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How to Crop a Picture on iPhone & Android with Free Photo App

Apr 16, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How to Crop a Picture on iPhone & Android for free with best photo editing app in 2022

There are many reasons why you might need to crop a photo. Maybe you need to improve composition, focus on a particular object, reduce clutter, or change the aspect ratio, among other reasons. Whatever the reason may be, YouCam Perfect has got your back. Learn how you can easily crop a picture on your phone in just a few clicks.

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Free Photo Cropper: Crop Images in Seconds

Learn how to crop a picture with best free photo cropper

YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editor and beauty camera app. Edit your photos with its tons of editing tools to enhance your photos and get Insta-worthy pictures all the time. YouCam Perfect offers the easiest way to crop your favorite photos; learn more below.

How to Crop a Picture [iPhone, Android]

Cropping a picture with the YouCam Perfect app is easier than ever. Here is how to crop a photo using the YouCam Perfect app.

  • Download the Photo Crop App
  • Pick a Photo To Crop
  • Find the Perfect Crop Ratio
  • Save the Cropped Picture!

  • 1. Download the Photo Crop App

    First, download the YouCam Perfect available for iOS and Android.

    Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Crop App

    2. Pick a Photo To Crop

    Open the app and choose the photo you want to crop. Once you select the image, navigate to Photo Edit settings to start.

    3. Find the Perfect Crop Ratio

    Within Photo Edit, you’ll find Crop & Rotate. Here, you’ll be able to adjust the angle and position of your photo for custom cropping details. Then, select your ratio from the following options:

    • 2:3 - great for wide-angled vertical photos
    • 3:2 - perfect for vertical photos
    • 3:4 - for the ideal portrait style photo
    • 4:3 - for horizontal photos
    • 9:16 - ideal for stories and portrait videos
    • 16:9 - perfect for widescreen photos
    Crop a Picture and Flip with a Free Photo Cropper, YouCam Perfect

      Pro tip: Remember to invert and rotate your image for the ideal effect as you play with the options.

      4. Save the Cropped Picture!

      Once you’re happy with the results, save your edited photo and share it everywhere!

      How to Crop a GIF [iPhone, Android]

      Crop a GIF using the best photo cropper app

      If you’re ready to take your photos to the next level, use the Animation features to turn them into the trendiest animated GIF ever. It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

      1. Animate your picture and save it.
      2. Make sure to select GIF in the export window settings.
      3. Choose your preferred ratio and select the video area you want to export by moving the rectangle.
      4. Save and share!

      Top 3 Best Photo Crop Apps for iPhone & Android

      Many photo crop apps are available, but they don’t all have the same tools.

    • YouCam Perfect
    • Image Size
    • Cropper

    • 1. YouCam Perfect: Best Free Photo Cropper App

      Download the YouCam Perfect App to Crop images easily on your phoneFor an all-in-one photo editing app that lets you crop, edit, beautify, and animate your photos, you have to choose YouCam Perfect. This photo editing app lets you take control of your creativity with dozens of features and settings, plus easy-to-use and one-tap AI editing tools to transform your photos in seconds.

      2. Image Size: Photo Crop App

      Image Size is One of the Best Free Photo Crop App

      This app lets you resize an image to different sizes in an easy-to-use app. It comes with preset cutting styles and a few editing features. Still, it won’t let you crop animated GIFs or export animated images. The Image Size app will automatically resize your photo to match the templated size.

      3. Cropper: Video & Photo Crop App

      Cropper is One of the Best Free Photo Crop App

      With this app, you can quickly crop videos and photos based on preset styles. It is an easy-to-use app with some limitations, as they don’t let you flip or rotate your photos. The Cropper app only lets you crop photos and save them as jpegs.

      Why Crop Images With YouCam Perfect

      The YouCam Perfect app lets you crop and rotates your photos in one tap. Unlike other apps, YouCam Perfect enables you to choose from free form and different ratios to crop your images for free! With so many aspect ratios to match all your social media networks and the best sizes for sharing, you’ll have everything you need to elevate your social media presence.

      Download YouCam Perfect: Best App to Crop Photos and GIFs

      Download the app now to get started. Find the YouCam Perfect app on iOS and Android to crop your photos in one touch.

      Free Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Photo Cropper AppRelated Posts:

      Photo Crop App FAQs

      What is the best app for cropping photos?

      YouCam Perfect is a well-known photo cropping app for iOS and Android phones that helps you crop and resize your pictures in one app.

      What is the best picture cropping app?

      Letting you resize, crop, rotate, flip, and edit your pictures in one app, YouCam Perfect is one of the best free picture cropping apps.

      What is the best photo crop app for iPhone?

      Available for iOS, the YouCam Perfect app will help you edit your photos with a few simple steps. Rotate, reverse, clip, crop, and resize your images however you want with no limits.

      How do you crop around a picture?

      Download YouCam Perfect and select the image you want to crop around a picture. You’ll see cropping handles appear around the image. Adjust the lines as desired and click the crop command again. Verify that you’re happy with the results and save your progress.

      How do I crop and resize a photo?

      1. In the YouCam Perfect app, choose the photo you want to edit.
      2. Navigate to the Photo Edit settings and choose Crop & Rotate.
      3. Choose from the different aspect ratios to resize your photo.
      4. Then, play with the image rectangle to crop the photo to your desired aspect.
      5. Click Save to see your last changes.

      Crop Pictures for FREE with YouCam Perfect

      Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Image Cropper to Crop a Photo in Seconds

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