Specific Object From an Image?

To erase a specific object on an image is easy in YouCam Perfect:

  • Step 1. Tap "Photo Edit" and upload a picture
  • Step 2. Locate "AI Removal"
  • Step 3. Select "Plus" for erasing areas under 10% of the photo; "Pro" for erasing areas over 10% of the photo
  • Step 4. Paint over the unwanted area and press "Apply"
  • Step 5. Get stunned by your amazingly erased photo
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