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10 Basic Photography Tips & Tricks Beginners Should Know
Photo Editing

10 Basic Photography Tips & Tricks Beginners Should Know

Jun 5, 2021 · 3 minutes read
10 Basic Photography Tips & Tricks Beginners Should Know

Learning how to take photographs like a professional isn’t an overnight process. It’s not even a week- or month-long pursuit! The fine art of picture-taking requires time and patience. It may seem overwhelming and even frustrating at times as you try to figure out the best way to photograph your subjects.

With some hard work and effort, however, you’ll find that your confusion fades in favor of excitement and pure joy for the process. There’s something especially exciting about capturing an object of interest, be it a person or nature, for posterity. But what can you do to ensure it looks its best? Armed with these photography tips for beginners, you’ll be well on your way to a fun and exciting journey.

Why Pursue Photography?

What may begin as a casual interest can quickly graduate into something far more intuitive as you discover the magic of photography. This creative outlet allows you to express yourself in new, unexpected ways. With so many different genres out there, you can tell all kinds of stories through the lens. What will you capture: a landscape or a portrait? High fashion? Lifestyle imagery? Think of your camera as the portal through which you can share your vision with the world.

Best Free Photography App for Beginners

It’s important to remember that while venturing into the photography world may initially intimidate you, there’s plenty of room for growth and improvement. Using the best photo editing software YouCam Perfect makes it easy for anyone to get started. We’ve gathered a few useful photography tips and tricks to help you dive into the exciting world of the craft. Are you ready for what awaits?

1. Find the Right Camera for Your Needs

Selecting the right camera may seem like one of the most overwhelming parts of the process — and for good reason. Countless models are available, each offering its own unique benefits. As a beginner, you’ll want to seek out features that simplify photography and don’t require you to have much (or any) technical know-how to get started.

You’ll want to keep in mind factors like size, available settings, and lenses. The first detail is pretty important, as it could even dictate how often you’re likely to grab your camera and head out for a day of epic picture-taking. While the compact point-and-shoot camera is a common choice, you might simply prefer to gain your footing by using your smartphone instead. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially given the quality images that modern phones are capable of capturing.

2. Understand How Light Works

This is the fun part! Take a look at a variety of photographs and study the role light plays in each. Consider the way illumination plays up shadows, calls out highlights, brings subjects into focus, and more. YouCam Perfect App makes it entirely possible for you to learn just how much of an effect lighting has on your final images.

Photography Tips for Beginners

The Lens Flare and Light Leak overlay effects in the YouCam Perfect app make it easy to add instant personality to any picture. Choose from several dreamy options and adjust the intensity to create wildly engaging photos that put each one in an entirely new light — literally.

3. Learn From Your Mistakes

The old saying is as true as ever: practice makes perfect, and you shouldn’t expect to be a professional or anything close to it right from the start. In fact, take pride in your mistakes — and learn from them. The more errors you make, the more opportunity you’ll have to perfect your craft and really tighten your skills. That equates to quicker learning and better results. Never be afraid to experiment, even if it means making mistakes along the way. That’s precisely how you’ll learn.

4. Learn the Basic Compositional Techniques

How is everything in your image arranged? The more technical term for this is composition, and learning the right techniques can help make anything from selfies to photo collages look more engaging. Keep in mind a few basics, like the rule of thirds. That simply means breaking up your image into nine equal components — three down and three across — and ensuring there is some type of eye-catching element anywhere the lines intersect.

Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

Symmetry is another option that allows you to take beautifully centered images that look flawless from any angle. Other techniques, like juxtaposition, golden ratios, and balance can help you achieve the look you desire. Understanding composition allows you to take better pictures no matter what your subject or available conditions.

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5. Pay Attention to Detail

What grabs your eye? And what doesn’t immediately catch your attention? It’s often the most subtle nuance that transforms an image from merely simple to downright spectacular.

Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

Using the best photo editing software for beginners, you can use different filters and features to call attention to a specific feature. If you feel like your picture isn’t very exciting, for example, you can use photo animation in the YouCam Perfect app to lend it a more lively quality.

6. Focus on the Eyes

The eyes have it! Consider this a key portrait photography tip: always focus on the eyes of your subject. This is sure to transform what might otherwise be an ordinary shot into a far more compelling and engaging portrait that both you and your subject will love.

7. Don’t Worry If Your Photos Look Messy

Photography Tips for Beginners

That mighty quest for perfection is often what gets us into trouble. But YouCam Perfect makes it easy to clean up those little imperfections that take away from what’s otherwise an awesome shot. So don’t panic if the rest of the picture is flawless but there’s a shadow or a speck or even an unwanted object in the photo frame. It can be eliminated with the Removal tool in the YouCam Perfect app.

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8. Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

Professionals are masters of research. They take an in-depth approach by carefully scouting out everything from locations to concepts in advance. That’s tricky for beginners, but you can glean serious inspiration from your fellow photographers — even novices! — in the YouCam Perfect community.

9. Focus on the Process, Not the Results

It’s easy to get caught up in the end result, but if you pin all your energy on that, you’ll lose sight of what it takes to get there. Take your time learning the ropes and enjoying the process. Experiment with different backgrounds, take your cue from the beauty of your surroundings, and find wonder in what’s right in front of you. You’re less likely to feel frustrated when you soak up the beauty of this fine art form.

10. Play Around With Photo Editing Software

Photo editing exists for a reason! Even the most skilled photographers edit their work. Take the time to familiarize yourself with photo editing software. Learn what you can do, such as add text to photos, animate, and brighten. A free app like YouCam Perfect makes it easy to refine your images with an assortment of easy-to-understand tools.

Learn More Photography Tips from YouCam Perfect

Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Photo Editor for Beginners

If you’re ready to delve into the world of photography, now is a great time to explore YouCam Perfect. Download the app and take your new hobby to the next level.

Best Free Photography App for Beginners

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