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How to Edit Out Embarrassing Sweat Stains in Pictures
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How to Edit Out Embarrassing Sweat Stains in Pictures

May 6, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Edit Out Embarrassing Sweat Stains in Pictures

We've all been there, a great picture ruined by awkward sweat stains.

You might feel frustrated after searching “how to edit sweat stains out of my picture” online since most tutorials are Photoshop-related and require a complicated editing process.

Get Rid of Armpit Stains in Photos

But guess what? You can edit those out with the aid of AI using a photo editing app on your mobile device in 3 steps. Read on to pick up the easy steps for achieving the effect!

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How to Fix Sweat Stains in Pictures on Your Phone

Instead of going through a lengthy process to edit out sweat stains in pictures, now we can do just that by using a photo editing app!

All it takes is several taps to do the trick. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Upload a Photo with Sweat Stains

How to edit out sweat stains in pictures

Prevent excessive sweating for a worry-free prom shot

The first step to remove sweat marks is to upload the picture to the YouCam Perfect app, one of the apps to remove sweat stains in pictures. Then locate the ‘AI Removal’ feature in the menu bar.

You can either upload a photo taken during prom, travel shots taken under hot weather, or glow-up selfies taken in your local gym.

Step 2. Paint Over the Sweat in Photos

How to edit out sweat stains in pictures

Next, use the brush tool to paint over the sweat stains. For better removal results, here's what you can do:

  • Use "Plus Mode" to do removal in smaller area
  • "Pro Mode" for removing larger sweat stains in pictures

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Step 3. Save the Photo

After you're satisfied with the result, save the photo, and voila. You have successfully edited out embarrassing sweat stains in your image!

More Than Just Removing Sweat Marks in Pictures

#1 Edit out Sweat on Your Face

How to Fix Sweat Stains in Pictures

Edit out some beads of sweat from your face in pictures easily 💦✨

Sweat stains usually appear under the arms or on the forehead, which are noticeable and can be distracting in pictures. Follow our easy photo editing steps to remove sweat around the armpit, collar, and other parts of your clothes without being a Photoshop pro or using clone tools to cover them.

#2 Fix Sweaty Hair in Photo

Remove Flyaway Hairs on Faces in Pictures

Remove facial sweat and frizzy hair in photos under 3 taps on your phone!

Instead of editing sweat spots out of photos taken under hot sunny weather in seconds, you can also utilize this feature to remove body hair, acne, and flyaway hairs on faces.

Get Inspired:

Remove Sweat Marks FAQs

How to Remove Armpit Sweat in Picture?

As humans, it's hard to avoid sweating. But what if we accidentally take a photo with noticeable armpit sweat?

You can use an app like YouCam Perfect to remove sweat stains in pictures using its ‘AI Removal’ feature. Here's how it works:

  • Simply upload your image
  • Paint over the sweat stain using the brush tool
  • Press “Apply” to avoid leaving a sweaty and awkward impression in photos!
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