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How to Make Your Beach Pictures Look Better with a Photo App

Jun 2, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Beach Picture Editor App: How to Make Your Beach Pictures Look Better

Summertime is officially here, so it’s time to bust out those bathing suits and hit the beach. It also means it’s beach picture time. Nothing screams summer fun like hanging out with your friends, soaking up the sun, and snapping some cute shots to make the moment more memorable. But you might not feel super confident about showing off your bathing suit. Luckily, there are things you can do to make them look better with the YouCam Perfect app.

In this article, we’re sharing beach picture editing tips and creative inspo for your best beach pictures. Keep reading to learn more.

YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Editor App for Beach Pictures

Download YouCam Perfect, Best Free Photo Editing App

YouCam Perfect is the best photo editing app and it’s free to download and easy to use. It has tons of professional-quality features to help you create attention-grabbing beach photos in seconds. Whether you want to retouch your skin, finetune your body, or add summery animations, it’s just a tap away.

How to Make Your Beach Photos Look Better

YouCam Perfect has many features that will take your beach photos to the next level, but the best part is its user-friendly design. You can do it quickly and easily in the app, whatever you want to do.

Here are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with YouCam Perfect.

1. Clean Up the Beach Background

Clean Up the Beach Background with Best Free Beach Picture App

Are there distracting objects, buildings, or people in the background of your beach pictures? Don’t worry! With YouCam Perfect, you can simply remove these unwanted objects from the background. The app features a power AI Object Removal tool that will identify and remove background clutter from your photos instantly.

Just upload the picture you want to edit or take in the app. Once it’s uploaded, tap on Removal to remove or erase objects in the background.

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2. Retouch Bikini Body Naturally

Retouch Bikini Body Naturally with Best Free Beach Picture App

If you’re self-conscious about showing off your bikini body in beach photos, don’t be. Everybody is beautiful, and there are things you can do to highlight your unique beauty in the YouCam Perfect app. The Body Tuner feature lets you tweak the areas of your body that you’re concerned about, and using it only takes a few seconds.

Simply choose the picture you want to edit and select Body Tuner. From there, you can enhance body shapeslenderize your waist, lengthen your legs, and more!

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3. Capture the Golden Hour Beach Pictures

Capture the Golden Hour Beach Pictures with Best Free Beach Picture App

One of the best ways to get perfect beach pictures is to take your pictures during golden hour. This is the magical time of day — sunrise or sunset — when the lighting is just right. It creates a flattering glow that will make your skin look healthy and radiant.

But if you can’t be at the beach during golden hour, you can still achieve a similar look with YouCam Perfect’s lens flare overlay.

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4. Adjust the Color of the Ocean

Adjust the Color of the Ocean with Best Free Beach Picture App

What would a beach picture be without a bright blue ocean? But sometimes, the ocean doesn’t look as clear or blue as you’d like. Not to worry. You can quickly adjust it in the YouCam Perfect app using the hue, saturation, and lighting tools. These features make it easy to brighten the blue of the ocean for the perfect beach picture.

All it takes is a fast photo upload and choosing those options. You can choose to have it automatically adjusted using YouCam Perfect’s AI, or you can fine-tune the lighting and colors yourself by adjusting the sliders.

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5. Straighten the Horizon

Maybe you snapped the perfect beach picture in front of the ocean, but the horizon looks off. Well, YouCam Perfect can fix that too! Once you’ve selected the picture you want to edit, navigate to the Crop and Perspective tools. The crop tool will allow you to straighten out the picture, and the perspective tool can help you adjust the angle of your photo.

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6. Add Effects

For the most share-worthy pictures, try out different photo effects for beach picture ideas. YouCam Perfect has tons of free-to-use, high-quality graphics, effects, and animations. Add summer-inspired stickers like beach balls, or add a sun-kissed effect like sparkles to top your picture off.

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Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free App to Edit Your Beach Pictures

Don’t settle for average beach photos that you don’t feel good about. Instead, download the YouCam Perfect app on iOS or Android now to get fun and beautiful beach pictures you’re excited to share!

Download YouCam Perfect, Best Free Photo Editing App

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Beach Picture FAQ

How do you edit a beach portrait?

Here are some tips for editing a beach portrait:

There are tons of ways to edit a beach portrait with the right app, and YouCam Perfect is the best choice. It has countless features for perfecting skin, body, and more. 

How do you edit overexposed beach photos?

Taking photos on the beach can lead to some of your favorite selfies, but your pics can also get overexposed easier because of the sun. Fortunately, this is an easy fix with the YouCam Perfect app. Go to the Brightness section in the app to lower the exposure. You can also adjust the Contrast to balance things out too.

What colors are best for beach pictures?

Summertime is all about bright, vibrant colors, so these are the kinds of shades you want in your beach pictures. Colors like white, lime green, and pink are all excellent to highlight in your photos, whether it’s your bikini or a colorful cocktail. You can use the adjustment features in YouCam Perfect to enhance the saturation and contrast of your pictures.

 What time is best for beach pictures?

The best time for beach photos is golden hour. Essentially, this is sunrise or sunset. The lighting around these times looks golden, and it’s super flattering for anyone looking to take an amazing beach selfie. If you can’t make it to the beach at these times, don’t worry. You can create the illusion of the ideal golden hour picture with the YouCam Perfect app.

Get the perfect beach photos and find beach picture inspiration in the YouCam Perfect app. Download the app now!

Create Perfect Beach Pictures on iPhone & Android 

Download YouCam Perfect, Best Free Photo Editing App

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