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Video Lighting Tips to Make TikToks and Reels Pop in 2024
Video Editing

Video Lighting Tips to Make TikToks and Reels Pop in 2024

Feb 19, 2024 · 3 minutes read

There are many aspects that make up a good video, but there is one aspect that matters the most, and that’s video lighting!

Good light is crucial when filming TikToks, Reels, or any other videos for social media platforms.

Discover the essential lighting tips to take your videos to the next level and learn how to edit light in your videos with the best video editing app.

Table of Contents

Best Video Editing App to Edit Video Lighting for TikTok & Reels

Now that you know you need to edit the lighting in your videos, you’re probably wondering how to do so. Before getting started, get to know the best app for short video editing — YouCam Video.

Available: iOS / Android
App Rating: 4.8

YouCam Video is a versatile video editing app available on iPhone and Android that offers various features such as beautification tools, video effects, adding music, and adjusting tools to enhance video lighting quality.

Best Video Light Editing App to Adjust Light for TikToks and Reels

YouCam Video offers many amazing tools to help with not just your lighting edits, but many others as well.

The top features are:

6 Must-Know Video Lighting Tips for Your Videos

There are many aspects of video lighting you can use when editing videos, each affecting your creation in a very different way.

For beginners, that might seem overwhelming but read on to learn 6 tips for your videos easily with YouCam Video.

Video Lighting Tip 1. Adjusting Video Light and Brightness

By using the easy-to-use controls in YouCam Video, you can adjust the light and brightness in your videos to make them look better and more visually appealing, giving your content a professional and polished look.

Video Lighting Tip 2. Adjust Exposure

With YouCam Video, you can easily adjust exposure settings to improve video lighting and create high-quality content that looks bright, clear, and visually appealing.

Video Lighting Tip 3. Add Filters

Adding filters to videos in YouCam Video can help enhance video lighting by change different styles of lighting filters, creating a more flattering and professional-looking video.

Filters can also help correct common lighting issues such as shadows or color casts, resulting in a better overall video quality.

Video Lighting Tip 4. Add Highlight to Your Video

Adding highlights to your videos is a breeze with YouCam Video, as the app offers intuitive controls to enhance video lighting and make your content look more vibrant, engaging, and visually appealing.

Video Lighting Tip 5. Edit “Portrait” and “Background” Separately

In YouCam Video, you have the flexibility to edit the portrait and background of your videos separately, allowing you to adjust the lighting and enhance the visual appeal of your footage with ease.

Video Lighting Tip 6. Sharpen to Enhance Video Quality

With YouCam Video's sharpening feature, you can improve the overall quality of your videos by enhancing their clarity, detail, and sharpness, resulting in footage that looks crisper, more defined, and visually appealing.

How to Edit Video Lighting With the Best Video Light Editing App

You now know how to make your videos better when you’re filming them, but what if you still need to make changes after the fact?

YouCam Video is the way to go! Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Download the Best Video Light Editing App

Best Video Light Editing App to Adjust Light for TikToks and Reels

If you’re looking for an all-in-one video editing app for your TikTok and Reels, YouCam Video is the one specialized for your needs. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Step 2. Upload Your Video

Upload Your Video to Edit Video Light With the Best Video Light EditorIf necessary, you can choose the length and dimension of the video to your exact specifications.

Step 3. Edit Video Lighting

With YouCam Video, you can then select either the Overall, Portrait, or Background options to ensure you’re only editing the place where it's needed.

From here, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, temperature, and much more.

Step 4. Save Your Video

When the video is edited to your liking, save and share it on your TikTok or Instagram directly from YouCam Video!

Download YouCam Video: Best App to Edit Video Lighting in Your TikToks and Reels

Best Video Light Editing App to Adjust Light for TikToks and Reels

Video as the preferred medium on social media is growing faster by the day, and with so many posts on the platform, you need a way to make yours stand out.

The best way to do that is to make sure it is well-lit, and you can do so by downloading the YouCam Video app — it’s available on both the iOS and Android app stores so anyone can take advantage of it.

More Editing Ideas for TikToks and Reels

Video Lighting FAQ

How to get good video lighting while filming a video?

Here are 8 tips to help you get the perfect lighting when filming a video:

  • Use a ring light
  • Experiment with natural light: window, direct sunlight, golden hour, overcast
  • LED panels
  • Pay attention to background - clean, neutral, not cluttered
  • Try not to mix video lighting - for example, when putting together a Reel
  • Avoid overhead lighting
  • Pick the location & time of day to film
  • Use a reflector

After taking it, you can use the best video light editing app- YouCam Video to fine-tune the result.

What is the best lighting for a video?

It varies depending on different situations. The easiest way to get the answer is to use YouCam Video to test the best lighting with its various adjusting tools.

For common video makers, the lighting for a video is usually natural light or a soft, diffused light source such as a ring light or a softbox.

Avoid harsh, direct lighting or mixed lighting sources which can create unflattering shadows or color imbalances.

How to choose a video background for the best video lighting?

To choose the best video background for your lighting, look for a clean and simple backdrop that won't distract from the subject of your video.

You can use YouCam Video's background adjustment feature to test different backgrounds and see how they look under your lighting conditions.

How to set up lighting for video at home?

It’s not necessary to buy expensive equipment to get professional lighting at home.

A beginner can start by using natural light and artificial lights such as lamps, softboxes, or ring lights to create a well-lit space.

Make sure to position your lights correctly to avoid harsh shadows or overexposure, and use YouCam Video's background adjustment feature to test different lighting setups.

Start Editing Video Light With the Best Video Editing App

Best Video Light Editing App to Adjust Light for TikToks and Reels

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