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2 Best Instagram Story Filters to Improve Your Photos
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2 Best Instagram Story Filters to Improve Your Photos

Mar 25, 2021 · 3 minutes read
2 Best Instagram Story Filters to Improve Your Photos

Instagram may have begun with just posting photos to your feed, but it quickly elevated its platform to enable users to share “Stories” too. Instagram Stories are short videos or photos that exist for only 24 hours, making them a convenient and fun way for users to share quick updates with their followers, often without as much preparation as is required from a full Instagram post.

Watch the video to see 2 cool photo ideas for your Instagram content.

By no means does this leave Instagram Stories an unrefined area for the all-popular app! Users are increasingly looking for ideas to stand out within their Instagram Stories, and many are turning to photo filters to achieve that goal.

Best Instagram Filter Story App

Best Free Photo Filters for Instagram Stories

If you’ve ever found yourself watching countless Instagram Stories in a row, you’re not alone. With over 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories daily, you can’t overlook the value of making these photos and videos the absolute best they can be with Instagram filters.

In this blog, we’re sharing the best filters for Instagram Stories so you can achieve that level of originality and creativity we’re all working for!

Top YouCam Perfect Photo Filters for Instagram Stories

There are many options out there when it comes to the best Instagram filters for your Instagram Stories, and YouCam Perfect has it all. YouCam Perfect offers users countless filters, effects, and other editing features that can elevate your photos from a simple snapshot to an unforgettable picture.

Once in the YouCam Perfect app, navigate to Photo Edit, then Effects, to browse all the options you can integrate into your story. From classic filter options like “Portrait” to more funky filters like “Grid,” you can highlight and accentuate the parts of your image you want most, in just the way you like.

#1. Cinematic Photo Filters for Instagram Story

Best Filter for Instagram Stories

Some of the most fun filters within the YouCam Perfect photo editing app are the cinematic elements, adding a touch of sophistication and whimsy to a photo or video. Filters like Vintage Film Reel, Myth Artistic, and Film Shadow allow users to utilize bold, colorful, and attention-grabbing filters to highlight a dramatic effect.

Whether you’re adding saturation, a color overlay, extra shadows, or any of the other unique elements with these cinematic Instagram filters, they are all sure to make your Instagram Story stand out above the rest.

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#2. Moving (or Animated) Instagram Story Filters

If you're looking to add some motion and action to your Instagram Stories, look no further than YouCam Perfect’s “Animation” filter options. With options like a sparkling effect, a snowflake effect, a butterfly effect, and a grid effect, you can boost your photo’s influence with just a few taps.

Best Filter for Instagram Stories

If you’re craving a mystical and ethereal touch to your photo, try a sparkling effect or a snowflake effect. For something a bit bolder, a butterfly effect or a grid effect will have your followers stopping to press and hold on to your Story instead of just swiping on through.

Watch the Gird animation effect in action.

YouCam Perfect’s animation features allow users to save their animated photo as a .mp4 video file in the preferred ratio for an Instagram Story, 9:16, and users can share their newly beautified photo directly after they finish editing. One important thing to remember when it comes to animating your photos: Instagram Stories have a 15-second limit, so be sure to keep your animation and .mp4 video file to under 10 seconds if you want it to stay as a one-story segment.

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Download YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Editing App for Instagram Story Edits

Before you simply swipe through Instagram’s own photo and video filters when posting to your story, remember that YouCam Perfect has hundreds of filters, effects, and other editing features available with which to amp up your creations.

Best Instagram Filter Story App

Whether you’re looking for a vintage, cinematic filter, or a more adventurous animated filter, the only limit within the YouCam Perfect app is what you can imagine! Are you ready to enhance your Instagram Stories with these fun, easy-to-use Instagram face filters?

Download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android today to get started!

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