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Free Hair Filters: Best AI Haircut Simulator For 40+ Hairstyles
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Free Hair Filters: Best AI Haircut Simulator For 40+ Hairstyles

Apr 13, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best AI haircut simulator with free hair filters, from long hair filter, short hair filter to 2024 trendy hairstyles

In 2024, the AI photo editor YouCam Makeup emerges as the ultimate tool for exploring cutting-edge haircut filters.

Its AI Hairstyle tool uses advanced AI technology, offering 40+ haircut filters, including various lengths, hair types, and colors.

Keep reading to learn more about the best haircut simulator and its haircut filters!

Best Free Haircut Simulator For Haircut Filters: YouCam Makeup

4 different haircut filters with the best haircut simulator

Try haircut filters to explore different hair lengths!

YouCam Makeup offers the best haircut filters for virtual hairstyle try-ons in 2024.

With its AI Hairstyle tool, you can explore 40+ haircut filters, from chic bobs to flowing curls and trendy curtain bangs, all in a matter of seconds. The user-friendly interface and realistic rendering make it a top choice for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable virtual haircut experience.

3 haircut filter before and after

Discover the perfect hairstyle and hair color for your face and transform your selfies with the best AI haircut simulator YouCam Makeup!

Long Hair Filters: See How You'd Look Like With Long Hair or Hair Extensions

Long Hair Filter Before and After

YouCam Makeup is the best AI haircut simulator for long hair filters, not only because it provided more than 40 realistic hairstyle options, but also because of its special AI hair extension feature.

Simply by uploading one of your front-facing photos to the app, the AI will show how you look like with long hair seamlessly, including your hair color, curly or straight, all will be generated most inherently.

Bangs Filters: Cut Virtual Bangs Before Getting A Real Haircut

Bangs Haircut Filter Before and After

Use YouCam Makeup's AI Hairstyle tool to experiment with various bangs filters, from classic blunt bangs to trendy curtain, wispy, and side-swept options, to see if bangs suit your face.

Bobcut Hairstyles: Try Bob Cuts Virtually

AI Bobcut Hair Filter Before and After

Getting a bob cut can be scary, especially if you're worried you might regret it. But with YouCam Makeup's AI Hairstyle tool, you can try out different bob styles like blunt, wavy, long, layered, and more, making sure you pick the one that suits your face best.

Pixie Cut: Try Pixie Hairstyles Virtually

AI Pixie Hair Filter Before and AfterAre you thinking about getting a pixie cut, but wondering if it suits you? Take the uncertainty away by using YouCam Makeup's AI Hairstyle tool that lets you virtually test a pixie cut on your photo before making any big decisions.

Download the best ai haircut simulator youcam makeup to try ai haircut filters

Best Haircut Simulator for Men: Male Haircut Filters

AI Haircut simulator for male haircut filters for men

Try male haircut filters with YouCam Makeup!

YouCam Makeup doesn't just offer female hairstyles – it's a haven for men looking to experiment with trendy hairstyles and haircuts too.

AI Hair Filters for Men Before and After
YouCam Makeup features 10+ haircut filters for men, ranging from classic styles to the latest trends, including crewcut, buzzcut, and high taper face. Discover the perfect look with YouCam Makeup's dedicated selection for men.

Best Free Online Haircut Simulator: YouCam Online Editor

AI Haircut simulator online free

For those who prefer an online tool, YouCam Online Editor emerges as an excellent alternative to the YouCam Makeup app. Offering the same fantastic AI Hairstyle feature, this web-based tool allows you to experiment with 28+ AI hairstyles conveniently from your browser.

Haircut Filter FAQ

Is there an app that lets you try different hairstyles?

YouCam Makeup is the best app that lets you try different hairstyles with its AI Hairstyle tool. Simply upload your photo, choose from 40+ hairstyle options, including pixie cuts, bob cuts, different bangs styles, straight and curly options, and let AI give you a perfect makeover!

Is there an AI that can change hairstyles?

The AI photo editor YouCam Makeup offers an AI Hairstyle tool that can change hairstyles, visualizing different haircuts in the most realistic way possible. It uses advanced AI to generate photorealistic images of you with various hairstyles, including pixie cuts, bob cuts, and bangs!

Where can I upload my picture to try new hairstyles?

Tools To Upload Your Picture To Try New Hairstyles:

  1. YouCam Makeup (iOS/Android)
  2. YouCam Online Editor (Web Tool)
  3. Perfect Hairstyle: New Hair Cut (iOS)
  4. Hairstyle Try On (iOS)
  5. Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs (Android)
  6. Your Perfect Hairstyle for Men (iOS)

Is there a website to see different hairstyles on yourself?

You can find several websites to see different hairstyles on yourself, for example, YouCam Online Editor. Its hairstyle try-on tool uses advanced AI technology to generate photorealistic images and comes with 30 hairstyles to try on.

How can I change my hairstyle in a picture for free?

YouCam Makeup, available for iOS and Android, offers the best free AI hairstyle feature, that lets you change your hairstyle in pictures for free. Upload your photo and try on 40+ AI hairstyles and haircuts now!

How to get a long hair filter like Rapunzel on TikTok?

  • Step 1. Open YouCam Makeup 
  • Step 2. Tap "AI Hairstyle"
  • Step 3. Upload Your Photo
  • Step 4. Tap "Hair Extension"
  • Step 5. Save Your Photo With Natural Long Hair Filter 
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