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Photo Editing

5 Ways to Add Summer Vibes to Your Photos

May 20, 2021 · 3 minutes read
5 Ways to Add Summer Vibes to Your Photos

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to get creative with your snaps because this season is all about sharing that perfect picture on Instagram. Now, taking fabulous summer photos isn’t as simple as whipping out your phone and snapping away. Still, with some careful photo editing, your social feeds will be sweating the season in no time.

All you have to do to get there? Discover our go-to summer photo ideas. Then, learn the simple photo editing techniques that will make your images radiate sunshine and positive summer vibes.

Easily Add Summer Vibes to Your Photos With YouCam Perfect

To get the best summer pictures, you need the best photo editing app: YouCam Perfect. After all, one of the best ways to capture the warmth of the summer season is to play with summer colors. So, for that reason, photo editing makes it easier than ever to truly celebrate the season in your summer photos.

Sunny yellows and bright blues are always a great warm-weather palette. But if you really want to add warmth to your summer pictures, work with the latest seasonal Pantone color trend highlights. For 2021, the choices include greens, yellows, pinks, and blues. These shades draw inspiration from the sun, ocean, and summer bouquets, so including them in the background of your photos will add major summer vibes.

Best Summer Photo Editor

Then, with great composition in place, it’s time to get to photo editing. That’s the best way you can build on the themes you’ve started with your sweet summer pictures. And, thanks to YouCam Perfect’s wide variety of filters, animation effects, stickers, and other editing tools, creating the ultimate summer snaps is a total breeze.

1. Summer Animation Effects

For summer photos that really come to life, consider adding special animation effects. This is one of the best summer photo ideas because animation adds eye-catching detail to any image. Plus, it channels the playful summer vibes we’re all craving.

Summer Vibe Photos

When you download the app here, you’ll have three awesome photo animation options that scream out summer. You can turn any picture into a beach snap by adding palm trees in a breeze. To capture the glow of the season, select the glimmering summer light animation, and watch everything brighten up in an instant.

Summer Vibe Photos

Finally, to really capture those relaxing summer vibes, add a swimming pool reflection to your photo. And remember, you can adjust the speed on all three animation effects. So, whether your summer pace is slow and chilled or warp-speed excitement, you’ll snag the perfect pic to match!

2. Summer Sky Replacement

Let’s face it, summer days are meant to be spent outdoors. And nothing says a perfect day at the beach than a dramatic sky that draws viewers into your photo. Of course, shooting in sunlight makes it more challenging to capture the brilliant blues of a day by the shore. Or the brilliant hues of a perfect summer sunset, since fading light can put a damper on your evening images.

Summer Vibe Photos

Luckily, with YouCam Perfect, it’s easy to make those summer skies pop even more, thanks to the sky replacement feature. To make your beach day images jump off any screen, select a bright, blue sky, that’s filled with the sunshine that’s missing from your own summer photos. Or, to show your followers that the summer vibes went from day to night, select a dramatic colorful summer sunset instead!

3. Summer Fruit Stickers

What’s better than biting into the perfect piece of watermelon? Getting the perfect picture of that ultimate summer moment and playing it up with colorful fruit stickers that let you show off your own sweet side on Instagram.

Summer Vibe Pictures

Ready to keep your photos fresh (and seriously delicious)? Get the app, and check out the nine vibrant summer stickers you can choose from. You could stick with one or two, but summer vibes are all about being a little bit extra. So just dive in and try them all!

4. Summer Vibe Collage

With so many hours of summer sunshine to enjoy, there are endless summer photo ideas to embrace. But no one wants to slide left to see every single image. And with all your new photo editing tools, it’s hard to choose just one image for your Insta-stories.

Summer Vibe Pictures

That’s why we say when in doubt, collage it out. If you can’t decide which summer pictures to share on social, create a fun collage instead, and let your whole day shine on that feed by showcasing your best summer photos all at once.

Unlike many apps that limit your selections, with YouCam Perfect, you can choose up to six photos at once for your collage. Plus, you can choose from different styles and layouts so that the finished product adds a major wow factor to any feed.

5. Summer Vibe Photo Filters

When it comes to sharing bright summer photos, it’s all about the feature. And YouCam Perfect has a wide array of options to match all your summer photo ideas. Need some inspiration? Choose the Sunkissed or Sparkle Effect to create extra dreamy poolside pics or ocean images.

Summer Vibe Pictures

Or, for all those pics in gorgeous summer outfits and trendy accessories, add the KiraKira effect to your image for a dose of glam sparkle that screams Instagram #OOTD winner.

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Download YouCam Perfect: Your Best Summer Photo Editing App

Did summer even happen if your best photos don’t stand out on social? Luckily, you won’t need to answer that question — if you grab the best photo editing app! Ready to make the most of your summer? Download YouCam Perfect now to get started with our easy, note-worthy photo editing tips and tricks!

Best Summer Photo Editor

Want to get more photo editing tips and tricks? Subscribe to the YouCam Perfect YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram for creative editing ideas and awesome selfie tips!

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