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How to Erase Someone from Your Photo for Free
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How to Erase Someone from Your Photo for Free

Feb 1, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Erase Someone from Your Photo for Free

We all have those special photos that we want to keep and cherish forever, but sometimes they are ruined with the presence of unwanted people. The good news is that erasing someone from photos has become more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Erase someone from a photo▲ Erase someone out of your photo accurately without losing image quality

Thanks to the latest AI technology in YouCam Perfect, which offers an easy and free way to erase individuals from your favorite photos. Read on for the "how-to" steps to achieve perfect photo-erasing results!

How to Erase Someone Out of a Picture

Step 1. Download the Best App to Erase People from Pictures

The first step to erase someone from your picture is to download the app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download YouCam Perfect: Easily Erase Someone Out of Your Picture

Step 2. Upload the Picture With Someone to Erase

Upload the Picture With Someone to EraseNext, tap "Photo Edit" on the app's homepage, select the photo with people you want to erase and locate "AI Removal." You can even take a new photo directly through the app if you want.

Step 3. Paint on the Unwanted People

Paint on the Unwanted People with YouCam Perfect's AI Removal tool

Now, draw over individuals or objects you would like to identify for deletion. We recommend using the "Plus" feature to erase areas smaller than 10% of your image while utilizing the "Pro" feature to erase areas larger than 10% of the image.

You also have the option to adjust the brush size to make the selection process more accurate and precise.

Step 4. Confirm Your Edits and Save the Photo

Save the Erased Photo Without Unwanted People

If you're not satisfied with the erasement outcome, the eraser app even allows you to undo changes whenever you feel like redoing the whole process!

Once you have erased the people in the photo, click "Apply" to confirm the edits and you can save the photo to your device, share it on social media, or keep it in your photo library.

3 Ideas to Edit Someone Out of Your Photos

Ready to edit your photos with the magical AI people eraser tool? Check out the top 3 use cases to achieve perfect photo erasement if similar issues arise!

Erase Strangers in Your Vacation Photos

Erase Strangers in Your Vacation Photos
You took a brilliant shot of yourself with a famous monument or a beach, but there's a stranger in your otherwise perfect photo? Time to use the YouCam Perfect's "AI Removal" tool to erase that person from your picture, giving the shot a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Erase Unwanted Individuals in Portraits

Erase Unwanted Individuals in Portraits

When taking photos of groups, inevitably, there is always a friend who refuses to leave the shot or a relative making silly faces that you didn't want to capture. You can use photo editing software and erase the prankster from the group, leaving a photo that is much more appealing.

Erasing Strangers From Street Shots

Erasing Strangers From Street Shots

Street photography is one of the best ways to capture everyday life, but what if the passerby is in your shot? Using photo editing software allows you to erase these people from the shot, so you can still use the picture to represent your vision of the street.

Erase Someone From a Photo FAQs

How Do You Erase Someone From a Picture?

You can erase a person from a photo on your iPhone or Android device within seconds using a photo eraser like YouCam Perfect.

  • Step 1. Tap "Photo Edit" on the app's homepage
  • Step 2. Upload the image with people you wish to erase
  • Step 3. Locate "AI Removal" for photo erasement
  • Step 4. Press "Plus" for smaller area removal; press "Pro" for larger area removal
  • Step 5. Press "Apply" and save your picture without strangers

Is There an App to Easily Erase a Person From My Photo?

YouCam Perfect is the best free app to erase someone out of a photo. Powered by AI, the app can help crop people out of pictures in the most natural way. Available for both iOS and Android, the eraser app is the best option for you to edit someone out of a photo!

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