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5 Ways To Add Aesthetic Patterns to Your Videos
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5 Ways To Add Aesthetic Patterns to Your Videos

Oct 27, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Get your aesthetic with aesthetic patterns & aesthetic backgrounds on your TikToks & selfie videos

Videos have quickly become the preferred content type to share on social media — they are fun, engaging, and easy to digest.

However, many of us want to know how to create videos that stand out from the many others in our feed. A great way to accomplish this is by adding some aesthetic style to your video. In plain English, an aesthetic is something that enhances the mood, style, or feeling of your content.

There are so many aesthetic styles that sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose just one, but now there’s an easy way to make sure you get the aesthetic you love on your TikToks and selfie videos.

The YouCam Video app lets you get creative with your style on your videos with tons of effects to try. Discover our favorite way to add aesthetic patterns by reading on!


Different Aesthetic Styles

You now know what an aesthetic is, but there are so many out there to choose from! Some of the most popular aesthetic styles these days are indie, dark academia, kidcore, and color.
The indie aesthetic is all about nods to the past with bold accents and funky colors. This look might be a little grungy and edgy but also a little sweet and spicy. If you’re looking for an indie vibe, don’t be afraid of color.

You might not have heard the term dark academia before, but you’ve probably seen nods to it in pop culture. Think black, beige, dark brown, forest green, dark orange, cream, gold, or burgundy. Videos of this style should be dimly lit, perhaps illuminated with candlelight. A good example is a sunless day or a dark alcove.

One of the most fun and popular aesthetics right now is known as kidcore. Kidcore centers around bright colors, and any type of nostalgia from the ’90s, whether you were a child of that era or not. Its key attributes are rainbows, pastel or neon colors, and other things that you would traditionally associate with children.

Another great aesthetic is one that revolves around a particular color. You might relate to a certain hue, or your social media might have a color theme that unifies it.

Aesthetic pattern video effects

Aesthetic Patterns to Brighten Up Your TikToks

Now that you’re an expert on the top aesthetics, let’s talk about how you can use one to level up your TikToks. One way to create your personal aesthetic is to add some patterns to your videos, and the YouCam Video app is a great place to go for that. YouCam Video has so many amazing tools that can help you achieve that look, so check out our favorite effects for aesthetic patterns below.

Aesthetic Patterns for a Pink Aesthetic

We can’t say no to a good pink look! It adds a beautifully soft and sweet vibe to any video. To get this aesthetic in YouCam Video, navigate to AI Effects and tap Spiral. Next, select the pink star effect, which will add a bold pink effect to your video.

Aesthetic pattern video effects

Aesthetic Patterns for a Blue Aesthetic

A blue effect in any shade can completely transform your video. To get this look, tap AI Effects and then navigate to the Scene category. Choose the blue and white circle effects and watch as these colored rings make an epic adjustment to your video’s background.

Aesthetic patterns video effects

Aesthetic Patterns for a Purple Aesthetic

Purple is one of the most popular color aesthetics because it’s bold but also warm. To try it on your video, use the neon lights effects, which can be found in the Spiral section of the AI Effects category. Watch as multi-colored lightsabers dart around your video’s subject!

Aesthetic patterns video effects

Aesthetic Patterns for a Grunge Aesthetic

If you find yourself looking for the grunge effect, YouCam Video has just what you need. Tap on AI Effects and then scroll until you see the X pattern in the Scene category. These color-changing stars will match any video you have while giving it that altered state vibe.

Aesthetic patterns video effects

Aesthetic Patterns for a Yellow Aesthetic

While not the most popular color aesthetic, yellow should not be overlooked for your videos. We suggest using the neon yellow outline effect in the AI Effects tool, which will instantly put a bold and bright yellow outline around the subjects in your video.

Aesthetic patterns video effects

Download YouCam Video for the Best Aesthetic Patterns for Your Edits

Videos are huge on social media, and you can take yours to the next level with an amazing aesthetic pattern thanks to the YouCam Video app! To try it for yourself, simply download the free and easy-to-use YouCam Video app for iOS or Android now to get started.

Aesthetic patterns video effects

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