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Most Popular Selfie Editing Features to Level Up Your Photos
Photo Editing

Most Popular Selfie Editing Features to Level Up Your Photos

Jan 23, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Most Popular Selfie Editing Features to Level Up Your Photos

The art of the perfect selfie has become a social media marvel in recent years. While we all know that the keys to an A+ selfie are great lighting, a look you love, and expressing your own unique personality, sometimes you want to give your social media self-portrait a gentle edit. That’s why we’ve compiled our most popular selfie editing features to help you reach your selfie goals.

How to Edit Selfies

Your selfie game is undoubtedly strong, but a couple of quick editing tips can truly take it to the next level. YouCam Perfect, the best photo editing app for selfies, can help you achieve the exact look you want with just a couple of button taps.

Download YouCam Perfect: Your Best Selfie Photo Editor

Whether you’re looking to edit your look, make face shaping and smoothing changes, remove objects, clean up backgrounds, or add effects, the YouCam Perfect app can guide you to edit your photos. Filled with animation effects, stickers, frames, and many more editing options, we’ve got you covered.

Top Selfie Editing Features to Level Up Your Photos

Once you’ve selected your photo and are ready to edit, import it into the YouCam Perfect app. From the editing screen, you’ll be able to choose from all available options, including Beautify and Edit tools.

beauty/edit tools

Under Beautify, you’ll find red-eye eliminators, teeth whitening tools, face smoothing, face shaping options, and much more.

When you click into Edit, you’ll find powerful photo editing features including animations, object removal, blending, frames, stickers, and tons of other creative tools to help you level up your selfies.

Here, we’ve collected our top selfie editing features — as determined by you, our users — that can help you achieve Insta-worthy photos.

Let’s get started.

1. Reshape and Smooth Your Selfie

Before we get to work on styling and adding effects to your selfie, let’s dig into the Beautify options. Using the Smooth and Face Shaper tools, you can touch up blemishes and spots, and manually retouch your photos. The intuitive editor lets you change the intensity of the edit — how much you’d like to blur — as well as details of the face shape. Make sure you make the beautify edits first before heading into the Edit tab and adding in other elements.

face reshape and smooth

2. Add Effects for Dynamic Movement

Once you’ve edited the look, you’re ready to add new elements and features to your photo. In the Effects panel, you’ll find filters and animations to add to your image, and countless dynamic options that will turn your image into a moving GIF or video.

Add Effects for Dynamic MovementAdd Effects for Dynamic Movement

Adding animations to your photos can not only help to create movement, but it’s one of the best — and easiest — ways to add engaging elements into your photo. YouCam Perfect’s Effects panel includes moving sparkles, shooting stars, or preset filters to help you achieve that dreamy influencer Instagram look. Choose from artistic, moody, dewy, and countless other filters to get the exact aesthetic you want. Remember it for next time to get that perfectly uniform grid.

3. Remove Unwanted Objects For a Clutter-Free Image

Remove Unwanted Objects For a Clutter-Free Image

Keep the focus of your selfie on, you guessed it, you, by eliminating all unwanted objects from the photo. Removing unwanted objects from your picture is quick and easy using the Removal tool. Simply head into the editing effect, use the brush to highlight the area of the photo you wish to remove (it’ll then appear highlighted in red), click Remove, and the intelligent editor will quickly eliminate the identified object and replace it with a proper fill. Pro-level photo editing, right at your fingertips.

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY OBJECT REMOVAL NOW.

4. Add Custom Frames for Fun, Lively Backgrounds

Add Custom Frames for Fun, Lively Backgrounds

Still looking to add more creativity and show personality in your selfie? YouCam Perfect hosts a library of frames and themed borders to help further add to your selfies. Add in holiday borders, creative graphic designs, and animated frames to boost your photo’s individuality. Colorful corner additions or subtle vignettes add even more unique pieces to your photo.

YouCam Perfect: Your Best Selfie Photo Editor

Ready to start creating the perfect selfie and sharing it on social? Download the YouCam Perfect app now, available in iTunes and Google Play.

Download YouCam Perfect: Your Best Selfie Photo Editor

Want to get more photo editing tips and tricks? Subscribe to the YouCam Perfect YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram for creative editing ideas and awesome selfie tips!

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