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YouCam Video vs. Facetune: Best Face Editing App for Video

Dec 9, 2022 · 3 minutes read

We're comparing two of the top contenders for the best face editing app for video, YouCam Video and Facetune. Discover the pros and cons of each app and how you can creatively edit your selfie videos for TikTok, IG, YouTube and other platforms.

YouCam Video vs. Facetune:
  1. Introducing Face Editing Apps for Video
  2. YouCam Video Review
  3. Facetune Review
  4. Comparison YouCam Video vs. Facetune

Introducing Face Editing Apps For Video YouCam Video vs. Facetune

In the ever-growing world of video editing apps, it’s hard to differentiate which ones are selfie or face editing video apps. Unlike Photoshop and other traditional video editing apps, selfie video editing focuses on something very different – you!

The rise of apps like TikTok means creating perfect selfie videos is the secret for the best viral TikToks. Traditional retouching apps help you edit:

  • Light
  • Colors
  • Saturation
  • Backgrounds & more

Selfie video editing apps offer more tailored functions to fine-tune your selfie in videos. Tools include:

  • Face retouch & reshaping tools
  • Makeup tools
  • Filters, effects, stickers & more

However, there aren’t many dedicated selfie video editing apps in the space right now. The top two are YouCam Video and Facetune. So, let’s look closer at each one.

YouCam Video the Best Face Editing App for Videos in 2023

YouCam Video vs Facetune best selfie video editing app

YouCam Video is a unique selfie video editing app that allows you to retouch your selfie videos and apply makeup. Retouch any facial feature, add video effects and makeup, including lipstick and eyeshadow, in one editing app. Being solely a selfie video editing app, YouCam Video really focuses on every detail needed to elevate your selfie video game.


  • No limit to video lengths
  • Instant filter options
  • Unlimited beautifying tools and makeup options


  • Most premium features are available only through membership


YouCam Video is the most in-depth video editing app that is focused on selfie editing for your videos. From a quick blemish removal, to full on glam makeup, hair color, video filters and more, YouCam Video has you covered to make all your videos shine.


Facetune vs YouCam Video best video editing app

Facetune used to have a dedicated video editing app for selfies, but they recently combined their popular face editing app with the video features. Their premium version has video retouching tools like smooth skin, whiten teeth, and reshaping facial features. It also has some basic video editing effects, such as fixing brightness and contrast.


  • Overall easy to use
  • The free version has many features
  • Lots of control over facial features


  • A subscription-based app that can be expensive
  • Live previews look better than the final picture
  • Not many essential editing and effects options


Overall, Facetune is a popular photo editing app trying to merge into the video editing apps world. It comes with enough free features for you to test out a selfie video editing app before you commit to something better. However, if you are looking for more control over your selfie video editing, other apps might be more preferable.

Comparison of YouCam Video vs. Facetune

Out of the few video editing apps out there, YouCam Video and Facetune lead the charts. Facetune is well known for selfie photo editing with tons of options to touch up photos. However, Facetune doesn’t have many creative editing features you can use. For that, you’ll need their other selfie editing app used for photos.

YouCam Video has many features available, including:

  • Facial reshaping & retouching
  • Makeup editing tools 
  • Excellent backgrounds
  • AI effects that add a unique flair to your selfie videos

YouCam Video vs. Facetune: Which is the Best Face Editing App for Video?

  • YouCam Video has an extensive makeup collection with one-touch looks you can try and adjust; Facetune only has lipstick colors you can change.
  • YouCam Video lets you edit videos with basic editing solutions like brightening, contrasting, and more; Facetune only focuses on face retouching.
  • YouCam Video lets you use dramatic and stylish AI-animated effects to all your selfie videos; Facetune doesn’t have options for animated overlays or effects.
  • YouCam Video has no limit to the video length you want to edit; Facetune has short video length options.
  • YouCam Video has a free option with plenty of filters and retouching options; Facetune has limited tools you can try before subscribing.
  • YouCam Video lets you play with your hair color and hair effects; Facetune doesn’t have options for hair editing.

Download YouCam Video the Best Face Editing App for Video

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Face Filters For Videos

With the YouCam Video app, you can transform your selfie videos of any length. Retouch your eyes, lips, nose, and more on all your selfie videos. Add video effects, change your makeup, including eyeshadow, lip color, eyelashes, and much more. YouCam Video is the one-stop tool for editing your selfie videos like a pro. Download YouCam Video on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Best Face Editing App for Video FAQ

1. Can you retouch a video?

Yes, you can easily retouch your videos like a selfie with a video editing app like YouCam Video. Using smart AI technology you can quickly retouch, reshape or add makeup to your selfie videos in jsut a few taps. Download YouCam Video from the App Store or Google Play Store now.

2. Which app is best for face change in video?

Face swap apps are famous, but if you want a more refined way of changing your face in a video, you cna try a video editing app like YouCam Video. Based on smart AI algorithms, YouCam Video lets you easily reshape your facial features, remove wrinkles, smooth skin, remove acne blemishes & scars, add makeup, hair color and much more.

3. Is there a beauty app for video?

Yes! The free YouCam Video app lets you easily beautify your videos in just a few taps. Choose from a wide range of preset beauty filters, makeup filters, classic video editing features and more. YouCam Video even lets you reshape your face, remove wrinkles, get rid of acne blemishes and acne scars and much more!

4. Is there a video app like Faceapp?

Yes! YouCam Video lets you beautify your videos in a refined way, with a wide range of beauty filters, face filters, makeup filters, and much more. You can also reshape your face and retouch blemishes, acne and more with YouCam Video's in-depth retouch tools.

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