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How to Edit Instagram Photos Like Influencers: Follow 7 Tips
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How to Edit Instagram Photos Like Influencers: Follow 7 Tips

Oct 20, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How to Edit Instagram Photos Like Influencers: Follow 7 Tips

Instagram influencers have a solid reputation for producing sharp, memorable content that keeps people coming back for more. A great part of that involves sharing great photographs that are worthy of a second or third glance. It’s also worthy of sharing with others. What’s the secret? It’s all about editing your Instagram pictures with finesse.

YouCam Perfect: Your Secret to an Amazing Instagram Feed

These days, it’s not enough to just post a photo to social media. There needs to be some flair behind it — a little bit of oomph to make it extra appealing to the eye. That’s especially true on Instagram, where pictures really tell the story. Influencers know this better than anyone. They’re true masters of the game, displaying consistent content that’s both aesthetically pleasing and that provides interesting detail.

Best Instagram Photo Editor

But if you haven’t quite mastered it yourself, you might be frustrated. How can you possibly achieve that level of photographic perfection? With YouCam Perfect, you absolutely can. The app makes it exceedingly simple to up your editing game with just a few quick taps. The end result: jaw-dropping pictures that replicate the incredibly beautiful and enviable pictures your favorite influencers post on their channels.

How to Edit Instagram Photos Like an Influencer

Here’s how to edit Instagram photos like you’ve done it forever:

  • Make Your Skin Look Smoother
  • Emphasize Your Eyes
  • Find Your Go-To Filters
  • Adjust Temperature & Tint
  • Be Creative
  • Create an Eye-Catching Profile Picture
  • Get Inspired!

1. Make Your Skin Look Smoother

Instagram Photo Editing Tips

No one really has skin like glass, much as we’d love to achieve that effect in real life. Until then, filters do the job beautifully. To make it a reality, you can easily use YouCam Perfect’s Skin Smoother tool to refine your complexion to perfection.

Smooth away imperfections, like blemishes, dark spots, acne scars, or fine lines, and achieve the type of finish you’d love to replicate in real life. Just click Beautify followed by Smooth at the bottom of the page and adjust the bar until you achieve your desired result. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

2. Emphasize Your Eyes

Instagram Photo Editing Tips

There are so many incredible ways to call attention to your eyes using YouCam Perfect. Brighten them by tapping Brighten under Beautify or make them look bigger by clicking Enlarger to select your desired eye width and height. You can even eliminate redness and eye bags with just a few quick moves. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

3. Find Your Go-To Filters

If your goal is to become an influencer, you need to master more than just Instagram photo editing — you also need to select a filter and stick with it. That type of consistency is key because it lends all of your images a uniform appearance from the top to the bottom of your feed.

Instagram Photo Editing Tips

YouCam Perfect offers dozens of beautiful options to breathe new life into your images. Click on Beautify, then navigate to Effects and click on Filters. Experiment with different styles to find a look you love, whether it’s a portrait-style image or a fun rainbow effect. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

Read More>> If you're looking for guidance on the right ways to use photo filters, check out our article about Photo Filters: All You Need to Know for some tips.

4. Adjust Temperature & Tint

If you want to learn how to edit Instagram photos like an influencer, now’s the time to get to know your BFFs: the warming and cooling filters. By adjusting the picture’s color temperature and tint, you can transform it entirely. Use a warm filter to create an approachable reddish or rusty finish, or add a cool filter to jazz it up with something icy blue or green.

Best Instagram Photo Editor

Generally, a warm finish is aesthetically appealing, especially when you add a bit of a golden or blush touch to the image. Play around with the tint adjuster to arrive at the precise look you want.

5. Be Creative

Instagram Photo Editing Tips

Your social media page is destined to stand out thanks to YouCam Perfect’s Wraparound Effects. This photo animation feature brings your pictures to life in an entirely different way, adding vibrant details like eye-catching spirals that bring a little extra energy to your page.

Use the effects to call attention to your portrait or your gorgeous outfit. The app does all the work for you, and there are 13 different styles available to make your picture unique. Just tap Animation, then Wraparounds, and start experimenting. You’ll be amazed by how dazzling your pictures suddenly look. >> Click to Download FREE YouCam Perfect App & Try!

6. Create an Eye-Catching Profile Picture

As you may have suspected, your profile picture matters when you’re an influencer. You can only grab attention if you’ve put some big energy into every little detail, right? Sure, that image might be tiny, but it’s the first thing people see when they come across your profile — so you want to do everything possible to make sure that it’s gripping, interesting, fun, and appealing to the eye. It should also engage with your audience in some way.

Best Instagram Photo Editor

The secret? It’s all about size and image quality. The larger the original image, the blurrier your profile shot will look. While Instagram recommends nothing bigger than 200 x 200 pixels, you shouldn’t go too much smaller than that either. As for what to feature, make it personal. Your face is a good start! Maybe it’s a cute selfie or a shot someone else took that you happen to love. Have fun adding a fresh background to the image if you really want it to pop.

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7. Get Inspired!

Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! Visit the YouCam Perfect Instagram page or YouTube channel for some serious style inspiration. You’ll find fun, fresh, and creative looks that are sure to appeal to you — and speak to your experimental side, too.

Learn More Instagram Photo Editing Tips:

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Instagram Photo Editor Now

Why wait? Now is a great time to download the YouCam Perfect app and get tapping on those images! You’ll be on your way to influencer status in no time. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

Best Instagram Photo Editor

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