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How to Use Popular Filters to Make Your Instagram Photos Pop
Photo Editing

How to Use Popular Filters to Make Your Instagram Photos Pop

Mar 10, 2021 · 5 minutes read
How to Use Popular Filters to Make Your Instagram Photos Pop

We’ve all scrolled through Instagram gushing over beautiful photos, wondering how they all look so polished and naturally professional. The secret? Filters! Photo filters can completely revamp your photo, making it even more beautiful than the original.

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How to Use Instagram Filters: Everything You Need to Know

When you want to achieve a specific “look” or “vibe” on your Instagram account, using filters is the perfect way to do it. The secret to a feed that looks cohesive and visually soothing is often thanks to a similar set of colors or lighting throughout, and a filter is the secret to making it happen. An Instagram filter can also show off your personality and your personal brand, whether that’s with a vibrant makeup look or a stunning geometric background.

YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Filter App for Instagram

While Instagram has its own filters in-app, options in YouCam Perfect give you even more editing and customization power. Instead of applying a generic filter to your photo, YouCam Perfect allows you to have much more control over the effects. This is crucial, especially because keeping your personal brand consistent comes down to every individual picture and pixel.

Popular Instagram Photo Filters

Applying a filter with YouCam Perfect is as easy as choosing your photo, and selecting “Effects.” Once you start editing your photo, you’ll see just how easy it is and how many custom filter adjustments are available.

5 Popular Instagram Filters to Maximize Likes

When you first get started jazzing up your photos with an Instagram filter, it can be overwhelming. There are so many options available for you to use. Below, we’ve listed the five most popular Instagram filters in YouCam Perfect. These user-favorite filters are go-to’s for editing your photo and when seeking out more likes!

#1. Portrait Filter for Instagram Photos

Popular Instagram Photo Filters

Portrait filters are one of the most classic and widely used filters, and are used to adjust the hue and saturation within your photo. You’re sure to have seen these filters on Instagram, although with far fewer features than the YouCam Perfect app provides. With many options like auto tone, fresh, and the vintage photo filter, you can select the photo effect that best matches your personal brand. Then, you can adjust the power of the effect (from 0 to 100) to reach your desired level.

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#2. Glitch Filter for Instagram Photos

Popular Instagram Photo Filters

For a more kaleidoscopic look, try the Glitch photo filter. This filter is best used for more creative photos, giving them a striking surrealist effect. With this filter on the YouCam Perfect app, you can even adjust the position and opacity of the glitch, setting it up in just the right place for your specific photo.

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#3. Food Filter for Instagram Photos

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through your feed and you spot a delicious looking plate of food so enticing that it almost makes your mouth water? Those #foodstagram images are some of Instagram’s most popular photos for a reason. 

YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Filter App for Instagram

With the Food filter, designed specifically for your dazzling food photography or tablescape, you can adjust the power from 0 to 100 so that your bites are filtered until they’re good enough to eat. Once you use a photo effect like Food, your #foodie photos will be scoring double taps faster than you can imagine.

#4. Light Shadow Filter for Instagram Photos

When you want to add a chic shadow to your photo, the Light Shadow filter is the only way to go. Edit in window shadows, palm leaf shadows, and many more, adding a mod vibe to your photos. As with other filters on the YouCam Perfect app, you can also adjust the power of these effects until they are to your liking. The only limit to what this filter can do is what you are capable of imagining!

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY TRENDY FILTERS NOW.

#5. Mood Moments Filter for Instagram Photos

To really rack up those likes, try the Mood Moments filter. With a light, airy, and ethereal vibe, this photo filter will turn your photos into the influencer images you’ve always lusted over. With a variety of colorways and hues available, you can select the perfect variation for your particular snapshot, whether it needs a warm effect, a cool effect, or something right in between.

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YouCam Perfect: Best Instagram Filter App

Don’t rely on Instagram’s filters to get your picture ready for social media. The YouCamPerfect app has the perfect option for any Instagram photo. From bold and dreamlike to ethereal and airy, the ideal filter is only available by downloading the YouCamPerfect app for mobile photo editing.

YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Filter App for Instagram

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