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Photo Editing

How to Create Golden Hour Photos: 6 Tips You Must Know

Jul 29, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Looking to add a magical, ethereal glow to your images? Golden hour offers an amazing opportunity to take beautiful photos accentuated by the soft natural light. When you know how to take golden hour photography, you’ll be able to produce stunning imagery even without being a professional. Use the following guide to improve your expertise and capture the perfect golden hour portrait

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What Is Golden Hour and How to Edit?

Golden hour occurs roughly one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. It’s a period of the day where the sun is lower than usual in the sky but not obscured by the horizon. This creates a warm, soft, and dreamy aesthetic light with an orange glow that adds radiance to photos. Skin tones look more flattering in portraits, and longer shadows paired with bright sun give photos a dramatic composition.

Best Free Golden Hour Photo Editing App

You can check when golden hour is happening specifically in your area or you can just start watching before sunset — you’ll know the golden hour sky has arrived when everything takes on a fiery radiance.

Before you head out with a camera in hand, you’ll need to know how to shoot in this specific light condition. Read on to discover the tips for the best golden hour shots and learn how to edit golden hour photos with YouCam Perfect.

#1. Add Golden Hour Aesthetic Effects to Photos

Golden Hour Photo Editing Tip

Golden hour photography is tricky because you only have a few minutes a day to work with. Miss that limited time span and your images won’t have that same pop. Luckily, there is another solution. With YouCam Perfect, you don’t need to wake up early or chase sunsets to create stunning golden hour images. You can create one-tap golden hour photos with instant aesthetic light illusion effects. It’s simple! Try the following steps to see what we mean:

  1. Open your image in YouCam Perfect.
  2. Click on the Effects option in the bottom menu.
  3. Scroll to Light Shadow, pick Light Shadow 02, and adjust the strength to your liking.
  4. Go back to Effects, select Sunkissed, and choose Sunkissed 04.
  5. Enjoy your new golden hour photo! 

#2. Use Adjust Tool to Fake Golden Hour

Golden Hour Photo Editing Tip

If you are dedicated enough to get outside right after sunrise or before sunset, YouCam Perfect can also help you edit the golden hour photos you took. The app’s extensive selection of photo editing tools gives you the ability to adjust:

  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Shadows
  • Exposure
  • Much more
It’s like having a professional photography editing suite in the palm of your hand. Make tweaks and corrections on the go so you can post your new photos without any delay.

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#3. Change Sky to Golden Hour Moment

Golden Hour Photo Editing Tip

Have you arrived on location to take golden hour photos, but the sky is grim or not as colorful as you were anticipating? It’s not a problem with YouCam Perfect!

Quickly replace the sky in your photo with one of YouCam Perfect’s Sunset options for a dreamy golden hour vibe. Just open the setting and choose from a number of options that instantly replace the sky in the image. You can make it seem like you snapped a photo at the perfect moment. 

#4. Shoot in the Opposite Direction of the Sun

The fourth tip for golden hour photos? Shoot away from the sun. That way, everything will be illuminated with a soft, golden glow. Warm light makes it easy to keep the exposure of an image balanced, and it also invokes feelings of happiness.

If you shoot into the sun, the sun’s rays will overtake everything, and your subject will be a shadow flooded by light. It can work (as you’ll see below), but it just takes more practice.

#5. Shoot Toward the Sun to Play With the Silhouettes

With that said, shooting into the sun can produce some cool effects if you know what you’re doing. For example, you could try:

  • Lens flares — when the sun creates a bursting glow in the photo that can make it seem like your subject is frolicking on a happy, summer day.
  • Sunbursts — similar to a lens flare, this is when you shoot into the sun but obscure most of it with a tree branch or other object. The result is a small number of aesthetic light spikes that dramatically highlight a photo.
  • Silhouettes — This happens when your subject is completely blacked out, and your background is overexposed, creating a dramatic and mysterious effect. If you try any of these golden hour photo tips, just remember to adjust your exposure accordingly.

#6. Give Photo a Golden Hour Glow With Lens Flare

Golden Hour Photo Editing Tip

During golden hour, the sun is positioned low in the sky, creating a lens flare when snapping photos. But if you miss this cool phenomenon, YouCam Perfect can help you add a lens flare to your portrait or landscape snap after the fact. Choose from a number of different light shapes, sizes, and directions depending on the vibe you’re going for. When placed correctly, these effects look natural and stunning. 

Learn More Different Photo Effects:

Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Golden Hour Photo Editing App

With YouCam Perfect, every hour can be a golden hour! Download the app now on App Store or Google Play to get started.

Best Free Golden Hour Photo Editing App

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